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Letters of the Week: Jan 7 - Jan 11

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  1. Amanda Tzos's Avatar
    Hi editor, I think they should think more about who they are deporting because in this debt the U.S is in we cant afford to send every one back to thier country when all they are gonna do is come right back .If they have family here they will come back and i dont blame them . The ones that they should stay focus on is the dangerous and the ones who have commited harsh crimes. They would save millions. Most of them are hard working and would have every thing legal if they could. Alot they get blamed is not thier fault like paying taxes if they had a SS number they be more than happy to pay so whos fault is that. Maybe they should quit deporting our jobs over seas it sure didnt help the gov. much huh
  2. Irwine G. Clare's Avatar
    The silver lining in this dark cloud story is that one of the major pillars and obstacles put forth by those opposing any form of immigration reform has always been "Enforcement of the Laws" tightening our borders, removing cardinal aliens. Well with this massive upswing in removals and general enforcement procedures, this should bode well for immigration reform being successful and gain support. The 14 or so million undocumented immigrants whom are technically trapped in the system are for the most part law abiding and in most cases contributing to the economic vitality of many cities and towns in his an economically challenged era.

    It behooves immigrant advocacy groups then to use this information on the massive spend on enforcement to move steadfastly in pushing for immigration reform now! Both political parties seem amicable to this and in addition the President has indicated his intention.

    Lets then rally the forces and move accordingly.
  3. Angie Mercer's Avatar
    Great "Catch 22", Illinois Legislators!

    So yesterday, the IL House also approved the "alien" driver license bill. All that's needed now is Gov. Quinn's signature.

    Only problem is, teens and young adults who were brought here as children (without stopping to get their passports stamped) have to choose: get a permit to work OR a permit to drive, but you can't have both.

    Last summer Pres. Obama gave undocumented kids a chance to get a break - a program called DACA. DACA gives approved applicants a permit to work and a social security number.

    If Gov. Quinn signs SB957, Illinois will allow undocumented kids to get a special driver license, but NOT IF THEY HAVE A GOOD SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER. To explain: if you do not have federal permission to be here, you do not have permission to legally work anywhere in the USA. Before SB957, you could not get an driver license in Illinois if you did not have permission to be here, even if you grew up here, went to school here, know this place as your home. If Quinn signs SB957, undocumented kids can soon apply for the Temporary Visitor Driver's Licenses (TVDL), which is only for those who "cannot get a social security number".

    So now undocumented IL youths must choose: either drive or work (TVDL or DACA), but you can't do both. A classic Catch-22.

    Comment by Angie MERCER, who was lucky enough to be brought here at age 9 under an H visa.
  4. Donald M. Miller's Avatar
    You just don't understand the basic truth about this immigration question. Let's stipulate that the majority of immigrants are industrious and law-abiding, but at the same time let's not create myths: there are plenty of illiterate, lazy, "get-over", bums and criminals also among these immigrants. An accurate percentage would be, IMO, about 60-70% OK and apx. 30% worthless parasites. But even this is not the real point.
    Those among us who still have any knowledge of history are well aware that from the beginnings of recorded history man has defended what he considered as his from invaders and outsiders. From the cave to the city-state to the country, history is replete with instances of humans defending their homes and lands from alien occupiers. And we today respect and admire those men and their efforts. From the struggles of the American Indians to the Spartans at Thermopylae to the men of the Alamo and the Ninos Heroes of Mexico, we uniformly admire and respect those who have defended their countries. EXCEPT...when modern Americans defend their own nation against alien invaders. Somehow it is admirable that the Dakota nation conduct a decades-long resistance against white encroachment on their territories but when Americans even so much as verbally express opposition to their country being swamped by migrants from Mexico and Central America, it becomes some sort of unspeakable and incomprehensible "crime against humanity".
    Why is not just as natural and understandable for an American to not want his/her country to become demographically and culturally an extension of Mexico than it is for a Sioux band to not want their hunting grounds taken over by white farmers?
    Look, another example...Germany is easily one of the most, if not the most, advanced and prosperous nations in Europe, yet there is not one country or citizen of one country in Europe, which would willingly allow a German occupation and cultural take-over of his own nation. And Germans are far less "alien" to the rest of Europe than Mexicans, Salvadorans, Nigerians, Pakistanis, et al, are to the base population of the United States. Yet we are excoriated for wanting to keep our country as it has existed for over 200 years, to keep our language without having to "press one", to keep our traditions and our holidays, to teach and learn our history and read about our great national heroes, to be ourselves without fear of "offending" some foreigner.
    In short, we want, as Americans, the same rights to what is our country as do every other people/nation in the world. No one criticizes Mexico, say, for its harsh and highly exclusionary immigration laws, so why should we be criticized? If France has the accepted right to be France, do not Americans have the same right? No matter how much Mexicans and others may want to come here, we have the right to keep and preserve our own country and not allow it to become a de facto extension of Mexico. And this wish makes us exactly the same as every other nation in the world, from the beginning of history. Why is this so difficult for you to understand?
  5. John Gambarana's Avatar
    I fully agree with the comments of the author of the article and wish to add that it would be interesting to have comment from the immigration departments of countries such as Canada, USA, UK and Australia.
    These countries vigorously maintain quota and capping methods to control the intake of migrants, notwithstanding that the skills of those migrants are desperately required in those countries.
    The heavy-handedness in the treatment of would-be immigrants is notable particularly when applicants are a limited in English language proficiency.
    Ineptitude and incompetence in setting immigration policy and the processing of applications ( Canada 7 years for residence) will not go unnoticed in the future. If these countries will compete in future for youthful skills, they had better get their collective acts together and create an immigrant friendly environment to deal with wooing these skills.

    Perhaps the current arrogance will soon be replaced with courtesy and politeness.
  6. Angie Mercer's Avatar
    I think it is a good thing: the world resources are limited and until we move beyond this one spot (Earth) we are doomed if we continue to have more and more using more and more. So that report is good news to me. Now, if we could just get more people to recycle, that would also help. And then, I'd volunteer to start a colony on Mars. Danger notwithstanding, it is not smart to have all our eggs in one (global) basket.
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