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Characteristics of Chinese EB-5 Investors

Rating: 2 votes, 3.00 average.

By Brian Su

Many immigration attorneys have asked me about EB-5 investors from China.  The majority of Chinese EB-5 investors share the following characteristics:

Who Are They?

—Mostly male, married, between 40-50 years of age

—Private business owners, individuals who made wealthy through investment in stocks and real estate

—The Chinese are willing and eager to invest in the U.S.


Where Are They Coming from?

—Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, ChongQing and 2nd tier cities such as Hangzhou, Shenyang, Chengdu, etc.


What Do They Like?

—Projects in areas with large Asian or Chinese population - They want to stay closer to their own culture, food, language and media.

—Want Green Cards, also prefer to have a real estate unit in the investment exit strategy. Chinese love real estate.

—Better (perceived) value or return with low risk - they expect good ROI and little risk!


What Are the Motivations to Invest Overseas?

—For the sake of their own children's education, safety and future

—Protecting personal assets and family fortune

—Seeking permanent residency (Green Card)  and new business opportunities in the U.S.

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  1. certified financial planner 's Avatar
    They are looking for alternative investment overseas. Not just Chinese, but other Asians are also keen on real estate.
  2. Financial advisor perth's Avatar
    True, and real estate development is truly a reflection of how well the economic progress in a country is.
  3. Gerald Esparcia's Avatar
    i have Chinese partner and we both are American Citizens, we are purchasing a boutique hotel in San Francisco, CA. close to Chinatown and Union Sq. all rooms have bath. we will manage this and it is for business men and students from China that want a safe place to stay. we have, daily, weekly and monthly rates. we want investors and will send information. Perfect for a EB-5 program.

    please send me some info and your site and i will send all info. The hotel is $4Million, will appraise for $6, older, upgraded and excellent. we can guarantee 3 to 4% return, plus % ownership. we have Chinese and American speaking staff.
    Jerry Esparcia, Thank you
    3514 arroyo Avenue, Davis, CA 95618
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