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Letters of the Week: Feb 18 - 22

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  1. Matthew Udall's Avatar
    Just wondering how other AILA members feel about the change to the reimbursement policy for ExCom to travel to the Annual Conferences?

    We are going from this (Current Reimbursement Policy, as of 03-29-03):

    A General, Part 2 Annual Conferences.
    Participation in the AILA Annual Conference provides significant individual benefits to all who attend. Therefore, members are not reimbursed for expenses arising out of travel to or attendance at an Annual Conference except as expressly provided herein.


    C Officers, Part 3a Association Annual Conferences.
    The outgoing and incoming Presidents shall be provided with complimentary hotel accommodations at the Annual Conference site including sleeping quarters and entertainment facilities. Other National Officers holding office at the beginning of the Annual Conference may be reimbursed up to four nights hotel accommodations while attending the conference. No reimbursement shall be made for local or long distance transportation, meals, gratuities or incidental expenses.

    To this (Minutes from the Panama meeting):
    IV Decision Items,
    ... (2) add reimbursement of all travel expenses for national officers related to their attendance of the Annual Conference;...

    Good idea? Should we give even more? Why not meals, incidentals, etc?
  2. Richard Yang's Avatar
    We have seen a lot of political posturing and circus about CIR. Even if the President's proposal is exactly identical with of those what Republican Senators propose and draft with their Democrat counterparts they will reject it as political show over and over again. Americans are tired of this senseless and endless drama. Let get this done seriously. Republicans in particular must end their hypocritical political posturing and stop being hyper critical on our President while they didn't do the same when it was Republican Presidents living in the White House in the past in every issues.

    We wonder where all these Republicans when the Republican Presidents piled on the deficit and reckless spending and where were their opposition when Reagan gave "amnesty" to the "illegals" ?

    Enough is enough.
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