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Letters of the Week: Jul 8 - Jul 12

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  1. tino hernandez salazar's Avatar
    I really like this part of the article, especially issue #2 , when it
    comes to the bottom line , considering the fact that in this case ,
    the immigration problem is and will always be there if is not taken
    into consideration the reasons why things happen. In this particular
    case , I personally have lived the difficulties that one have to
    confront when it comes to try to do things right. I just wish that the
    Honorable USA Congress would take in consideration all those parents
    women and men deported that have USA born children, to give them the
    chance, of course under an evaluation, to legally re enter the country
    and therefore the reunification of the families which is the
    foundation of a healthy society, why , simply is better to live with
    our love ones and work hard for our children, but when families are
    broken and apart, the future of the innocents are uncertain and
    unclear. All I ask to GOD, is another chance and the USA government
    can do it.
  2. Lucas Nascimento's Avatar
    This felonious and baseless argument that people migrate to the United States from Mexico to follow the drug trade is offensive and a gross mischaracterization of reality, economic truth, and historical fact; typical of both of the most extreme wings of policy making decisions guided purely by politics in America and not sound reason and logic.

    First, even the most conservative economists agree that the great influx of undocumented individuals who migrated to the United States were driven by American demand for labor, mainly in the manual, construction, restaurant, agriculture,and other low-paying labor sectors. Second, migration from Mexico first slowed, for instance, due to the economic crash of 2008. Third, non-citizens in the United States are largely comprised by Latinos, 85% of whom are Mexican. On that point, no statistic has ever showed that citizens of the USA commit crimes at a rate greater than non-citizens. So, it is worse than incredulous to falsely accuse individuals of criminal behavior when they who otherwise are seeking the American Dream and coming to the USA to work and provide for their families. Fourth, entry into the Unites States is a civil matter readily handled with under the Immigration and Nationality Act, which formerly provided ample waivers of civil violations and paths to citizenship for undocumented workers and their families. Fifth, the USA created the incentive for illegal immigration because of our labor needs, 1996-2006, when our unemployment rate averaged around 3%.

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