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Letters of the Week: Aug 27 - Aug 31

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  1. Yahari 's Avatar
    My name is yahari , I'm 13 years old my dad was deported to Mexico due to the fact that ( nineteen)Years ago he was sent to Mexico , & he came back & he wasn't suppose to migrate back to the united states once again. My dad was supposedly contacted by the associated court something related to that through a phone call , in my mind I thought you would have to actually show up to court, remember this happened 19 years ago and now there punishing him about it .. Why couldn't they try and locate him 19 years ago all he was doing was trying to fix his citizen ship this upcoming year he gave his address away and was followed by the FBI & was token August 6th. My question is he had been stopped by the police several times and they never told him anything about him having to leave the untied states, and now their making him stay in Mexico and probably not being able to come back? Now my family which im talking about my little 6 year old brother and me and my mom are moving to Mexico to follow my dad. It's very hard and sad knowing all my plans of going to college here high school were ruined that day they separated someone who means a lot to me. I'm going through a hard time Right now due to the fact that I was looking forward to graduate from 8th grade this upcoming 2013 and now I have to go to Mexico back were I came from looking forward on seeing my dad as soon as possible . My dad has been working here for 19 years has helped my family and I since I was little and now he's very disappointed knowing he's not Gonna be able to come back and support us. I just wish I could get an explanation for all this. Remember I'm 13 years old I'm sorry if I've wasted your time I'm just having a hard time realizing not having my dad with me and I would really want an explanation for all this because I still can't get in my head why after 19 years , 19!! They've deported him? He hasn't done anything bad or against the law those 19 years why punish him this way ? I just wish I could get everything back to normal and wish my dad and my family could get a little help here ?
  2. Joe Whalen's Avatar
    The documeny at this link is not brand new but uis recent and well worth reading (the official description is just below).

    July 2012
    Testimony on Benefit Fraud ( PDF)
    July 24, 2012, Sarah Kendal, Associate Director USCIS, Fraud Detection and National Security Directorate testified before the House Committee on the Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration Policy and Enforcement

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