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Letters of the Week: Nov 12 - Nov 16

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  1. Stan Shafer's Avatar
    Obama was a no-show on immigration during his first 4 years and will do nothing of any consequence during the next four. The DACA was nothing more than a Hispanic vote getter, like his 180 degree turnaround on the gay union matter. Hispanics did not support Obama because of his immigration stance, but because the Hispanic population is, in large part, recipients of the government giveaway programs.
  2. Gladys C Farris.'s Avatar
    Dear Editor:

    The country is suffering from economic default and of course the immigrants especially those running from their country and requesting asylum are the primary target to blame. Economy and Immigration run
    Hand in hand and both need some require knowledge to be better. I as an immigrant believe that the Republican has the right key to the solution. The Republican Party has always been the one to produce
    The Amnesty and the Agriculture act in the 1980's. But of course the Congress and Senate was more Republican than Democrat in those years. Look at your history and verify this information.
  3. vepollo1's Avatar
    Of the over 12 million undocmented people, the Republicans forgot that most of these undocmented had familys ,friends , and people that care for these people that ARE voters..if you are already in this country, give them a road to citizership....
  4. Linda Grays's Avatar
    Comprehensive Immigration Reform

    It does not matter if all Americans and congress wants to legalize illegal aliens, this is not right or is it fair, it is just to many of them, it is claim to be 11 million illegal aliens in America, this has been said for a long time, With their children being born by million through our America birthrights, and them and other family members, there has got to be about thirty million of them or more, this will never be told.

    If many of illegal aliens are found to have some kind of criminal activity, it will be over looked, and they will get their way regardless, And the way it looks now, with them getting work permits, they will always be in competition with Americans and legal immigrants who had always had status to this country! And they will had jumped in the first of the line of those who are in the lines, trying to come to America the right way. And about them having and getting success of having businesses in America, to help America, they are going to hiring the majority of their family and friends, right now today, you do not see other races of people in their businesses.

    There are going to be a lot of under handed things going on, so much discrimination,going on just like now with millions of illegal aliens in our jobs, no one would be allow to say any thing about all their wrongdoings, because anything wrong that they will do, will be sugarcoated. any American will be called racist, as usual! As i had said before, is here in California and other parts of America period, Americans can not get jobs, jet there are millions of illegal aliens in our jobs, and all their employers are sneakily protecting them, refuse to let them go and give their jobs to Americans who do have legal status to this country. Millions of employers now are trying to hold on to them, hoping they get some kind of amnesty, work permits, so they can escape penalties.

    America have many of American citizens who are considered felons, they have served their time, and want to change their lives around, and they want to get into the workforce, i am speaking of those with felons that are not so bad. and they apply for jobs, they are turn down because they have felons on their background check, yet an illegal who have no kind of background checks, employers do not know who they really are, can get hired! With any kind of amnesty or legalization in the future, it's going to be the same way, because millions of their wrongdoings, criminal records, will be over looked, just to give them their American Dream, besides, America will come to a big terrible change, Americans are going to feel as though they are in Mexico, not America any more, actually they are feeling this way now. It is going to feel like their own America have been swept from underneath them, and they are so force to endure in this new country, with this new over whelming population from another country.

    Whole sad thing is this poor country of people are going to be throwing on top of the poor and middle class people of America, and these Americans are going to get the crab in the
    bucket affect, every time an American try to reach the top of the bucket the illegal aliens or those illegal aliens who were legalized, will pull those Americans back down with them ending up at the top of the bucket. other words they will always be in the front of the line of our jobs, with American
    second in line. Americans in there own country will hardly ever succeed, Americans have to much competition with foreigners in this country, and very poor leadership!

    It is a shame that our leadership had allow illegal immigration to win America by their massive invasion and all their wrongdoings, when all of what America really needed was
    immigration enforcement that we all ready have on the books.
    Now congress are going to force Many people of congress to go with this amnesty or legalization for 40 million illegal aliens. Many state governors has to really watch out about them pushing any kind of illegal immigration laws, for surely they will get sued! Americans have no kind of rights when it comes to this massive invasion of illegal immigration, they are now suppose to accept it. They are suppose to accept all of their tax dollars going out to illegal aliens, even more so once they get amnesty.

    Our America have lost so much security with illegal aliens
    roaming, them getting into millions of Americans privacy, Americans social security numbers, names, ages, also American children social security numbers, and has never really been corrected,suddenly this is alright, because they had an America dream! As i had said before Americans in their own country cannot get jobs if they have an felon on their records, stealing Americans social security numbers, driver license, names, is an felon, yet this is alright for illegal
    aliens in America, they are allow to get jobs, and work permits from Obama, all their felon is going to swept underneath the carpet, you better believe that! I am sorry that i sound so harsh when it comes to illegal immigration, it's only because i had seen so much corruption from it, and i was force to work with it. I want to say this illegal alien are not law abiding people, they are no better workers, then Americans are in their own country, and they are taking jobs from Americans, with the help of our sneaky and corrupted Americans employers!

    regardless if illegal aliens get an amnesty, Our America will be doomed it doesn't matter what congress may say, they
    tend to always say something good about illegal immigration by just sugarcoating everything, so much until many people are starting to fall for all their so call well attentions on illegal immigration in America! More illegal aliens will come a cross the borders, being so they heard about this great America, how so lenient it is to just about any body who have an American dream. There will be million more of them who coming here illegally,and they are going to hide in America, long enough to get their way with America also!!!

    P.S. America is an immigrant country! And America is also a country of law, our laws has been terrible distorted because of illegal immigration, It is not like America do not accept immigrants in this country, because it does, millions and millions every years, millions get legalized the right way all the time!!!

  5. Rubi's Avatar
    Please sign this petition to unite families !! We need your signatures to help families around the world be united !!
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