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Letters of the Week: Sep 17 - Sep 21

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  1. Kenneth Rinzler's Avatar
    I note that AILA filed another of its endless amicus briefs without consulting its membership first, this time taking an official position on prostitution. And for those who are curious, no, it wasn't missionary. It makes sense that AILA would get involved in the prostitution debate, however, since many immigration lawyers also like to take money for rendering a service without asking too many questions of the
  2. Kenneth Rinzler's Avatar
    A letter sent today to the leadership of AILA and posted on the Message Center about a small business conference being held at AILA's headuarters in Washington, DC, which the "membership" owns and pays for:

    So Grace [Woods, AILA's Director of Education], would you be kind enough to give us an approximate breakdown as to why it costs $700. At 100 people attending, that's $70,000 for AILA. What are we "spreading costs" on? Are we paying the speakers? I'm guessing pastries and coffee don't cost $700 per person. It would be fascinating for the membership to see for once a complete breakdown of the monies in and out for an AILA event -- to see just how the profit is generated, and how much of it. I don't think it's ever been released before. It's about time; it's not like we'd be giving away trade secrets to a competitor.

    AILA conferences are ridiculously overpriced, in part because they are a huge source of revenue to the organization's budget (translated, in great part paying salaries and advocacy efforts like AIC funding). That being the case, could we please see a copy of the contract between AILA and the 2013 annual conference hotel (I believe it's Hilton) In AILA's commitment to transparency, it would be interesting to the membership to see how many free rooms AILA gets, who they go to, and what other hidden perks there are. AILA generates millions on these conferences; we should have a right to know how.

    The 2013 Mid-Year CLE Conference -- affectionately known as the "Past Presidents Alumni Tour" -- which like the mid-year meeting itself is being held out of the country at unnecessary expense to the membership, costs $500. There seems to be no rhyme nor reason to these fees, including the fact that we never know how AILA comes up with determining attendance fees. If we could see a contract it would help.

    To be frank, after the insider loan deals for the building, the effort it took to get the tax returns published, the top-heavy high salaries paid to a few people at AILA, and the fiasco over the nomination of only one candidate per office and refusing to announce the individual vote totals or actually even putting the item on the BOG agenda (let alone fudging the minutes), AILA lacks, shall we say, a certain amount of credibility when it comes to openness and transparency with the membership.

    It would be nice if, for once, AILA leadership simply released information the membership is entitled to have, instead of spending its efforts on finding reasons not to. No doubt you need to get permission to do this from Crystal and the ExCom, so I shall send them this as an email as well.

    Thank you.
  3. terregiste86's Avatar
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