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Letters of the Week: Dec 31- Jan 4

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  1. Faith Young's Avatar
    Re: Immigration Reform

    I would like to see families re-united, I would also like to see persons who are Resident Alien who came here as children who comit crimes be allowed to pay for their crimes , but not deported, because most of these persons have no where to go, no relatives , They go back to the country that they do not know and sleep on the streets , and most times get murdered, most of these people can be redeemed and become decent, hardworking citizens of this country, They deserve a chance to prove themselves, some times its use of poor judgement.I have and example of a single mom who brought her two sons here at ages 9 and 11 . at about the age of 34 years the oldest one got him self in entangled with the law and was deported with 4 months his was shot and his lifeless body was dumped in a ocean, the younger son was very disturbed about the out come of his brother's life , he got a nervous break down start doing crazy things and too was deported to a country that they did not know. Well this my peice.
  2. Nolan's Avatar
    Comment of Fred Wegelin's letter in opposition to DACA. The thing that distinguishes the people in this group is that they did not choose to come to the United States. Their parents brought them here. They did not have a choice in the matter. If they are adults now, they can return to their "home" countries; but for many of them, the only country they know is the United States; and the only language they speak is English. Prior to the enactment of IIRIRA, most of them would have been able to establish eligibility for suspension of deportation and it would have been warranted as a matter of discretion. None of this gives them a "right" to be here, but I think they have a compelling humanitarian case for discretionary relief. Frankly though, I think DACA is the wrong way to help them. The DREAM Act is the right way. Incidentally, they don't have the option of leaving and coming back lawfully.
  3. Steve B. 's Avatar
    My thoughts being a victim/survivor of marriage/vawa fraud is VAWA needs a major overhaul.
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