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Letters of the Week: Nov 26 - Nov 30

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  1. Nolan Rappaport's Avatar
    I am not sure that the Republicans have changed their receptiveness to comprehensive immigration reform. You can never judge a politician's intentions entirely on the basis of what he is saying. The sticking point in the past was an unwillingness to legalize 11 million undocumented aliens without assurance that it will be the last time we have such a large population of undocumented aliens, i.e., the IRCA wipe-the-slate-clean deal. Has that changed? I am not convinced that it has.
  2. Pieter's Avatar
    Although some Texas State Troopers have taken up Sarah Palin's wolf hunting techniques against Guatemalans, a majority of Americans have repented John McCain's vice presidential choice and her attitudes toward Immigration. I'm hoping to see John McCain, himself,complete his 360? turn to come out in favor of immigration again.
    The persuasive power a 69% block of voters can have over a subsidiary branch of the oldest profession, Politicians, amazes.
    It doesn't what party they're in, the Hispanic vote just gave them the word: "about face!"
  3. Lerio 's Avatar
    Yes, republicans should do that now, because people know that they are those who are holding and against the passing of the CIR. So in the mid term election, people specially latinos will think twice before voting and will end up that no republicans will win in congress and senate.
  4. Jean-Luc Galy's Avatar
    Understandable that today both parties agree on a major civil rights issue. Immigration having been quintressential to building America, It cannot only be regarded as a "quota" for votes...or shouldn't.
    Certain laws may be amended , rectified, personnalized, shaped, much more than comprehensive.
    The only thing that could matter is: not only who are you and where are you coming from ? How long have you stayed in this country wether illegally or out of status?? Maybe an addition to the question should be : how much was accomplished during your stay and what wonderful things have you done to this country, to your family to your community???
    This could be a winner ticket to immigrants, to probably an addendum on an application and much goodness to the country...
    Then economy will flow it's better course, fairness prevailing.

  5. W.Kenneth Norris,'s Avatar
    Brilliant analyses. Finally, someone on these pages puts it out there for what it is, political one-up-manship. So often, we see a liberal say immigration reform will not happen because Republicans are evil or we see a conservative say immigration reform will not happen because Democrats want to hurt business. BOTH parties are using immigrants as political pawns.
  6. Don Crocetti's Avatar
    I could not believe my eyes when I read you comment that "... extending DACA to Deferred Action for all the undocumented" is the only move the White House can take without being viewed as politically posturing. This is the most ridiculous reform-based comment/proposal I've seen yet, and there have been some real doozies over the years. In fact, it is so far left, you're darn lucky the world is round. You've got my vote for the "Doozie of the Year" Award.
  7. Linda Grays's Avatar
    There are no real understanding why Illegal immigration is force on poor and middle class Americans period! And their is no understanding why our lawmakers don't care about putting illegal aliens in the front of the line to just about anything before their own poor and middle class Americans. just look at all the millions of illegal aliens in our jobs now, and none of our laws, immigration enforce wants to push for an workplace enforcement to get them out,and put their own Americans back to work, now it is just OK for illegal aliens to work in American on their illegal status, many employers are saying that they can not discriminate against a person citizenship or status now,they had found ways to block just about anything that would get in their way of illegal immigration in their employment, and they make sure that is known, so no one can report to the INS or I.C.E. any more!

    And when it comes to employers that knowingly hire illegal aliens they no longer get investigated any more, they get no penalties at all, Since these employers have so many illegal aliens in their employment, When any American try to apply, there are no more job openings, if you notice, now in many of our jobs also the majority of employees are always Hispanics! You do not see other race of people in these employment, and no one is allow to hallow discrimination,or hallow for more diversity in employment, We don't actually have our own employment labor board to help us any more either,they are now on illegal aliens side, And if anyone really take a look and observe many business that they come in contact with, they would notice what i am taking about, this is happening so strongly in San Diego, Los Angles, and other cities in California, that is because California is a sanctuary state, it is practually giving to illegal aliens. illegal aliens are not being correct of all their wrongdoings or lawbreaking,they are being strongly catered, and rewarded instead>

    This is so bothersome, when you look around, and hear so many American crying for a job, and see them suffering and depressed! It is also extremely bothersome, when you are American, and have legal America status,and you are so strongly force to watch illegal aliens taken a lot of our employment,and just allow to work with all their illegal status, also are allow to just come here illegally and tarnish our legal status in our own country, and be allow to just lie to get jobs,they get no real investigation like Americans do before they are hired in America, and they are allow to bring home a pay checks, while at the same time millions of Americans are unemployed,and can not bring home a pay check in their own country, What is this saying about America? What is this saying about our President, and Congress,and our Federal government? This to me, means we as Americans really have no one on our side, and that we have a very weak President, or Congress to just allow all of this to happen. All they are really doing is slapping Americans in the face with illegal immigration.

    Obama and Congress, wanting to give 11 or more illegal alien an amnesty, or some kind of legalization with work permits, to allow more of them in our jobs, This is terrible because it doesn't make any sense, being so it is at the time of Americans having hard times,and millions of them are left unemployed them selves, Since legal and illegal Hispanic has been allow to over populate them selves in any kind of way they can, these with these work permits they are going to allow millions more of them in our jobs, they will become the majority in our employment, at the same time millions of Americans will be left out of their own American job force. Our own politicians does not see this, they are so worry about giving illegal aliens everything in this country, until they are so blind to see how all of this is going to harm Americans and make a complete disaster out of America period. No wants to talk about illegal immigration in America not even the media, every one so hush! hush! about them, suddenly all of their wrongdoing in America means nothing, all of that is being erased now, and will continue to be erase Once millions of them get amnesty of legalization.

    Since Hispanics are over populating America by passed amnesties, and perhaps another amnesty,and our birthright law, why not just give all of America to Mexico!! Obama wants this new change in America, Now Americans would have to be force to live in this new found Mexico in America, it is already looking this way, and feeling this way. Please for give me, i do not mean to sound racist, I am just telling the truth, i am experiencing a lot of the change of this legal and illegal immigration impact already, and what is becoming of the future of America because of it. Americans are not going to get many fair ordeals in our employment, because of this over population, many of Americans are going to be force to watch an illegal aliens Obama gave an amnesty or legalization to get promoted in higher positions more then them, because of more favoritism, Why because their bosses most likely will be Hispanic them selves, and the excuse will be they need some one that is bilingual!! believe me this is happening now, also this is also because the illegal aliens coming to America illegally refuse to speak English, they do not feel they should, they feel that Americans should speak their language which is Spanish. Our politicians are trying to force upon Americans that illegal aliens will be good for America. Therefore to stop all of this insanity of illegal aliens in America, America must not give illegal aliens an amnesty or any kind of legalization, it is just to many of them, it is claim that there are 11 millions illegal aliens here in America, since this has been said for years now, there has to be more, and this is including their children who are being born in America, through our American birthright by the millions, and those family members they will be allow to bring to America and those families and friends that they are still sneaking across the borders.


  8. Don Miller's Avatar
    Seriously,what do "hispanics" really want? What would make them happy and content and above all, quiet? Would the Mexican tri-color flying over the Capitol do it? Make Spanish the official language? Totally open borders for Mexicans and their massive families? What would do it? Or is this a situation akin to that of the blacks, who have every right and privilege that every other American has plus some extra favoritism in many areas, yet still are always angry and clamoring for "more"? Is it necessary, finally, to simply just give up the greater portion of the country to various foreign-origin groups and barricade ourselves into "Little America', say,in Wyoming and Montana? Someone help me out here...where are we going and why?
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