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Letters of the Week: Jul 23 - Jul 27

Rating: 2 votes, 5.00 average.

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  1. Jim Roberts's Avatar
    Dear Editor:

    Don Miller's intelligent letter of last week is not the first to be amazed at the tone and verbiage of the letters of the "white-hating"
    Roger Algase
    Letters of the Week: Jul 16 - Jul 20
    RA continually ridicules, berates and accuses any patriot thoughts of America first and the enforcement of our immigration laws and control of

    the illegal invasion as hate, racism and bigotry. The truth is that
    Americanism can not be successfully changed, diminished and destroyed except by the utilization of such irrational, but sometimes effective, Rules of Radicals as advocated by Saul Alinsky and as utilized by RA,
    Robert Yang and our illegal alien President. See:
    Such self-appointed change agents become very skilled at ignoring all
    truth in favor of their own narrow and self-serving agenda. The
    perversion and misuse of words and their proper definitions are only
    tools and weapons to be used in their propagandistic pursuits. See:
    "Liberals changing word meanings with intent to deceive"

    In the immigration arena, law enforcement is defined as hate, the most innocent and appropriate acts are seen as racism, illegal aliens are classified as undocumented workers
    are only a few of the perversions seen. The truth is that America has
    been the most immigrant friendly nation in the world. But now in a
    time when environmental, budget, security and population concerns calls for more prudent entry numbers, the special interests will have nothing
    to do with this truth or reason. See: where it
    states: "While academics and social elites call it multiculturalism
    and diversity, such numbers of humanity racing into first world countries--flood host countries with incompatible cultures, religions and sheer numbers. Unlimited population growth cannot be sustained; you cannot sustain growth in the rates of consumption of resources. No species can overrun the carrying capacity of a finite land mass"

  2. Juan Villanueva's Avatar
    I just don't get it why all this candidates focus so much on the latino votes ignoring the rest of the nation they shouldn't pay too much of attention to all this immigrants that all they care about is to legalize their illegal relatives and eventually and (slowly ) transform this country in to some that we don't want, but the way I mexican and I'm afraid of what is going to happen to this country if we continue in this direction thank you
  3. Jim Roberts's Avatar
    Dear Editor:

    The liberal mindset as is often seen in ID and particularly in the blogs

    of Roger Algase, is never more ingloriously displayed than with RA's article yesterday where he irrationally blames the gun lobby for the Aurora, CO tragedy.,0723-Algase.shtm

    This incident could not only not be, "prevented by stricter gun control laws", it was made possible BY STRICT GUN CONTROL LAWS as in pointed out

    in the following factual article:

    RA typically goes on to misstate that it is the politicians failure to overcome the "hate" of the gun lobby and other citizens who believe in the Constitutions Right to Bear Arms and the right of self defense that has contributed to this and compares this hate to the "hate" that
    prudent persons have to limit immigration and illegals. Real Americans

    are speaking more rationally about the shootout as seen in: by Dave Hodges
    by William Perry Pendley, Esq.

    The "hate and prejudice" that RA attributes to American protecting their

    rights and sovereignty
    rather seems to be coming from and inherent with RA's and other liberal's distorted views.

  4. Kenneth Rinzler's Avatar
    Bravo to Harry DeMell for his article and viewpoint about the need for a diversity of ideas in AILA.

    Nothing illustrates this better than AILA's constant promotion of a "members' needs assessment survey", for which we are paying an outside company to conduct, yet there's never a polling of the membership as to AILA's advocacy positions.
    I see that AILA recently filed an amicus brief supporting illegal aliens as being allowed to be admitted to the Bar, yet the membership was never asked how it feels about AILA filing this or any of its other advocacy actions.

    It was good to see someone else pointing out AILA's greatest failing: its lack of differing viewpoints.
  5. Tony Weigel's Avatar
    In response to Mr. Rinzler's latest rant regarding the AILA membership survey, he complains and contradicts himself yet again. I took the 10 minutes to provide feedback on a comprehensive range of questions regarding membership needs, which included identifying advocacy priorities. He has clamored for this opportunity, so have at it. He may find it worthwhile to provide his input so the diversity of his opinions can be included in the data. However, I suspect he would cry foul if AILA had conducted this survey on its own. Fast and loose allegations would surely fly from his keyboard about secretive data manipulation to suppress dissident opinions. Keep chasing windmills, Mr. Rinzler.
  6. Kenneth Rinzler's Avatar
    This once was an attorney from Missouri
    Who countered any criticism of AILA with fury
    He lost touch with reality
    His mind devoid of all pretense of impartiality
    The inspiration for the Forty Year Old Virgin character surely.
  7. Matthew U.'s Avatar
    Tony, I took the survey and I don't recall much in the way of opportunity to give feedback on AILA policy agenda. And I don't believe there was much in the way of opportunity to voice any sort of criticism. I assume one would have to get creative and use some of the "other" boxes to voice any sort of dissent about anything.

    But then again, I filled it out a couple of days ago and I can't now go back to review the questions. Perhaps someone who has yet to fill it out can give more informed feedback concerning the opportunity to voice any sort of dissent on the questionnaire.

    And yes, bravo Mr. DeMell for your fine article. I recently spoke with a "higher up" in the organization (while at the conference in Nashville) who flat out said (this person) is afraid to voice any sort of contrary opinion concerning AILA policy agenda issues this person does not agree with. It is not my place to put words in this person's mouth and I certainly won't "out" this person, but I do wish this person would speak up publicly as that might start a valuable dialogue within the organization.
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