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Letters of the Week: Feb 4 - Feb 8

Rating: 5 votes, 4.20 average.
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  1. D.M. Miller's Avatar
    I totally agree with the effort to abolish this. Certainly the nuclear family... spouse and minor children, should be continued and as one "parcel". The other relatives should either qualify or not on their own regardless of any relationship to a previously admitted immigrant. I have seen, in my fraud investigation career, far too many fraudulent family reunification approvals to have any faith at all in that program. And anyway, what is the urgency or need? The probability that 30-40 of them may have lived in the same house or compound in Mexico or El Salvador should not guarantee them the right to live the same way here. Americans don't do that and they must abide by American mores and folkways if they are to live here successfully. The point about the elders becoming immediate burdens on our public assistance systems is well taken, but this caution applies as well to many of the swarming members of these extended families.
    The sooner we get shed of the family reunification immigrant categories the better!
  2. Mazen M. Sukkar's Avatar
    It strikes me as cruel to suggest that parents of USCs should either immigrate through the employment route or not at all. One can divorce a wife, even see a child go away to college and get married in another state, while enjoying another, but one can never have another parent once a parent die.

    If one comes to the U.S. and succeeds, why should one not be able to reward one's parents by sponsoring them to come to a free country that has a great quality of life. Many come sponsored and cannot get any government benefits and you should not label them as a drain on SS or other programs. Why would it be immoral to deport a child brought by his parents to get a better life (as recently as the Dreamers) when on the same hand we would find it moral to deport or ban a parent from being legal or immigrating to America when their children are citizens?

    Some have all the money in the world and would help the economy if they immigrate by buying homes and retiring here with their children and grand children.

    Why should we sacrifice our parents' right to immigrate as immediate relatives when so many get married fraudulently and get immediate relative status. One cannot fabricate a mom or invent a dad. They are not replaceable, cannot be fraudulently made family, and should not be disposable.

    What an immoral message we would be sending by saying: lets get engineers and wives who may divorce after they naturalize only to then turn around and bring another spouse, while we deny those who helped give us life, raise us, sacrifice for us, and who gave us the opportunity to study or work in this great country, their rightful place with their children and grand children. Such a suggestion is morally flawed and WRONG no matter what other WRONG we rectify by allowing others to come in. Spouses and minor children deserve Immediate relative status, but parents are not the ones to be dumped out the door to open another window for wives and children. While my parents immigrated then went back home when things got better for them, many parents have nothing to return back too in third world countries torn by civil strife and corrupt governments.

    You asked for comments, I regret if mine are harsh. But if not for my parents who may have paid their last penny to save us from civil war and send us to the U.S. to study, I wouldn't have helped so many immigrants in 25 years as an immigration lawyer whether through asylum, family petitions, employment or otherwise. An immigration system that doesn't allow children to bring their parents should not allow parents to bring their children. It goes both ways you know, and many parents do not want to immigrate and would, if consulates would give them non-immigrant visas to visit their children whenever they want and are not be harassed by nasty immigration officers at the airport, simply visit and have vacations home here. If you want to cut on some parents immigrating, give them the right to visit and stay with their children harassment free, buy a house, spend vacations here, and help the economy. There are better ways to "save the drain on Social Security" and other government program without disposing of parents as loving and needed immigrants. What good is an American Dream that you cannot share with your parents?!!!

    Reasonable minds can differ, I respectfully submit that Grandparents of our American children, our parents, are a treasure not be messed with.
  3. Ratunibuno Maitoga's Avatar
    It's essential that Congress pass the Amenesity bill to legalize all undocumented people contributing to the economy,regardless of your status,this is the land of immigrants,it has always been,so wheather it's now or later,it' gonna happen
  4. David H. Nachman's Avatar
    I saw the notice in the ILW yesterday about the appointment of Ms. Price
    to the EOIR.

    I am a Law School classmate of Abigail Price who was recently appointed as
    a Judge at the EOIR.

    I just want to point out that the EOIR could not have done a better job
    appointing a dedicated and high quality-level immigration professional.

    I have know Abby for years and continue to marvel at her ability to
    analyze and digest information and for her dedication to the immigration
    law arena. We join in welcoming her to her new judicial appointment.

    We congratulate her and, most importantly, we congratulate the EOIR for
    its choice of HER to serve in this important position.
  5. Richard Yang's Avatar
    If ones have money to support their parents to come to the US to join them, it's perfectly fine but not on Greencards but on renewable long term temporary resident visa that must be renewed every 5 years with proof of income tax return of their US citizen sponsors and the proof they have health insurance coverage during their previous and next stay in the country.

    Parents of US citizens and residents should never collect Medicare, Social Security or Medicaid benefits they never paid in their younger productive years. It's not evil or unjust but it's common sense. Giving Greencards and US citizenship to parents of US citizen will create endless and bigger chain immigration by family relationship. We don't want to see more immigrants that don't have education, skills or language ability to come here and be the burden of the public and tax payers. Period.

  6. Richard Yang's Avatar
    Undocumented immigrants should never be given pathways to citizenship but a legal renewable work and travel authorization that is valid for 5 years. They may adjust status to permanent residency if they find legal avenues currently on the book if they want to such as marriage to US citizens or residents, employers sponsored or pursuing higher education or skills that award the Greencard upon graduation. This will satisfy many Republicans that feel giving away permanent residency too easy is huge turn off for them.

    Undocumented immigrants should be grateful for temporary legal status to allow them working and travelling with peace of mind and if they want to pursue US citizenship they must find it in whatever ways are available on the book at this moment.

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