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Letters of the Week: May 20 - May 24

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  1. Y. Judd Azulay's Avatar
    Appreciate your comments about two AILA's. However, I believe the issue is more than that.
    The central issue is that AILA as an organization is secretive, insular and unfortunately, driven by issues that are not necessarily in all members' interests.
    AILA has good people involved in the organization. However, many AILA leaders appear to put their own interests above those of the organizations, and, thus, transparency is not there.
    AILA has an excellent purpose. The organization was founded to improve the lot of "the tired, the hungry and poor". Instead, today, and for the past several years, we have had an organization with well paid executive directors, who interest and purpose does not necessarily reflect the purpose of the membership or the majority of the organization.
    Sure, finances are important. But also transparency is important.
    The organization has a purpose. The paid staff and AILA leadership is entrusted by the members to carry out organizational purpose and act for the organization, rather than their own interests.
  2. Joel Paget's Avatar
    I was AILA Finance Chair for a number of years in the "old past." During the years that the Committee and I gave oversight to the finances, the membership dues were one-third of the budget. Another third came from conferences and CLE programs and the last third was from publications. It was a good balance. I am sure it has been more difficult recently to raise money through the conferences because the venues have increased their charges and the members have resisted paying more to attend. If the revenue has been made up through publications than AILA and its members are the better for it.
  3. Ofelia H. Robaina's Avatar
    Unfortunately more of the load per country FB4 petitions are Philippines and Mexico, according to Visas availability FB 4 for the timeframe is more than 25 years. Those siblings had being waiting for all this time, which again is unfortunately, but for this country, those persons are most probably unemployable, can't receive benefits for the next 10 years or until if they learn English and pass the Naturalization test , after that time those immigrants will become depending of Social Security and welfare, as they are seniors with no matter of support. Do we need to enter on this new expending on the next 10 years?
    This is my point of view.
  4. o1visaattorneyhollywood's Avatar
    more of the load per country FB4 petitions are Philippines and Mexico,this is the big dissadvantage
  5. Immigrationlawyer's Avatar
    Our politicians immigration reform is to grant 20 million amnesty and wait 5 years for the next 20 million to give amnesty too.
    There was an estimate of 11 million in 2008. There is probably 20 Million plus now.
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