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Chris Musillo on Nurse and Allied Health Immigration


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The Department of State has just released the November 2012 Visa Bulletin. The news was a mixed bag.  For EB2s (except India and China) visa numbers are current, meaning that there is immediate visa eligibility for these applicants   

The India EB-2 number has remained back to September 2004. MU still believes that this is a very conservative visa number and we would expect the number to move forward in the next few months. As a point of reference, the November 2010 Visa Bulletin was May 2006 and there simply cannot be that many EB-2 immigrant visas pending from 2004-2006, in spite of a likely uptick in EB-2 conversions from EB-3 priority dates. Applicants with India EB-2 priority dates from 2004-2006 have been able to apply for their Adjustments of Status without much impediment for two years. China EB-2 moved ahead by two months.

The EB-3 numbers continue their very slow progressions. These numbers are only noteworthy by their consistency. MU Law expects this trend to continue into the future.



November 2012 Visa Bulletin
  All Other Countries China India Philippines
EB-2 Current 01SEP07 01SEP04 Current
EB-3 22NOV06 15APR06 22OCT02 08AUG06



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  1. Rosey's Avatar
    Well it's going to have a great discussion for all those immigrants who wants to settle down in another country and also hope for a proper response.
  2. anonymous's Avatar
    For India, EB2 date will not be moved at least till April 2013. This is the agenda of USCIS to make money.
    There are 45 thousand applicants who are on EAD now. Most of them have to renew their EAD/AP by Mar/Apr 2013.
    If USCIS waits till they renew their EAD/AP, they can make around 40+ millions. This is the first benefit to US govt.
    It creates some employments also in Attorney offices. That is the second benefit for US economy !
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