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Letters of the Week: Aug 6 - Aug 10

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  1. Jim Norman's Avatar
    The United states is not so good standard country, there is a very high standard,high cultural, democratic and very intellectual and humanistic people in many European and north European countries ,which by very kindness and understanding accepting and giving the best quality help both like doctors,free hospitals, dentist,home,etc to immigrants as individuals and families from all of the world proudly.In this last decade the United stats did another Abughoribe ,and auswitch in side of freedoms country chinfor innocent immigrants. Now ,we the latino people and chines ,mid eastern decided to do same thing for americans in our countries , if you don't stop your nats, and fulish hitlerian,gestapos idiotically culture. you and your next generation pays for what you do now. think about twice.
  2. Jim Norman's Avatar
    Who are the illegals ? Are the special interest greedy racists who stealing others countries, killing children's, making wars , selling weapons , etc,etc or the poor and hard workers immigrants ? who are illegals for the true gods eyes? I think the illegals are the racist white trashes who stealing the indians and Mexicans holly lands .
  3. Brittanicus's Avatar

    Citizens of the Republic, never Give Up. Never submit.

    It is time to join the resistance--THE TEA PARTY. Obama is building his empire on the tireless backs of the American people! Obama, "America's President" will stop at nothing to execute his plan of creating a socialist nation, grabbing your guns, your money and your freedoms! Families are suffocating under the weight of the failed policies of the Obama government. Unemployment is sky-high--over 8% for 40 straight months. Jobs are disappearing. People have given up looking for employment. Yet, with all this bad news "America's President" demands even more taxes, while given free passes to illegal aliens. To worsen an unfavorable state of affairs Obama's Liberal Progressives want to grab your guns again, too! This adds up to one thing: ATTACKING YOUR LIBERTIES! Obama will stop at nothing to carry out his sinister agenda. See for yourself: Obama regime seems to demanding our guns that we need for our protection, also our wallets and liberties.

    Obama is becoming as any potentate, found in Middle Eastern countries or in South America. He seems to be under the impression that American people will quietly surrender this administration intrusion, sit by silently and watch fellow citizens as Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpiao verbally assassinated because he enforced the Arizona state law, in name of the greater good for the greatest number. If from the beginning of the 1986 Simpson-Mazzoli immigration bill, the laws towards dishonest business owners, a true enforced fence, and the private prison facilities would unlikely exist as they do now. BUT WE HAVE BEEN SILENTLY INVADED, BY CRIMINALS OF EVERY NATURE AND WE MUST REMOVE THEM ALL? BREAKING IMMIGRATION LAWS DOES NOT CONSTITUTE AN AWARD; PARENTS WHO BROUGHT THEIR CHILDREN HERE CAN STILL BE ARRESTED AND DEPORTED?

    IN OBAMA'S DREAM ACT--there will be so much fraud, just as it existed in the great Ronald Reagan amnesty of 1986. You mark my words processing will be next to nothing and my guess hundreds will counterfeit documents leading to more illegal aliens encouraged to slip through a border that is open for hundreds of miles in either direction.

    America's oh-so-inept Commander in Chief will use any method to augment the tax load on the American people. His goal: the redistribution of prosperity. By not approving the Bush Tax Cuts, taxes increase. Once again, this is nothing more than a "Tax and Spend" Scheme. His redistribution of wealth will go to the voters who have no intentions of finding a job and never will. These are the rapists of the welfare systems, who prefer to stay a government umbrella of sponsored housing, living of taxpayers. Steve Eichler, CEO of TeaParty dot org, a massive growing network of millions of ordinarily citizens and legal residents who have come together to battle both the Democrats and Republicans and opening up chapters across America; as if a third party. The political masters have a fix so it is almost impossible for a third party to be elected; henceforth the TEA PARTY. The TEA PARTY will gain ground within the Republican Party and thereby presenting their influence through oncoming elections.

    We have seen downplay of both political parties, the media of the unseating of Indiana Senator Richard Lugar to by a Tea Party leader Senate nominee Richard Mourdock, then just this week And now TEA PARTY favorite Ted Cruz (R) took out Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, for the outgoing seat of Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison. Yet another Republican has bitten the dust, replaced a true TEA PARTY supporter. Both hard core Democrats and the Republicans should be very uneasy, very apprehensive indeed about incumbent politicians who despairingly are lost for words TEA PARTY growth? The TEA PARTY, which backs Ted Cruz, stated that the race is a premonition for the country. Seems to me that ordinary Americans have seen an alternative to both political parties in the TEA PARTY ranks?

    In another congressional primary, Republican U.S. Rep. Tom Petri, who has served in Congress for more than 30 years, faces TEA PARTY challenger Lauren Stephens, who has raised only $6,000 and is running a low-profile campaign. Ted Cruz didn't have a huge campaign chest of money, but he still beat Dewhurst who provided millions of dollars of our own money. This would be a good time for every TEA PARTY members to stand with Stephens and other TEA PARTY leaders to stand firm against Petri. On her webpage, she proposes eliminating the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) because of ineptitude and costs, enforcing policies against illegal immigration and making the nation's official language English. She has stated "Having an official language is makes common sense and builds common ground."

    In Wisconsin next week Businessman Eric Hovde, is running his first race, charging that former Gov. Tommy Thompson isn't a true conservative. Former U.S. Rep. Mark Neumann, a home builder and former congressman casts himself as the most conservative candidate, and is looking for support from the TEA PARTY. Then State Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald has slipped in raising money, but hopes voters remember his role in passing the conservative ideology in the Legislature.

    The most dangerous personage in the Democratic Senate is the toxic tongue of Harry Reid of Nevada. Then you have to remember that Nevada has been flooded with illegal aliens and so this ancient Democrat is pandering with utmost zeal to all none citizens. He has derailed cloture in numerous laws, such as the enforcement immigration policies. We need to crowd as many new TEA PARTY members inside the Senate, to stifle the Liberal-Democrats and extract them from their seats of power.

    LOOK AROUND YOU AND SEE WHAT EITHER THE DEMOCRATS OR REPUBLICANS HAVE DONE FOR THIS COUNTRY? Instead of voting for the same old incumbents or even new faces that are representing either party, investigate who is your local, state or federal TEA PARTY candidate?

    If I told you 5 years ago that America would elect a man who did the following, you would have called me extreme. Read the short list and then tell me I'm nuts: Kowtows to foreign dictators; Promises Russia (not America) he can do more when he is elected; Pushing the United Nations to grab our guns; Creating the biggest "Tax And Spend Plan" (ObamaCare) in America history for freeloaders; Highest unemployment since the October 1929 Wall Street crash; Denies self-esteem to small business owners, claiming they didn't build their own business?

    It is becoming excruciatingly clear the Tea Party must take the lead! Obama, "America's President" is the product of a secret system of sedition and trickery. A complete underworld of dangerous swindles, unscrupulous scams and deadly con-artists that have been involved are now being exposed... and the picture is pure, raw evil, with the realization America has been duped--such as giving "Solyndra" special treatment as they contributed to Obama's campaign. Given Obama's past record, is it any wonder he wants to grab your guns, reach into your wallet and grab your cash for his tax coffers and then extinguish your freedom? The problem is, it is within his reach and most of the Washington Socialist Czars have applauded his actions! Are they blind or stupid--or both? If the unthinkable happens "America's President" I will do the following the next 4 years.

    Our guns confiscated once and for all, U.S. dollar replaced with global government currency similar to the failing EURO in European Union. All domestic oil drilling stopped, giving places as Brazil and other countries a right to sell us oil. Then currently a burst of regulations from Environmental Protection Agency has closed down coal mines, even though these entities have spent millions to deliver clean coal. American industry is inundated with rules and regulation forcing oil, natural gas, coal to genuflect the crazies in the environmental entities that have brought our energy supplies to almost a halt. Obama's focus seems directed at the U.S. border, so it ceases to exist when closing down important ports of entry. IF, if Obama gets reelected, we can be assured another 100 percent amnesty for all illegals, which could cost us at least 2 trillion dollars to process--that's according to a projection of Heritage foundation? Homeownership swapped for government housing. A bloated Public school system, with social services replacing parents; Tea Party--and anyone who opposes the "new rule"--black listed and intimidated as seen not only in Arizona but silently encroaching to other 50 states. It is time to expose "America's President." But, you CAN stand in the way of his power grab for America.

    I have no devotion to Mitt Romney's administration, and the serious danger of re-electing President Obama is very tangible. He will want to keep paying out taxpayer's money to Americans who have no interest in seeking a job or in fact never bothered to work in their lives; the exclusion being attributed to the sick and handicapped. The only real alternative is the TEA PARTY, which is gathering massive amounts of voters as a storm of confidence in a PEOPLES WASHINGTON, instead of the old guard of Republicans and their opposites. Any individual can join the TEA PARTY, as long as they are here in the United States legally. The TEA PARTY is a 'political Statement' about a federal government that has run amok of the U.S. Constitution, which has nearly bankrupted this country.

    A major problem that neither party wants to talk about, is our nation infested with common criminals from across our borders or flying in and posing as visitor, with no intent to leave. Every day the amount of illegal alien drunken drivers keeps rising, mowing down innocent family members. But it's not crime rate just rising in the Southwest, but the spreading of these people bringing with them their odious records from across the globe. Under each of the main parties nothing will be done, as they are under the strict influence of the corporate purveyors of cash or the insane zealots who wants open borders and the broad spread of poor foreigners who want a better life, which our spineless politicians think we are beholden too.

    The TEA PARTY would insist on two immigration policies being approved though the Senate and House of Representatives. But more TEA PARTY leadership must gain more seats in Congress, which seems to be actually happening? Plenty of these moderate conservatives and true believers in our U.S. Constitution are ready to influence the other lawmaker's to enact policies that assist out of work Americans. It will open up jobs for millions of low income Blacks, Hispanics, Whites, Asians and all other nationalities lawfully here. It is passed time we enacted the 'Legal Workforce Act (H.R. 2885) and the Birthright citizenship Act (H.R.140)? Isn't it time that the state of Arizona, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and other in the 50 states protect their state borders? Each law essential to structure our immigration policies, once again gain a steel gauntlet on our immigration policies. The Birthright Citizenship law has been mutated, as it didn't mean that anybody who reached into America could gain citizenship, as it only was only an avenue for the emancipation of slaves after the Civil War.

    Retain this information that none citizens will be voting in November, if Obama's Liberals get there way the 'freeloaders will reward him with their votes. One should also determine for themselves if Obama has a right to a second term. I cannot judge for anybody but myself and I have afforded the time as an Independent and a TEA PARTY associate to read the evidence concerning the birth records of Barack Obama. There are many irregularities to his family backdrop, that has some disquieting concerns for me, but THE PEOPLE should interpret about the facts of the investigation and then vote for that reason.

    No Copyright. Tell everybody.
  4. Joe Whalen's Avatar
    I just finished watching the Migration Policy Institute livestreamed event: "The New Deferred Action Program: Strategies for Success". It was worthwhile.

    One thing I took away was the need to refrain from "over-formalizing" exercises of discretion. If certain advocates were to get their way and have discretionary guidelines placed into 8 CFR, then DHS would make them so onerous that they would be useless or simply never implement them even if available per regulation. In other words, if "discretion" were made reviewable by regulation, it would never be exercised in order to avoid being reviewed.
    Yes, you guessed it! I'm tired of reading rhetorical passages from those I presume are fellow immigration professionals and/or attorneys. This website and the associated forum were originally intended to promote solidarity among legal professionals attempting to help immigrants gain status in this country. By continuing to focus on the politics behind immigration policy, and playing the "blame game," we are wasting time and directing our attention from the core issues, namely helping immigrants navigate the treacherous waters of US immigration policy. Neither President Obama, nor his Republican predecessor, independently created the chaos we now face each day in dealing with the USCIS. Unfortunately, there has been less and less attention focused on the committees and sub-committees which oversee the Department of Homeland Security, which has been quietly allowing the USCIS to subvert US immigration laws for years! We all have Congressional Representatives, yet you don't hear about efforts being made to besiege these parties with requests for assistance on a "broad" scale, namely real changes in an immigration policy which doesn't work. After a recent attempt was made to avoid disclosure of the raw data used to understand and support legislative programs by the House in May 2012, there was a backlash led by one Government Watchdog blogger which ultimately resulted in thousands of petitions to both Republican and Democratic lawmakers. The result was impressive! All efforts to run for cover behind the Patriot Act and other anti-terrorist legislation quickly vanished in favor of renewed pledge for "open government." Why can't we, as the immigration professionals charged on a daily basis with helping the 11 million illegal (and legal) immigrants get together and cohesively lead a movement to secure better government practices, a clear understanding of policy and a better public appreciation of the need for immigration as a benefit to our society?
  6. Ken Peterson's Avatar
    We are confused and rather astonished by this deferred action childhood arrival activity. My wife, step family, approaching eight years. My fianc? and I were married last October. A special and wonderful event, a humble yet beautiful wedding.
    In December we submitted our I-130 petitions, included all the required forms, documents and fees. Our petitions were complete. We followed all the instructions to the "t". We received the NOA I-797 receipt notice. We were directed to the USCIS website to view processing times and create an account for case status updates. We followed, adhered to those suggestions.
    I am a U.S. citizen, I was born here. Both of my parents served in WWII, father U.S. Army, mother U.S. Marine Corps - "semper fi". We are wife and stepson are "immediate family". The processing time given for our class of petition from the California Service Center (CSC) is 5 months.
    As of this month we are 3 months beyond the CSC processing time of 5 months. We have patience, we respect our government, we respect all the government agencies who are involved and responsible here. The DHS, U.S. Department of State, et. al.
    This Deferred Action Child Arrival effort was announced by the DHS in June. At first it didn't really phase us. But not too long afterwards it did cause us to wonder. This announcement also stirred up a lot of interest in the news media.
    We review these graphs and timelines and realize that this is a very ambitious endeavor. The number of those eligible, the fast and aggressive schedule, increased man hours. Now we wonder where does this leave us, the processing of our petitions? Today I received an email from the USCIS that they will be available on Saturday's, starting this weekend.
    Our heads are now spinning. Our feelings mixed with confusion and a sense of disbelief. We wonder where does all of this activity place us now? The processing of our petitions?
    The news pundits allege and debate how all this coincides to the campaigns for the upcoming November elections.
    Again I am a U.S. citizen, my family of 8 years, wife and stepson, we just want to live in one place, under one roof. Be together, worship as we choose, be productive, contribute to society.
    We are disillusioned when we think our goals could be delayed due to the political aspirations of others. But we have patience and respect for our government. We still believe that our government continues to work in the best interests of the citizens and to assist us as we strive for "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness".
    But admittedly we are now confused by all this.
    We realize and understand that we are a "nation of immigrants". All of my ancestors, great grandparents, emigrated to the U.S. from the country of Finland during the 1800's. We truly understand and respect this, we are a nation of immigrants ..... .
    I-130 Immediate Family petitioners
  7. Kenneth Rinzler's Avatar
    The people who think that the Dream registration information will never be shared with ICE are the same who think that once a record is "expunged" it is permanently deleted from all databases in the universe (rather than just limiting who gets to see it), or that a "sealed" court record (e.g., adoption) can never be unsealed, or that an Executive Order by a President cannot be overturned by either a successor President or a future Congress who votes to override it (and unless President Obama is re-elected and the Democrats win both House of Congress, guess what happens to possible changes in immigration law). Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot, people, you are all supposed to be experienced lawyers; do you really think that in this post 9-11 environment the Federal Government is not going to utilize a database showing where 800,000 illegal aliens reside (not to mention that many will be young adults still living with their illegal alien parents, so add a few million more to the mix)? It's a goldmine for enforcement purposes in the future. A free word of caution from someone who doesn't even agree with you, but even I hate seeing people get fooled, especially when they are supposed to have counsel watching out for them.
  8. Kenneth Rinzler's Avatar
    I note that Sen. Durbin has removed his video from his website.

    It may have been scrubbed from the Senator's website, but it will live on the internet forever.

    The takeaway from this, and there are more takeaway's from this than from a Chinese carryout, is that if this is how Dream supporters act, imagine what the opponents can do. While the two legislators no doubt had good intentions, it actually demonstrates that so many Members of Congress really do not have a grasp of our immigration laws, how they relate to and interact with each other, and the potential consequences of a Dream applicant's actions. In addition, the fact that these two, one of whom (Sen. Durbin) is a lawyer himself and a former counsel to the Illinois State Senate, could make a video and encourage anyone to forgo their right to counsel in any context or under any circumstances in twenty-first century America shows just how poorly the Immigration Bar is viewed. If ever there was a wake-up call for AILA to recognize that its advocacy efforts on Capitol Hill are abysmal, this would be it.
  9. David D. Murray, Esq.'s Avatar
    A reminder to all you old ILW Letters to the Editor. Remember back in the days when Michele Kim was the legal editor and the Letters to the Editor were limited to 300 words and there was a meaningul banter of ideas and opinons bandied about between regular contributors? . . . . I miss those days and regret that this once poplular and beneficiall idea exchange has been relegated to a back page and the likes of the above nonsensical comments. Cheers, David D. Murray, Esq., Newport Beach, CA
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