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Hammond Law Firm on Nurse Immigration

Partnering with

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Hammond Law Group (HLG) is pleased to announce that our Healthcare & Immigration Blog will now also be featured on All posts will be mirrored at both the Healthcare & Immigration Blog site and our new Blog Page. HLG lawyers expect to comment and interact with users from both sites. is the premier immigration news site. HLG attorneys have published a variety of articles on the site over the last few years and have spoken on teleconferences. We have also contributed to's The Nurse Immigration Book.

Our hope is that we will expand our readership base. In turn, more and more will become aware of the labor shortages in healthcare, and immigrants' contributions to alleviating those shortages.

Ultimately we believe that increased and specialized quotas for healthcare workers are an essential part of the solution. Most academics that have studied the issue have drawn similar conclusions. Let's hope that Congress heeds the call.

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  1. Abilash's Avatar
    Dear HLG,

    I have an very important article for your kind attention. Following update is seen in the website of a very strong and active employment immigration lobby group. They wrote that their provisions shall be included from the House of Representatives side of Omnibus Appropriations Bill.

    If not from the Senate side, can HLG try to get our Schedule A amendment included in Omnibus Appropriations Bill from the House of Representatives side. Our hopes and prayers are pinned on you. Please dont leave us in the darkness of never ending despair and agony.

    Important IV update: What we are working on and our plans
    IV update:

    Here is an update on what IV has been working on and our plans for the coming months:

    Omnibus Appropriations Bill:

    We have received some strong positive signals from our lobbyist regarding the House side efforts in Omnibus Appropriations bills. Effort is on to include our provisions in the omnibus appropriation bill. Omnibus appropriations bills are usually the mop up bills that take up everything in appropriations that was left out during the year. If there is no omnibus bill, then the alternative is a CR (Continuing resolution bill) that keeps the appropriations at current levels.

    The timeline for Omnibus is between now and February 2008. We will be pushing for provisions mentioned on IV homepage as part of IV goals in this bill. As you have already seen the recent visa bulletins, the outlook for India and China EB3 and EB2 is grim for next 2-3 years without any congressional action on retrogression.

    This is our best chance in the near future to get something done and it is now upon our members to pursue this opportunity at their state level and meet their lawmakers. We want our members to meet their lawmakers rather than any fax, phone calls or emails.

    We are all frustrated due to the long wait times and we all must get active now. Please seek appointments with your local lawmaker offices as soon as possible and after meeting them, send us your feedback at with your name, address and state chapter. This feedback will be very helpful in launching an all out effort for our provisions.

    As you all know, lobbying costs money and so does running and advocacy organization. Our members have been helpful in the past, but they must continue to contribute and recurring contributions are the best way to contribute. Please sign up for recurring contributions so that we can estimate our future funds raising and budge our expenses accordingly.

    Administrative Fixes:

    Legislation from congress has been delayed due to problems in getting consensus on smaller immigration bills and failures of CIR. In the meantime, Immigration Voice and our lobbyists are trying to get some administrative fixes which can be done within the current framework of the laws by having changes in the federal regulations and USCIS rules/interpretation. These things also take time but they are simpler in process because they don't have to go through voting and debate process like the House and Senate have to. However, the changes are limited in nature because the changes done by administration have to be within the bounds of current laws and the laws cannot be changed without an act of Congress.

    On the issue of administrative fixes, on Wed Nov 14th, there was a meeting in the White House with officials from DOS, Dept of Commerce and Dept of Labor and Senior White House official that was attended by IV and our lobbyists. The meeting was scheduled to discuss the administrative fixes. The fixes discussed were

    (a) Visa recapture without legislation.

    (b) Change in AC21 interpretation regarding the "same or similar" job when porting job after 180 days to allow more freedom and make promotions possible

    (c) Changing the term limit of EAD and AP to 3-years instead of the current 1 year terms.

    (d) Visa restamping in USA like it used to be prior to 2002 when you could get H1 stamping by mailing your passport to DoS office in St Louis. If it is restarted then the hassle of stamping abroad can be eliminated.

    (e) Premium processing of I140 applications

    We have a hunch that (a) is not going to happen because it would be illegal for DoS/DHS to recapture visas unused in previous years without a change in law and the change in law cannot be done without new legislation. b, c and d are open issues but there hasn't been progress in last 2 weeks due to holidays and also, because it takes time for them to figure out how much they are going to do and how they are going to accomplish this. (e) should happen soon as the current massive EB and naturalization application receipting backlog is cleared.
  2. Abilash's Avatar
    Dear HLG,

    Thanks for the comment.

    Kindly maximise your lobbying efforts. Thousands of Schedule A applicants and their families life around the world is in a big turmoil. Now our future is a big question mark. After years of hard work and hopes for a great American life, we have only tears and sleepless night left.

    Only HLG can save us by making some thing happen for Schedule A in Omnibus Appropriation bill. Till the last hour of our life we will have that gratitude. Kindly maximise your lobbying efforts. We all are anxiously waiting for that great day very soon. Kindly do your best.

  3. Funny Mortal's Avatar
    Dear HLG & Friends....

    C'mon.....What is this...? Things will not work even if you open 1000 blogs.....


    Believe in that...and wait patiently....


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