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Letter of the Week: Mar 25 - 29

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  1. Lucas Nascimento 's Avatar
    The problem is that Republicans lost a major national election in large part due to the Latino vote. If you know Spanish or if you understand Latino issues, and especially if you watch Spanish news and television, it is very obvious how important the issue of immigration reform is to Latino families. Leading up to the 2012 Presidential election, the immigration issue was brought up daily by Spanish television news casters. Ignoring the impact of immigration reform efforts on the work of hundreds of thousands of advocates and community leaders on Latino issues also turns a blind eye to reality. Republicans don't want to accept the importance of immigration reform on national politics because they don't have a plan and they refuse to follow the leaders. Lack of leadership on this issue was quickly replaced by the newcomers and those few soft spoken R-Senators who now speak out only after watching challenger Mitt Romney lose miserably to President Barack Obama.
    As long as Republicans ignore reality, they will continue to lose seats. Which will play in favor of a working Democracy that listens to the issues and concerns of real electorates who believe in the government's role in society to bring equal justice for all.
    Ignoring the concerns of Latinos will continue to be a Republican mistake and oh those leaders who choose to listen will gain their vote.

    Lucas T. Nascimento, Attorney at Law
  2. Sagar Dilip Bhamare's Avatar
    Your website is probably the only place saying no lottery and I somehow tend to agree with you. Before USCIS announcement no one was anticipating it and now everyone is speculating about it. I am a PhD graduate currently working on OPT as research engineer and this lottery has given me sleepless nights. despite working so hard for 6 years I and many of us have to go through this cruel system. I hope at least master's quota is not full in 5 days. Your articles have given a sigh of relief.
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