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Letters of the Week: Nov 5 - Nov 9

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  1. Andrew's Avatar
    ILW Editor,

    Thank you for posting Mr. Mike Hammond's blogging - "Clueless on Business Immigration" , dated October 25, 2012. Mr. Hammond's comments about the presidential candidates' statements on employment based immigration during their second debate (on Tuesday, October 16) 100% echo my own. I was beginning to think that I must not have heard the candidates correctly, as I had not heard or seen any follow up on their statements (until Mr. Hammond's blogging). I find it laughable, and huge hypocrisy, when I hear the candidates and other politicians talk about immigrants achieving the "American dream" through hard work, when the government itself prevents that from happening -- no matter how hard you work.

    One of my greatest wishes would be to have a 5 minute audience with the president (whoever is elected) to relay my story, and give them the facts, from a personal perspective, about the employment-based immigration situation.

    For the record, my family and I are Canadian and have been living as legal aliens in the U.S. for the past 16 years (initially on TN/TD visas and then H-1B/H-4/F-1 visas). I have an approved I-140 petition in the EB3 backlog waiting for my priority date to become current. My brother is American (born in Austin) as is my mother-in-law (born in Detroit). I had a green card when I was 8 - 13 years old, while my father was a university professor in southern California.

    One of the several points that I would want the president to know is how the U.S. would have effectively kicked my son out after 16 years simply because of his 21st birthday if we had not changed him to a F-1 visa so he could finish the last third of his biology degree. A young man who has followed all the immigration laws, regulations, and rules; was a honor roll student and varsity letterman in academics and athletics; and a Boy Scout Eagle Scout.

    Of course, since employment-based immigration is not that well understood by the voting American public in general, and it is completely overshadowed by undocumented alien issues, it is not surprising that their comments were not "fact checked" after the debate.

    Again, thank you.
  2. Dinorah Mendes's Avatar
    I and my oldest son are both immigrants. I read this Immigration Daily, daily. Sometimes I cry with the touching and truly words of yours. Well, maybe because I am kind of a too old grandma (71)... Today I read about Nicholas Testa, a very important scientist immigrant in the United States. Thank you for your intelligent, well written and amazing articles. (I have written some small words about the United States and myself, not related to my citizenship but to my fondness for this country). If, by chance, you think you could take a look, I'll appreciate it
  3. Jobs for US's Avatar
    There is no doubt that your family is inconvenienced by the US immigration system. Please keep in mind that living and working in the United States is a privilege, not a right. Thanks to loopholes in corporate visa laws, millions of Americans have been laid off and replaced by foreign visa workers.

    I too want 5 minutes to talk to the President (whoever is elected) and ask them WHY they have betrayed Americans - the US must take care of our own - first and foremost and what is he going to do to fix the problem.

    Here are the facts:

    According to a recent Center of Immigration Studies study of government data, 2/3 of the net increases in employment since 2009 have gone to immigrant workers, primarily legal immigrants.

    While immigration overall has fallen, legal immigration remains high.

    While economists debate the extent to which immigrants displace natives, the new data make clear that there is NO general labor shortage in the United States.

    This analysis calls into question the wisdom of bringing in more than a million new legal immigrants each year at a time when the employment situation remains bleak.

    Among the findings of this analysis:
    - 67% of employment growth since 2009 has gone to immigrants (legal and illegal).
    - The number of immigrants has increased 1.94 million since 2009 (legal and illegal)
    - Most growth in immigrant employment is the result of new immigration, not existing immigrants in the US taking jobs. 1.6 million new immigrants arrived from broad since 2009-- we estimate 70 to 90 percent entered legally. ?- The largest immigrant employment gains were in occupations with the largest number of unemployed Americans (2.2 million)

    Source: Center for Immigration Studies
  4. Roger Algase's Avatar
    Today, Tuesday, November 6, 2012, may be one of the most important days in the history of US immigration. It may determine whether white supremacist ideology, in the form of Mitt Romney's aging white male base, with its anti-minority state immigration laws and voter suppression tactics, will be in control of immigration policy for the next four years, or whether Barack Obama, that most imperfect of presidents, will be given the chance by a multi-racial coalition which also includes younger and women voters, to take immigration policy in a more racially inclusive and open direction, in keeping with the reality of demographic change in this country.

    Today's results could determine immigration policy for at least a generation. If the white supremacist party wins, all of the technical analysis of immigration law for which Immigration Daily is so deservedly respected and well known may be like rearranging the deck chairs on the Immigration Titanic.
  5. Star023jon's Avatar
    I hope Mr. Obama will do something about Immigration in this country. I`m an immigrant who i`m waiting for my papers of 11 yrs. I don`t think they will do something so sun. Mr. Obama lye us 4 yrs. a go. I hope he will do something this yrs.
  6. Diallo Alassane's Avatar
  7. Nolan Rappaport's Avatar
    Dear Editor:

    I am afraid that we have even less reason to expect success with immigration reform now than we did before the election. Some have said that Romney lost because he failed to get sufficient support from the Hispanic community. Maybe, but I can think of a half dozen or so other reasons why people wouldn't want him to be elected. He went into the campaign with lots of baggage. He wasn't a strong candidate; yet he came close to beating Obama.

    Frankly, how important can the Hispanic vote be if the Republicans were able to keep their majority in the House? They are the bastion of all that is considered hostile to immigration reform. Yet there they still are. In control. Any immigration reform bill that manages to pass in the Senate will be dead on arrival in the House if it has the legalization program that is the sine qua non of immigration reform. I don't know what people expect Obama to do about that situation. If a bill has the legalization program the Dems want, the republicans will keep it from being considered. It will stay in the dead-on-arrival filing cabinet of the House immigration subcommittee chairman's office until the end of the Congress when it will officially be deceased. And if it doesn't have the legalization program....the Hispanic Caucus will oppose it, which eliminates leadership support in the House. Please let me know if I am overlooking a way that it could happen.

    And the Senate isn't receptive to immigration reform either. The Senate majority favors it, but they hold the majority by a relatively narrow margin. It won't be difficult for the Republicans to defeat immigration legislation...unless they let it through as a political gesture with assurance from the House Republicans that it won't be considered. I think that's how the McCain/Kennedy bill was passed.

    What's the answer? Find out what it will take to get the Republicans to cooperate and give it to them, even if it means that we don't get the legalization program we want or that we have to accept a large-scale, nationwide enforcement program to convince them that there won't be a new population of 11 or more million undocumented immigrants ten years from now (the IRCA deal --wipe the slate clean by legalizing the ones already here and enforcement to prevent new ones from coming to take their place).

  8. dara's Avatar
    Why not gone gor illigle to legle status in usa for all guys,why obama told the people in last election time i will this but the obama not do it.
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