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Letters of the Week: Dec 24 - Dec 28

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  1. Fred Wegelin's Avatar
    Althopugh these individulls were injected into the American facfric, their
    parents broke the United States laws on immigration. Where can a UniteD
    States citizen to to any foreign country and be given the same
    opportunities; first, of receiving a first class education. then given the
    ability to work without the feel of deport]ation or worse? It is a shame
    for any group of indivudals owing an allegiance to any group of peoples to
    hold hostage American political thinking to swqy changes of legal citizens
    minds who do not believe and fear a forced change because they disagree with
    an illegal group of individuals if this group of illegals wants to prove how
    'GOOD' their intentions, then why don't they return to their countries of
    origin and change the wrongs of those countries? Yes, I'm sure they've
    accepted the ways of the UNITED STATES, the ease of accepting "the good
    life." Why can't these DACA individuals return to their countries of birth
    and enter into the United States legally? Many, many individual;s have
    legally entered the United States and deserve the recognition of United
    States citizenshjip. The laws of many foreign countries would ;never offer
    the present Obama illegal grants Let these DACA people return to their
    countries of origin for a long specific period (behind those whose
    applications yet to be adjusted to legal status to enter the United States,
    and earn the right to enter.) Next, why should United States citizens be
    punished with the offering and giving of employment as those DACAs?. Don"t
    allow Obama to use the many, many eligible USCs, who are in fact out of
    work...give them the opportunities of employment of DACAs. Don"t allow
    Obama to use this political wrong of granting DACAs jobs, over USCs. Obama
    is just using these DACAs in usurping the power of Congress to gain a
    political point, in illegal use of Presidenital power, whcih can be
    revoked...he has broken the law and deserves to be put out of the office of
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