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Letters of the Week: Apr 1 - Apr 5

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  1. Tony 's Avatar
    I sent a detail report that was written by the Roth Immigration Law firm, regarding the bureaucracy, deceit , and discrimination that is applied to thousands of Petitioners, and There Beneficiaries, at the Embassy in Guangzhou China. Our Immigration Attorneys should band to-gather and file a complaint with the State Department. The Chief Consulate in Guangzhou is a disgrace to his post. His applied standards, are not applicable to the Immigration And Nationality Act.
  2. R.B. Samla's Avatar
    I tend to agree with your assessment on the H-1Bs. I don't see large IT companies rushing to file, and there's probably not a lot of usage coming from the financial services industry either, given recent announcements of layoffs by several large institutions. I think the USCIS pronouncement has caused some panic, as witnessed by the rumors flying amongst the immigration bar as to the number of FedEx packages being delivered to the Vermont and California Service Centers as being SOLELY H-1B Cap cases, without taking into account that these SCs handle ALL nonimmigrant cases, and for the CSC, all courier filings go to the same address regardless of the type of petition. I'd be curious to know who the "stakeholders" are that led to the USCIS announcement.
  3. Gladys Farris's Avatar
    In my opinion this overhaul to immigration process has two tier consequences 1. All thos beneficiaries who are waiting to be legalized is two thirds of the undocumented and the wait is awfully lengthy and the second part is there should be "guest worker" would work to defray so many visas for the second group who has no way of obtaining a legal status. I do not agree to delete any more status that is now available to legalized by the family. I believe we need more family visas especially for Mexico and Phillipines . I believe the brothers and sisters of U S citizens should legalized at least 10 years and not 25 years.
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