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Letters of the Week: Feb 25 - Mar 1

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  1. Joan Murray Jerez Zacatecas's Avatar
    The other side of this demographic equation is that the Mexican birthrate is also falling from 5 to 2.7 in ONE generation here in Mexico. Very soon Mexican families will not have "excess" family members to send to the US to work.
  2. Mary S. Rainwater's Avatar
    I read your article entitled "Shutting the Barn Door" with great interest. I agree with your comments that in the next coming decade many would be foreigners to the U.S.A will stay home due to demographic changes in their countries. I'm from Kenya although I was a permanent resident for over 20 years but unfortuantely I got deported in 2006.

    I came back with nothing and I already made a come back. Last year Kenya discovered oil and many other natural resources. It is estimated that Kenya will be drilling 2,850 barrels of good export type oil per day in just one oil field and there are several! Apart from the political instablility which we hope will be a thing of the past, Kenya is usually a stable democratic country. It will start realizing the value of oil in three years from 2013 and it has already joined OPEC!. The government is keen to not make the mistakes of other African countries of squandering the money the oil will produce and has laid down measures to protect it's citizens. In the event it discovers more oil and it manages the wealth properly for the betterment of all it's citizens, you will see many Kenyans trooping back home to enjoy a favorable climate and also the oil money. Many Kenyans will troop back home the moment the oil starts flowing... We however are grateful for the many help America has provided to us while there or here at home.

    Thank you for a good story.
  3. Rick Swartz's Avatar
    If the substance required to get a law enacted likely establishes untenable details in many respects across the board, and nigh practically impossible to implement justly, imagining the consequnces 3-5 years out, what's there to extol , being hardheaded about it all
  4. Laura Irazoque's Avatar
    I know there is talks of immigration reform! Yeah! However they keep saying about a pathway to citizen ship for the ones already here, what about our loved ones already in there home country waiting on immigration bars?
  5. Richard Y's Avatar
    Re : Mr. Algase article : Green Cards and US Citizenship for Unauthorized Immigrants - Some Clarifications

    English language proficiency is a must not only to get US citizenship but also in the process to secure a Greencard. It's non negotiable and unquestionable. Canada and Australia require language proficiency as part of the points needed to secure an immigrant visa there. Higher points will be awarded if ones are proficient in French and English in Canada since it's officially bilingual country and official languages in Canada.
    It's unacceptable to see many immigrants still speak broken English at the time of their Naturalization ceremony. It's a disgrace and an insult.

    Republicans and Democrats must stop scoring political points and posturing as usual. The country wants solutions on every issues based on common sense and public good and interests, without further political bickering and grid lock.
    Republicans have a good point by requiring legalized undocumented immigrants to follow whatever current available immigration visa process to secure their Greencard with their provisional legal status without getting any advantage over those who patiently follow the laws to immigrate legally. Provisional Legal immigrants can get their Greencards by marriage to citizens or PRs or go to colleges by pursuing higher education in Science, Technical, Engineering and Math and after graduation they can expect the reward in form of Permanent Residency with the Diplomas like others or through investors category by opening businesses. This is fair and common sense and the Democrats must accept this compromise.
    Back to the line means back to the line and do like everyone else do and wait in the process.

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