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Letters of the Week: Mar 4 - Mar 15

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  1. Richard Yang's Avatar
    Jeb Bush means back in the line is back in the line nothing less or more. The only way to ensure fairness for all that those who try to immigrate legally must have advantage and priority dates before any newly legalized undocumented can adjust status to Permanent Residency.

    Undocumented immigrants should and must be grateful if the Congress is generous and kind enough to pass a law to grant them legal rights and ways to work and travel in and out the country to them and giving them the possibilities to get citizenship in the future through whatever channels available as everyone else and go back to the line without creating a special fast track with red carpet.

    There is another endless debate about how to secure the border. The border can't never be secured and no countries on Earth can truly seal their borders but they can ensure that employers in their respective countries only hire legal authorized foreign citizens after their own citizens and legal immigrants are offered the job openings first otherwise they will be fined severely.

    We have seen in many countries that authorities love to harass foreigners and punish them with only "sins" working without their authorization and "blessings" yet they keep blind eyes on business owners who hire them because the politicians won't any guts to bite the hands who feed them and finance their campaigns.

    There must be sea of change around the world that authorities must let everyone walk free on Earth if they never bother anyone or become public burden. Foreigners that have no work permits and caught working must be freed and let go and given some advice to go back to their countries with their own expenses and free will with a note that they may come back again to work legally by following the legal ways but no leniency for employers who abuse and cheat the system and employ them.

  2. Gary Renick's Avatar
    I cannot even imagine how this is going to help eliminate errors by having 2 pages of this form. If you want to do something constructive, eliminate the telephone number, e-mail address and some of the "insane" acceptable documents in List "B'. The Voters registration card does not comply with original regulations or guidleines. School records, clinic and doctors records and day care or nursery records do not have the requisite information necessary to determine identity. Most children now born in the U.S. receive their SSNs at birth and are unfortunately considered U.S. citizens. Almost all of the educational or medical facilities in the U.S. do not have the requisite information on thei records (school records, report cards, clinic & medical records day care or nursery records) to identify any individual. Even if they had a photo from these facilities, they would not accurately portray the applicant for employment at age 16 or older. This is a worhtless form which does nothing to enhance the Form I-9 program !!!

    Forget introducing another bureaucratic form and start increasing I-9 Notices of Inspection!! Since the current administration policy is not to arrest anyone even though they have presented counterfiet documents to gain employment, entered the U.S. illegally, and are receiving billions of dollars of taxpayers funds to support them with free education, 2 meals a day @ school and other Govt. benefits, I would think you could expend our tax dollars in a more efficient manner!!!
  3. Richard Y's Avatar
    I strongly disagree with Mr. Algase's today letter (3/12/2013).
    Undocumented immigrants should be grateful enough to be given a golden opportunity to work and live legally in the US with peace of mind and can work freely in most jobs available. Citizenship is just an nice added bonus that should be earned just like anyone else who have spent time and efforts legally and patiently before them. Our line for immigrant visas are very long and the waiting time is absurdly long as well because of stupid chain family immigration that must be replaced ASAP with merits and skills based instead. This is not favoritism or discrimination based on race and national origins. We are not against Latinos or Africans, if they have skills and education that qualify immigrant visas they will get ones.

    In short, common sense must tell us that we should never welcome immigrants who don't speak English and don't want to learn English, those religious extremists who don't believe in universal human rights and equal rights for all and posses any skills and education that will contribute to our economy and society in general and those who only plan to collect welfare checks after checks after they arrive here, thinking that everything is "free" in this country.

    Given the choice of a backward Muslim extremist from Somalia over a smart open minded well educated secular Indian or Chinese, we should take the better one anytime. A Latino with PhD and special expertise and skills in science, off course will be welcomed over Russian with no education at all. Is it a discrimination or smart move based on common sense ?

    Don't any nations have the rights to choose of whom they should offer welcome mat to be their newest citizens ?

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