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Aug 16 - Murdoch V. Romney On Immigration

Rating: 5 votes, 5.00 average.

Comment: Murdoch V. Romney On Immigration

New York City Mayor Bloomberg teamed up with News Corp. CEO, Rupert Murdoch in Mitt Romney's home base of Boston to push him on immigration reform. The Boston Globe reports

Both Murdoch and Bloomberg said they were mystified that Romney hasn't done more to reach out to Latino voters by outlining plans to ease immigration rules and resolve the legal status of immigrants already here. "Give them a path to citizenship," Murdoch said. "They pay taxes. They are hard-working people. Why Mitt Romney doesn't do it, I have no idea because they are naturally Republicans." Bloomberg added: "The Republicans walking away from the Latino community is about as dumb a strategy as any political party has ever adopted."

In a panel discussion, Murdoch argued that there is a desperate need for engineers and other skilled professionals that the United States can't supply internally. And he said he was appalled that the United States doesn't automatically grant work visas to people who graduate from US universities with advanced degrees, instead of forcing them to apply for restrictive H-1B visas.

Mitt Romney's campaign needs to jettison the rhetoric of the protectionist anti-immigrationist wing of the Republican party, and embrace the pro-American, pro-immigration positions of Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, John McCain, Michael Bloomberg and Rupert Murdoch. Please let us know your thoughts by writing to us at

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Focus: The EB-5 Summit For Attorneys and Developers - Save $100 Off Registration
The EB-5 Summit For Attorneys and Developers will be held on Friday, September 14 in Los Angeles, CA. Speakers include Charles C. Foster, Elsie Hui Arias, Ignacio Donoso, Michael Gibson, Jennifer Hermansky, Michael Homeier, Mark Ivener and Other to be Announced. The curriculum is as follows:

Morning Session For Investor's Counsel

Lawfully Advising on Project Choices

  • What investor's counsel can and cannot do

  • What makes a suitable project

  • Due Diligence

526 Petitions and Source of Funds Issues

  • Reviewing business plans and Matter of Ho

  • Source documentation and tracing

  • Currency control restrictions

  • Common RFE topics and troubleshooting

829 Petitions and Documenting Job Creation

  • How to document job creation

  • Dealing with changes of plans

  • Fighting denials and RFEs

  • Removal issues

Ethics Panel

  • How to avoid conflicts of interest

  • Professional liability insurance considerations

Afternoon Session For Regional Centers and Regional Center Counsel

Economist Panel

  • Overview of regional economics and input-output modeling

  • Working within USCIS parameters: NAICS codes, regional center

  • Boundaries, what a TEA should look like, which "jobs" count

Developing the 924 Petition

  • What does USCIS want?

  • Matter of Ho-compliant business plans

  • Working with counsel to get your project approved

Taking Care of Business

  • Project selection and development

  • Deal structuring: So you succeed and investors get 526's approved

Legally and Effectively Marketing Projects

  • Domestic marketing of EB-5 investments

  • Foreign marketing of EB-5 investments in various countries

  • Securities compliance

For details on curriculum, speaker bios, and registration information, please see: For the fax form, see here. Don't delay, act today! This offer is available only until August 24!

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  1. Brittanicus's Avatar
    Seriously though, are we as Americans expected forever to keep subsidizing pregnant females with 400.000 unborn babies smuggled annually, with hordes of indigent people who slip past borders or the other 40 percent who fly into America never to return home? It is so easy for the both parties to remain unconcerned or staying deliberately ignorant about this silent invasion. THE DREAM CHILDREN ARE HERE TO STAY, BUT IMMIGRATION ENFORCEMENT MUST BE ZERO TOLERANCE IN THE FUTURE. BUT REMEMBER THE PARENTS WHO ILLEGALLY BROUGHT THEM HERE HAVE NO DEFENSE AND STILL CAN BE REMOVED? UNQUESTIONABLY THE PARENTS ARE OPEN TO DEPORTATION, ONCE THE PHYSICAL ADDRESS OF THE 'DREAMER' IS REVEALED. The numbers of illegal aliens has risen through decades from the time of the first mass amnesty of 1968. From that time businesses have hounded politicians, to leave well alone and now illegal immigrants seem to have more influence than citizens?

    For the high pressure corporate entities, its financial gain on a grand scale as the wealthy do not live in the neighborhoods, which are literary toilets for the poor and the uneducated foreigners. So they can laugh at us mere taxpayers, who have to deal with the rampant crime or just the deterioration of our communities. For the wealthy business owners it is just pure greed of discount illegal workers. These types of people are not bothered, as they are not paying out enormous taxes, to support the list of welfare handouts.

    I used to be a predictable Democrat, but I realize now that a large majority of their voters are out for what they can get? The freeloader--those who feel it's the responsibility of the government to keep them and support their drug, drink and tobacco habits. The people who are medically infirm or mentally sick are the ones who are hurting, because government support has been cut way down, to pay the schooling, health care treatment for illegal aliens, which is our burden to tolerate? Over the years illegal immigration has become a huge unmovable yoke around the necks of every taxpayer and it's not going away.

    Presumably not under the prospective presidency of MITT ROMNEY or President Obama will the situation change for the American people, but with an understanding of previous issue debates and discussions of VP Paul Ryan, he seems to have the attributes moderate conservative that can really upset his Democrat betrayers of the U.S. Constitution. It is doubtful to me that Mitt Romney has a TEA PARTY ideology, but his Vice President Ryan has been deemed one of the selected.

    Immigration and under Obama's Justice Department all I can see for the future, is more unrealistic backdoor amnesties through executive orders. More money for taxpayers to keep filling the state treasuries to pay for unfunded mandates for illegal immigrant support, just as matching with the ObamaCare, so everybody is forcibly committed to pay for the parasites who find it easy to live of the working public.

    Whereas I was originally a democrat in a Republican family, but all I have ever seen from both political parties, is nothing more that the same agenda's with never ever any different in the direction they are going. That's why I joined the PEOPLE'S TEA PARTY and looking for change; change like America has never seen before. That's why we have a maximum effort on behalf of advocates to intrude on the Republican Party to see a new direction. Issues like drilling for oil, locating natural gas and reopening the coal mines that Obama's Environmental Protection Agency stringent regulations to not approve any permits. The green project pushed by fanatical environmentalists is pushing for windmills, solar are not enough at this time, when America desperately needs energy to run industry and our homes. Can you believe Obama actually wants to give even MORE money to the green industry--despite wasting billions in taxpayer dollars to fund now BANKRUPT solar companies? Can you say Solyndra? Remember that Obama donors had ties to those companies. Corruption and cronyism is running rampant at the taxpayers' expense?

    Both parties are guilty of allowing OPEC and other countries to control our oil needs, when we have immense deposits off the coast and inland. Shipping goods is costing truckers their jobs, because Obama's EPA prefers to stick us with foreign oil and the costs that come with it.

    Turn the tide of an unceasing Socialist experiment played by the Democrats and Liberals, with an incredulous plan that Obama is sure to enact if has a new coronation next year. The Tea Party no longer has the luxury of merely trying to win, it is now "do or die" for our nation. The struggle is between a socialist schedule and the endurance of the Free-Enterprise Republic. Decide now to join us in our fight...or be predestined to live in a country that is shackled by socialism. I'm afraid under Obama's agenda there is no middle ground. To be perfectly clear, if the Tea Party falters now...if we lay back or slack off then America we know will be gone forever. The TEA PARTY will let free trade succeed, but will sanction countries as China who are manipulating their coinage and cheating us. We cannot trust the Democrats who remain deliberately unconcerned with non-citizens voting. Both parties refuse to enact mandatory E-Verify (H.R. 2885), to expel illegal aliens from businesses, and a Birthright Citizenship law (H.R. 140), that allows a projected 400.000 babies a year who gain citizenship, without a parent holding U.S. citizenship status. With an unmatched nationwide recession, the Democrats and Republicans have done nothing to reduce the 16 trillion deficits, that this country is now being financially asphyxiated.

    American citizens have witnessed firsthand the destructive power of Obama's socialist agenda and seen, with their own eyes, the destruction that radical Marxist advocate Sal D. Alinsky tactics have brought. Surf his name on the Internet and see the influence of people as this individual and Socialist George Soros. Instead of Democrats following immigration laws as a policy issue they would rather stalk the state of Arizona, because they are the epicenter of illegal immigrants and migrants fleecing that state's welfare coffers. Anybody who dares to go against the ultra left target is relentlessly pursued, such as Sheriff Joe Arpaio, or former Rep. Russell Pierce. Incidentally--this country is a nation of laws, but since Obama has been in power they have been ignored.

    We must use every asset, every tool, every means possible to stop the evil agenda in Washington and replace it with men of courage and vision, those dedicated to freedom, liberty and justice for all. We must do it NOW. Issues as the Tax code, which has been manipulated for the cronies in both parties. We need a tax equally for everybody and not just for corporate friends and the wealthy insiders of Wall Street, but for Main Street. The Tea Party is revolted by Obama's nauseating lies and horrible claims about presidential candidate Romney and his running mate, Paul Ryan. s the campaign continues, it becomes painfully clear the office of the President of the United States of America has been mired by the un-American oratory and persistent mud-slinging coming from the party of the donkey. The Liberal mainstream Media protects their love child. In recent days, the Obama Regime has attacked the evolution of the TEA PARTY--attacking Mitt Romney--Paul Ryan--U.S. Constitution-- Conservative form of government--America's system of checks and balances (no more Congressional approval needed for presidential appointees)--Freedom, guns and the American way. But the truth of the matter is clear, open and summarizing. While Obama strains to accuse Romney of nasty and contemptible acts, the people of the Tea Party know better!

    Obama has sanctioned Eric Holder's and his minions "Gun Walking - Fast and Furious" which killed Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. Then loving mothers and fathers, innocent grandparents and children in Mexico have been massacred by our weapons. Then U.S. Senator Harry Reid of Nevada has endorsed in the Senate that the IRS child tax credit for illegal aliens costing 5 billion annually should continue, even if the children live outside the U.S. The Tea Party stands for conservative values across the board and will NOT back down even when assumed Conservative Republicans demand the Tea Party shut-up and sit down? American people must stand up and be counted or we be leaning towards a Socialist nation, with a massive bureaucratic uncontrollable government that shadows us all, with handouts for everybody. Only the voters, the destitute and the freeloaders are in the Democratic pockets, who have always wanted 'Something for nothing.' It is the same with the illegal aliens who have poured through fences, protesting for equal rights once here, brandishing foreign flags, insisting for the same rights as citizens-legal residents and now being given food stamps for their votes, even though they scorned our immigration laws to come here.

    Do you know that in the November 2010 mid-term election, less than 5 percent of military voters were able to cast an absentee vote that counted, according to data released by the federal Election Assistance Commission? Well sure, because they tend to vote Republican and NOT in Obama's favor. Our own military men and women ROBBED of their vote. What's more as part of the ROB THE VOTE plan: 2 million DEAD people are included in U.S. voter rolls. Washington is viciously fighting Florida's challenge to clean up and purge voter records of illegal's, deceased, non-citizens and those not eligible to vote. Lax controls at voter polls; a national campaign such as ACORN soliciting foreigners to register to vote and a strong opposition to the use of photo ID at voter polls by the Washington Czars. JOIN THE TEA PARTY AND END THIS MOVEMENT TOWARDS SOCIALISM AS THE COUNTRY OF GREECE?

    It might alarm you to know that there are some gaping holes in Barack Obama's citizenship. Other than say decide for yourself, if the evidence supplied equals a response from the House of Representative and Senate. Just check out the relevant information at any TEA PARTY website or go directly to TEA PARTY DOT ORG. So much intelligence is being concealed by the Democrats and the mainstream press to this oppressive travesty. Learn even more intelligence at NumbersUSA and other pro sovereignty organizations.
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