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Letters of the Week: Oct 8 - Oct 12

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  1. Vepollo1's Avatar
    If they are already in this country give them a road to citizenship, prices will be going up on everything if they don't stop deportions, want to stop undoc. people ,stop the money taken police at the borders..
  2. Jim Nichols's Avatar
    I am a Republican and I absolutely agree. My party has completely lost the way when it comes to immigrants. I do not see how they can elect a Republican president until they grasp this and reach out to all people. Regards, Jim Nichols
  3. T V Krishnamurthy's Avatar
    Subject: New York Times and Ann Coulter Refuted: Immigrant Rights ARE Civil Rights by Angelo Paparelli

    Dear Sir

    This is a well written article.

    Immigration as is practiced today is a fraud.

    US immigration policy is not very different from Nazism.

    I do not believe in nationalism/patriotism; I consider it a crime. Since end of World War II Western Countries have used nationalism/patriotism to continue colonial practices by proxy. All really patriotic Americans, if they are honest, should return to Europe leaving America to Red Indians, the original residents of America by whatever name.

    It is unfortunate. The Americans are very nice people, extremely friendly to a fault. But they have somehow joined forces with racial Europeans, forgotten their values. Unfortunately we need World War III to change our values from nationalism to universalism. I only pray it will happen soon so some of my grand children, if they survive the war, will live a better life.

  4. Jim Norman's Avatar
    THE Romney,s job solution is a 3rd world war on next year and his dear friend Elton Gallegly,s email is (hitlers grandson @gallegly,
  5. Kem Kool's Avatar
    I appreciate the much needed information that your site gives to its readers . I am much interested in when will the provisional waver be passed .Please keep your readers posted on this issue of grave importance,and once again thank you for your great job towards the plight of a great number of people with no voice

  6.  Anonymous's Avatar
    My husband and I farm in CA. The comment about "the Obama Administration's guidance to focus only on enforcement of immigration policies against dangerous individuals and those convicted of crimes" caught my eye. Recently an unfamiliar vehicle was parked on our property. Our employee mentioned this to my husband who immediately went to investigate. It was an ICE agent waiting for our neighbor to come out of his house in order to arrest him. As far as we know, our neighbor is a legal permanent resident whose children have grown up in the U.S. and are leading successful lives. He owns his own cement business, but apparently has failed to pay his taxes. The agent was there to arrest him and he will likely be deported. Who benefits from this? Not those he employs, not his family, not the people he does work for, not even our society. How will the time and money spent in arresting and deporting this man serve to make Americans safer?

  7. George Newman's Avatar
    There's no question that the Congress is hopelessly deadlocked over this issue. There's also no question that the President (regardless of who he is ) in the future can solve this problem by merely bypassing the squabbling children , as Obama did with the Dreamers , by using his executive orders to augment the number of H-1B's available, to streamline the operation of CIS by giving the Director SPECIFIC goals and then seeing that the staff enforces them (and assuring that those who don't receive appropriate discipline), and in general using his executive powers to push the situation to break the stalemate. It is a little bit of directive leadership, where facilitative leadership can't bring about a solution; a President who is willing to take the heat of kicking some obstructive asses out of the way.
  8. Jim Norman's Avatar
    the republicans use the ( immigrants situation) against Democrats to do them the maximum minority for feature and show them down both in economy and political power . Now it is the time for Democrats to drive by full power and never let them to come on power in house majority again.Because the new Bush republicans don't understand the humanism . they know only the old fashion life style and war, dollar, and nothing else. they are an old mafia.
  9. Jean-Luc Galy's Avatar
    Baby Step Actions have been taken by the actual government towards reform.
    By releasing Mr Vargas .
    If Mr Vargas were to be arrested under another administration, he would probably be in deportation proceedings.
    Immigration Reform is a Mantra to be taken seriously by all parties.
    Reform to all who have come as children or had other status issues.
    Those who on a daily basis work , go to school, pray or start businesses in this country and do GOOD, do their best, work hard, earn a living or try to, due to the slow economy or the long wait for status.
    Frontiers have opened since 1990, minds have stretched, hands are touching from a continent to another, may Immigration Reform to All in the United States be an Image of that connection with the world.
    This actual economy may probably need a boost from additionnal sources other than pragmatism which is important, the generosity of this country, forgotten , due to the pressure and hecticness of an upbeat daily life where earning a living is a priority.
    But a priority guilded with humanity and kindness, guided with serene steady ethics may be a solution.

  10. R.S.'s Avatar
    I am currently in Europe awaiting whether the Supreme court will rule that ineffective council can be applied prior to
    Padilla v. Kentucky. The USA has no idea what they have done to families when legal immigrants with 30+ years in the USA and an established American born family gets ripped apart. They want to talk about human rights??? The world calls the USA's law and policy makers the biggest hypocrites on earth. Justice is for sale and with a 99% conviction rate and their NAZI scare tactics people plea to things out of PURE FEAR. Folks like Mike Nifong and Eliot Spitzer and Eric Holder are the type of bad apples that have spoiled the bunch and there are many more. The System is no longer in pursuit of the truth but in pursuit of a conviction otherwise you could NOT get those 99% results. My conviction from 15 years ago and 2 green card renewals later gets me deported out of the blue 15 years later with no warning or time to prepare. I run a business and employ people and have a family with American born Children. The US immigration is a JOKE. The democrats need to get their act together because this hurts more people daily then they are willing to admit. Immigration is down because the world recognizes that the USA is not a friendly place any longer for legal immigrants.

    Just my opinion and thanks for all you guys do.

    Sincerely yours,
  11. lcdg's Avatar
    About R.S. Post

    I am all the way with you on this. There is more to say.
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