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Letters of the Week: March 18 - 22

Rating: 10 votes, 5.00 average.
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  1. Tom Stylianos Jr.'s Avatar
    I, on careful reflection, favor Immigration Reform that brings more
    talented technologists, engineers and scientists to the United States.
    I think I have a good position to judge.

    I speak from the position of a second career Family Immigration Attorney
    who spent ? of his working life as an Electrical and Computer Engineer.
    As a working engineer, I felt the animus toward the cheap imported
    engineers that competed for the plumb assignments. In reality, I was
    RIFed, not because of the foreign engineers, but because of the march of
    technology. The move from the IBM 360 to the much more powerful Intel
    processors. Reflecting on what happened to me and my fellow engineers
    as I have practiced immigration law, I have ceased to blame the foreign
    engineers. I still would not favor the current system that makes the
    employers powerful and ties the imported engineers to a particular

    I want my country to have the talent, to have the ability to be a world
    leader in things, not just Wizard of Oz financial products. I want the
    next Maxwell, Tesla, Shockley to be residents and workers in the United
    States. When there is a Star Trek like transporter or a Dr. Who Tardis,
    I want it to be from my country. As we all know, the United States has
    an image that attracts immigrants. Lets make use of it.

    As we have scene recently the cost of a green card is about $165. Lets
    develop a system where everyone with a Stems undergraduate degree can
    just send their name in a get a green card. Let them bring their
    immediate family derivatives too (Parents Spouse children (not sibs)).
    To be crude about it, lets hijack the world's brains.

    Back to my career as an engineer. If they have green cards, the
    immigrant engineers are not low cost indentured help. They can move and
    compete in the job market. (Perhaps we should also tighten the
    disruption of residence time and rules.) The migration will subsidize my
    country, not just the aggressive employers that bring in foreign
  2. Gloria Novak's Avatar
    Just a comment regarding the information in the second paragraph. What does this say about the level of education in America?
    Besides that, the article is good.
  3. Christine Futia's Avatar
    I must respectfully disagree with your assessment, or at the very least label it premature. I think it is unwise to aggressively fan the flames of optimism among foreign nationals facing at this time. Perhaps you would like to take some of the calls we are constantly receiving from people with major immigration challenges who think that CIR is a fast slam-dunk? The truth is, no bills have even been introduced. Details of the "Gang of 8" plan have not been released. Those eight may have wheeled and dealed among themselves, and they may have considerable clout, but there are innumerable ways for a bill to be stalled, temporarily or indefinitely. We simply do not have enough information to make a call at this time. Headlines suggesting a "best case scenario" are simply not helpful for us or our clients.
  4. Lucas Nascimento's Avatar
    When it comes to the issue of Comprehensive Immigration Reform, it is too difficult to avoid the issue of politics and instead just focus on what is right for the economy, the working class, and millions of families who deserve a chance at the American dream. But is doing what is right for America only about winning votes?
    While politics is a necessary element in government, I do challenge the notion that either political party is just striking a deal on immigration reform in order to win some political points with minorities. Instead, I dare to bring forward the idea that Congress is finally seeing the light and doing what is right for our country.
    In the March 20, 2013 Immigration Daily article titled "CIR State of Play" I found reporting of enthusiasm and optimism on the issue of passage of CIR by both parties in Congress, sometime early this year. The article focuses on a political reality that is only being realized now by our representatives in Washington. While Republicans are moving towards the center, Democrats are also seriously considering those plans brought to the table by their counterparts in Congress, and both parties are finally coming together to do whatever it takes get the job done and pass legislation that is based on sound policy that works.
    Regardless of who gets the final credit for passage of CIR, I want to challenge not the excellent reporting in this article, but rather the way in which we think about politics in America.
    Why is it that in America whenever a political party moves to the center on an issue do we finally get results and legislation on very important national issues?
    It seems that on the issue of CIR, both parties are finally in agreement that something needs to be done in order to fix a persistent problem and only by working together can we turn the dream of a stronger middle class and a safer America into a reality.
    Why now? Why immigration? What about all the other issues we need to resolve, like taxes on the wealthy, entitlement reform, gun rights and regulations, and many other issues?
    The process of making policy into law is forever deliberative and painstaking but it is my hope that passage of CIR will bring a new attitude and momentum to politics in America. Congress enjoys the lowest approval rating in generations. However, it is possible that through passage of CIR doing what is right will finally trump doing whatever it takes to win votes. The President has understood this from the beginning by urging Congress to bring him a plan to sign into law in the first year of his second term.
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