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Letters of the Week: Oct 15 - Oct 19

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  1. Ellen Gorman's Avatar
    'Moncrieffe' oral argument recap

    This article caught my eye because I felt like I was reading about my own client's case (who had 3 marijuana convictions) for Cancellation of Removal for a LPR that we "won" last week when my client - ironically, whose family name is also Moncrieffe - was granted C/R relief by an Immigration Judge. I can't imagine that the Supreme Court judges would go any other way. Fortunately, he has also been a LPR for more that 15 years. Unfortunately, I recently met with another LPR who has a a similar case re possession, but who has only been a LPR for 2 years, so doesn't qualify for C/R. Maybe the Supreme Court's decision will remedy that.
  2. Cheroqui's Avatar
    Obviously trying to figure out how to pander? effectively. The military was not good enough for him, so why should the other 47% believe it? He has said that he would favor deferral for people currently serving, or having served, but how many is that? Like, about NONE!
  3. Roger Algase's Avatar
    What Did Mitt Romney Really Say About Arizona's Immigration Law?

    At the debate on Tuesday night, President Obama and Mitt Romney clashed over the question whether Romney had stated that the entire Arizona S,B. 1070 law was a model for the nation, or only the e-verify part.

    This is what Romney actually said during a CNN debate in February in Arizona:

    "You know, I think you see a model in Arizona. They passed a law here that says - that says that people who come here and try to find work, that the employer is required to look them up on e-verify. This e-verify system allows employers in Arizona to know who's here legally and who's not here legally.

    And as a result of e-verify being put in place, the number of people that are here illegally has dropped by some 14 per cent, where the national average has only gone down 7 per cent. So going back to the question that was asked, the right course for America is to drop these lawsuits against Arizona and other states that are trying to do the job Barack Obama isn't doing.

    And I will drop those lawsuits on day one." (Emphasis added)

    Technically, based on the above quote, Romney was right in claiming that he only stated that e-verify was a model, not the entire Arizona law. But in stating that he would withdraw the "lawsuits" against Arizona [and, clearly, other states with similar immigration laws], Romney obviously endorsed the entire Arizona law, not just the e-verify part.

    This mischaracterization of the Arizona law as consisting of nothing more than e-verify allowed Romney to have it both ways. On the one hand, he could endorse the entire law, making the Republican right wing anti-immigrant base happy, but on the other, he could also argue that he only meant to hold out e-verify as a model for the entire nation.

    And Barack Obama - is anyone saying that he does not hold out e-verify as a model for the entire nation, not to mention Secure Communities, which neither of them mentioned? Neither candidate scored very high marks for truth about the immigration issue on October 16.
  4. Bandomaggie's Avatar
    I do not think he is sincere in believing in the dream he is just saying it for votes he couldn't outline what his beliefs were so it was like talking loud and saying nothing so far for me.
  5. Bandomaggie's Avatar
    Didn't he agree with the Arizona law with regards to immigration. Interesting thought
  6. Pamela Mcminn-MCgready's Avatar
    I will preface this with the fact that I work for an Immigration Law firm and I hear what the Hispanic community is thinking. Do not be blindsided by this political manuever by the Democratic Party. We have a mess in this country, because no one party wanted to address the issue in a fair and humane manner and work together to fix it.

    Kris Kobach appears to be trying to railroad the immigration issue. What the debates are showing me is that Romney is his own man and the question of the immigration issue is an issue he had not fully decided because he probably has not had the right information. After googling Kobach, I am convinced he is a person seeking his moment in the limelight and making himself much more important than he really is. His own state has a recall petition they are hoping to have on the ballot in November. His ties to the White House are minimal, but the media, makes him sound like he is Romney's voice of immigration. I highly doubt that.

    Romney has shown tremendous strength and resolve as a leader in these debates. Obama has done so much back peddling and blaming the other guy that I cannot possibly help but think his policy on anything will hold up.
    Univision has been the only that has called him out, and Romney asked in this last debate about Obama's own voting record under Bush, when Bush wanted the Dream Act.

    Thank God for the debates, because the media has been desperately trying to paint a black and somber picture of Romney, while doing everything in their power to protect their Golden Boy, Obama. If Hispanics vote for Obama, they vote for socialism and they vote for someone who made excuses for not using his executive power for the good of immigration 4 years ago....oh, he was too busy that's right, but he was swift to act on the Fast and Furious.....

    Romney knows how to lead and to work with others of differing views. I am totally convinced of that now. And if the economists are right and our economy goes under....not even the immigrants will have jobs. Noboby will.
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