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Letters of the Week: Apr 15 - Apr 19

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  1. Kenneth Rinzler's Avatar
    Thank You, Jackie Newman, for Your Support

    I understand my supporter, Jackie Newman, rhetorically asks what are my qualifications for Treasurer.
    I say "rhetorically", because Jackie (as she herself so recently confirmed), was the very first to encourage me to run for Treasurer and one of the ten to sign my nominating petition.
    As for my qualifications and intent, on January 7 I announced I was considering running and stated what I considered the issues to be and what I intended to do about them:

    "Run by petition for Treasurer, with my sole objective being to publish every bit of financial information about AILA that I could get my hands on in such a position, which would be virtually everything, except for those instances where prohibited by law. From budgets to financial statements, from tax returns to compensation information, from perks provided to staff by convention hotels, to publication royalty deals, to financial documents presented to the ExCom and BOG (but not the general membership), etc., and all done in real time, rather than 1-2 years after the fact (if then at all). By doing so, not only would the membership finally be truly informed about how AILA operates and deals with its finances, but would
    also be in a position to determine if our national and chapter dues really need to be as high as they are.
    Frankly, I believe it is sad that it has come to this, but the AILA leadership has yet to make any formal commitment to accountability and transparency, despite the thousands upon thousands of views on these topics on the Message Center. Have they publicly promised to nominate more than one candidate per office? No. Have they promised to announce the individual vote totals? No (although we just learned that the subject is finally on the agenda for this month's BOG meeting). Have they promised to poll the membership on advocacy and other matters of interest? No. Have they promised to more forthrightly disclose the dues monies spent on the AIC, on overseas junkets, on staff compensation, on publications royalties, on conference costs and profits? No. I can go on, but you get my point. Other than (finally) publishing the tax returns under pressure, the only answer we ever get - if any -- is "We'll think about it
    and maybe present it to the BOG at some unspecified future date." And then it generally dies a slow death.
    I have no desire to ever run for any other AILA office. I have no desire to serve as Treasurer for more than one year. And I have no desire to see a Secretary (whom I don't know personally and thus have nothing against) automatically elevated to the position of Treasurer/Future President after the last fiasco
    of a nomination/coronation process.
    I would simply hope to institute an era of transparency at AILA from which there would be no turning back."

    And who was the very first person to encourage me to run? Jackie Newman.

    We all know what I have done to force some much-needed transparency upon AILA.

    It's pretty funny that all of a sudden some people seem to have forgotten these transparency issues and who they thought would be the best person to help address them. None of my accomplishments have changed between January and now, while the most noticeable thing the ExCom has done to promote transparency is to use a transparent pretext to ban me from the Message Center so that my campaign is hobbled. And it's not like when Jackie signed my petition she didn't know that Ms. Padilla would be nominated to move up the hereditary ladder.

    The election is rigged.
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