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Letter of the Week: Jan 21 - Jan 25

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  1. John Keller's Avatar
    I could not take any more of your editorials that seek only to hyper-inflate and distort party differences on immigration. The comments about Obama and DREAM Deferred Action over the last several months have been embarrassing enough - but today's comments trying to somehow foreshadow that now that 3 Rs have pronounced in favor of some type of reform it will be Pelosi's love for addressing climate change that will hold back Ds commitment to CIR is simply an outright lie and seeks to ignore the recent history of Rs' outright hostility toward anything except deportation and enforcement.

    Please - once you get serious about understanding immigration and politics - then try writing something useful or informative. ILW's shilling for Rs equals an entirely wasted opportunity to inform readers nationwide at such a historical time. You should be ashamed of this lost opportunity.
  2. Honza Prchal's Avatar
    [In reply to Jan 23 - Market Establishes Price For Green Card, seen here:]

    That was brilliantly put. You'll get hate-mail, of course, but very well done.
  3. Richard Yang's Avatar
    CIR must put these folks in higher consideration than recent border jumpers that have no records and paid no taxes :

    1. Those who are in the TPS status or Deferred Removal status like
    Haitians, Syrians, Liberians etc.
    They are in some kind of legal temporary status, have paid
    taxes. They should be given opportunity to make their status

    We have also those who are political asylees who just won
    Witholding of Removal Status of which can never be converted
    Permanent Residency. They must have higher priority also to
    benefit for the CIR to gain permanent status if they wish.

    2. Those who are currently applying political asylum status in
    our courts of law must be given opportunity also to benefit
    from CIR and withdraw their asylum cases so the load of
    our courts will be less.

    3. Those who have applied political asylum cases and have
    exhausted all appeals and must leave the country but go into
    the hiding and commit no other crimes must be forgiven and
    benefit from the CIR also. Many can be the victims of
    incompetent lawyers or judges who are not sympathical to
    cases while they have merits due to the current situation
    in their home countries. Many of these folks have been given
    Work Permit while their cases were pending and paid taxes as
    well and be finger printed.

    It's also time to abolish 3-10 years bar than serve us nothing and replace it with monetary fine instead. Many previous undocumented immigrants who have come back to their home countries may start their own businesses or get better jobs with possibility to have better life and income in their home countries and wish to visit and invest in the US in different circumstances or find a genuine love and relationship with future American spouses that will marry them.

    Future immigration laws enforcement should never cost taxpayers' money. The cost of current enforcement and apprehension is a waste of taxpayers' dollar. It cost money to jail people whose crimes only working as foreigners in a foreign country without approval from the authority first. It's better to use our limited resources for higher priorities.
    Jailing, flogging, capital punishments should never be used to enforce immigration laws in any civilized countries which bragged themselves as beacons of humanity and human rights. Self voluntary repatriation by foreigners who have no legal permission to work should be encouraged and it must be paid by employers who knowingly hire and exploit them.
    We must put the burden on employers to only hire workers with legal working authorization. Each violation will be fined for $ 10,000, $ 5,000 go to the Treasury and $ 5,000 will be offered to the undocomented foreign worker to cover the cost of trip to go back to his home country voluntarily within 3 months.
    Money will be offered in cash upon boarding the airplane supervised by an official to ensure the departure. He may comeback legally as temporary workers, visitors, students, immigrants or investors while those opportunities are available and must pay $ 1,000 fine.

    Lastly we must expand our B1/B2 visas to boost our tourism particularly to the citizens of emerging economy countries like Brasil, Russia, India, China and Indonesia and many other countries that have significant middle and upper income citizens who love to travel and shop overseas, our theme parks, national parks, tourist sites, restaurants, malls and shopping outlets need to be filled with these wealthy tourists who will spend
    their money in no time. It's a healthy boost for jobs and economy.

    Worksite enforcement will make sure no foreigners can work without permission so visitors that have no desire to work here should be welcomed with open arms. We need them to balance our trade deficit, boost the economy and grow jobs.

    For ILW.COM readers who support my point of views here please pass them to your respective Representatives and Senators by mail, fax or phone call. Thank you !.

    Richard Y.

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