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The latest EB-5 stats

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EB-5 statistics presented at the 3/17/2011 EB-5 Stakeholder's Meeting at the USCIS California Service Center.

Current Regional Center Stats as of 3/17/2011

# of Active Regional Centers 125
# of Pending Initial RC Proposals 156
# of Pending RC Amendments 34

Stats  on Initial Regional Center Proposal Filings

FY 2010
(Oct 2009 - Sept 2010)

FY 2011 Q1
(Oct - Dec 2010)

# of Initial RC Proposal Filings

# of Amended RC Proposal Filings 42 24
% of Initial RC Proposals Denied 45% 24%
% of RC Amendments Denied 29% 22%

Statistics I-526 and I-829 Petitions

# of I-526 Received # of I-526 Approvals % of I-526 Approved
FY11 Q1 701 190 77%
FY10 1955 1369 89%
FY09 1028 1262 86%
FY08 1257 640 84%
FY07 776 473 76%
FY06 486 336 73%
FY05 332 179 53%

# of I-829 Received # of I-829 Approvals % of I-829 Approved
FY11 Q1 531 39 75%
FY10 768 274 83%
FY09 437 347 86%
FY08 390 159 70%
FY07 194 111 69%
FY06 89 106 64%
FY05 37 184 62%

USCIS noted that it is still working on a system to distinguish RC from stand-alone filings and that an estimated 90-95%  of I-526 petitions are currently associated with Regional Centers.

EB-5 Visa Statistics

Total EB-5 Visas Issued
FY11 Q1 1,421
FY10 1,885
FY09 4,218
FY08 1,360
FY07 806
FY06 744

The presentation notes: "USCIS interprets the set aside of visas to ensure that a minimum of 3,000 visas are available for regional center based applicants. We do not see the set aside as limiting the number of visas that can be granted to regional center based applicants, to the extent that such applicants can be allocated up to 10,000 visas, along with the non-regional center based applicants."

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