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Letters of the Week: June 03 - June 07

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  1. YL Poon's Avatar
    Calling the family-based 4th preference un-American and incompatible with socialized medicine is absurd and non-sensical. A lot of people (AILA included), not just Asian Americans, support the 4th preference. It is racist to single out Congresswoman Judy Chu and Asian-Americans to attack by implying they are un-American because they support the 4th preference. A name-calling comment like that has no place in a well-regarded publication like the ILW. Quoted here is AILA's statement on this issue:
    Why are siblings and adult children good for America?

    s Policies that strengthen families are good for America. One of our country's many strengths is the way we have woven immigrants' family values into our cultural fabric. The ties between siblings or elderly parents and their adult children are as strong as the other familial bonds respected by our immigration system, and should continue to hold a valued place in our culture.

    s Our employment-based system is mutually strengthened by a well-functioning family-based system. Many businesses are successful only by nature of the support they can draw from the combined resources of family, including siblings and older children. Less family-friendly policies will dissuade employment-based immigrants, who also have families, from investing their talents and resources in America.

    s Perhaps one of the greatest contributions of our immigrant communities has been their reaffirmation of the family-takes-care-of-family ethos. Care for the elderly or infirm comes from within the family, with siblings or adult children often the provider of that care.
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