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Letters of the Week: Sep 24 - Sep 28

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  1. Kenneth Rinzler's Avatar
    AILA Violates Its Own Election "Dos and Don'ts" and Federal Law As Well

    Today the leadership posts an article asking members to get involved in elections, but notes that "AILA Chapters may not encourage people to support or vote for a particular candidate." I guess that prohibition doesn't appy to the national organization.

    When you look at this ridiculous series on tight races in the House of Representatives -- "Toss-Ups in the House" -- every one prints an excerpt of how the GOP candidate in the particular race favors enforcement or takes some other position that AILA opposes, yet there's never any corresponding excerpt from the Democratic candidate (just a link to his/her website).

    It's not only typical AILA hypocrisy at work, but I venture to say AILA is dangerously close to violating its tax-exempt status by promoting certain candidates over others.

    As I've said in the past, I hope the Feds revoke AILA's tax-exempt status because of its using dues monies for political purposes.
  2. Joe Whalen's Avatar
    I subscribe, do you?

    Federal Register Subscriptions

    This came in an e-mail on Friday September 28, 2012:

    Homeland Security Department


    Extension of Employment Authorization:
    Haitian F-1 Nonimmigrant Students Experiencing Severe Economic Hardship Due to 2010 Earthquake (2012-23825)
    A Notice by the Homeland Security Department to be published on 10/01/2012

    Extension of the Designation of Haiti for Temporary Protected Status (2012-23826)
    A Notice by the Homeland Security Department to be published on 10/01/2012
  3. Craig Anderson's Avatar
    For example, a younger worker indicates to the foreman that the worker "will be applying for DACA as soon as the forms are ready." The foreman doesn't do anything about it. The worker, as the applications became available, went to the employer and asked for past couple of year's W-2's. He said, "I'm applying for DACA and need the W-2's for the application."

    At first the employer was happy for the young worker who has been a good worker, likely to move up in the company. But then, reality hits. The employer questions, "Did this employee just tell me he's illegal?" Inquiries to ICE officers confirmed that in fact the worker did indicate his "currently unauthorized status." So, "How can [the employer] protect himself," he asks ICE through a third party? "By suspending the worker until the worker provides proper documentation."

    Now what? The employer decides to do nothing determining that it was a supposition on his part to determine that a person is not authorized to work solely because the worker says they are applying for a program. The worker might be following the media reports that this is an amnesty program so he [worker] could be thinking it may get him citizenship from another status.

    The employer gets the dreaded call. "This is ICE. We will be picking up your current I-9s in three days for an audit." When ICE arrives they indicate that they would like additional past I-9s to a particular date. That date corresponds to the hiring of the person saying they were applying for DACA.


    What happens to employers in two years when the status runs out?
  4. Michael Shank's Avatar
    Hi All - As you know, this story is starting to build. Thought you'd be interested. Congressman Mike Honda's quote below that. Thanks!

    "Yesterday, a federal appeals court overturned Matter of Wang in Cuellar de Osorio v. Mayorkas. This decision will allow children, who aged-out of their parents' green card applications when they turned 21-years-old, to retain their original priority date and adjust their status to lawful permanent residents. This matter shines a light on the complexities of immigration status and our broken immigration system. Many immigrants wait several years and even decades waiting to obtain a green card. Often, by the time parents adjust their status, their children have aged-out of the process, leaving these young adults without an avenue to adjust status. Tens of thousands of immigrant children are undocumented simply because they aged-out. The court's decision will allow these children to retain their original priority date as beneficiaries of their parents' applications and adjust their status to lawful permanent residents."

    "Without sensible immigration reform, mixed-status families are torn apart by excessive deportation policies and a broken immigration system. That is why I introduced the Reuniting Families Act, legislation that will reduce the backlog of families trying to reunite with their loved ones by classifying lawful permanent resident spouses, including LBGT partners, and children as 'immediate relatives' and exempting them from numerical caps on family immigration."

    "The United States has always been a nation built upon the toil of immigrants -- documented and undocumented -- who hope to build better lives for themselves and their families, and our country deserves an immigration system that honors that legacy and keeps families intact. The appeals court decision will keep some families intact. We must take a step further and pass immigration reform that respects families, strengthens our economy and fixes a badly broken system. Every day Congress delays, more families face separation."

  5. Joe Whalen's Avatar
    By the way the Latest Major Action on the 3-year extension bill (S. 3245) happened on 9/28/2012 when it was Signed by President.
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