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Letters of the Week: Jul 9 - Jul 13

Rating: 2 votes, 5.00 average.

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  1. Joe Whalen's Avatar
    There was a power outage at the BIA July 2&3, 2012 and then with the holiday..... They have put out a notice (Press Release) stating that for any appeal that was due during the week of July 2, 2012, they will accept it until July 11th. NOTHING beyond that based on the BIA power outage.
  2. R. Yang's Avatar
    It's doesn't need rocket science to figure out the positive economic impact on immediate immigration legalization for millions of people. Fines are paid directly to the Treasury, millions will start to pay taxes on the book. Millions will have free choices to attend schools or open businesses, buy and own properties or cars and the lists will continue longer. Many nativists worry about the increase competition on the labor market but forget that these millions of people will create huge supply and demand on goods and services not available before they have full legal status in the past, while the other way around, deportation of the population of the state of Ohio will create huge economic loss, properties will be empty, stores that cater to many of their customers who left en mass will have to shut down. Local and federal governments will lose millions of potential tax payers. What we really need is a massive tax and welfare reform to ensure none will game and cheat our welfare system, regardless they're citizens or not. Everything should be based on common sense such as no healthy able bodied individuals should ever get endless welfare checks, pregnant teenagers without income should never be allowed to raise their babies by other taxpayers' money, that is why abortion should be absolutely legal if not mandatory unless someone is willing to pay the tabs and support the baby.

    Regarding Advance Parole case, USCIS must use again common sense to grant or deny the AP, once it grants AP they can't say the beneficiaries are not welcomed to the US soil, it's a breach of legal contract and promise. In AP card or document it should never contain any "warning" at all that they may be denied admission to the US. AP is a permission and this permission will not be granted without full due diligence at the first place. Once it's granted the AP card/document should contain wording that the card or document will give full right and freedom to the bearer to reenter the US without fuss within the validity written on that document or card. Any AP applicants that have grounds to be banned to reenter the country should never be granted AP at the first place. It's fair and make sense to do so. Any AP beneficiaries whom are denied reentry to the US should be allowed to sue the USCIS and be compensated and the judges should side with them and ask the USCIS of why they granted the AP while they have all the information or data whether or not the applicants have 3 or 10 years bar to reenter the US at the first place. Laws and policies are made for justice based on common sense not for cruel joke.
  3. Gladys Farris's Avatar
    Dear Editor

    I know that case by case of those in deportation how about those who were already deported but are still in the USA? The deportation was cause for not appearing to the appointment in Immigration court years ago? Can the children who were deported as a family and now are adult be penalized by it? Gladys C Farris
  4. lcdg's Avatar
    As an immigrant, I am writing to again emphasize the fact that I have been mislead, used as a statistic like a laboratory mouse within the maze of immigration
    I was appointed as researcher , with a baggage my bachelors degree from an American University accredited abroad with same credentials certified, went to Harvard for four years of additionnal course work and ended up being hired by ... An immigration attorney who hired me on a minimum wage basis, my two daughters and I on an H1 , and H4, vusas, until he filed for a labor cert which was indeed certified for me to work in a law firm based in New York
    Until here all is well
    When he files for the afjustement he messes up our applications meanwhile I worked for him for 7 consecutive years
    At this time omits to file 8th year h1 while my Green card is pending
    Due to major default in filing I 140concurretly with I 485 both are denied
    Still on appeal
    Is this right???
    I have pleaded before 8 attorneys and nunc pro tunc is an option to be considered
    Meanwhile struggling to adjust to abide to keep my family secure
    Financial struggle
    I am here for 11 years , entered this country legally and due to inefficiency of counsel still panting
    after our rights
    Relief is being considered
    That attorney was suspended by the DOJ for three years
    I am still waiting for my rights
    Can someone help?????????
  5. John Galante's Avatar
    I doubt either party will do what should be done. Each party wants only one thing, power for its own members.

    Politicians, Republican or Democrat, will use illegal-immigrants in whatever way helps assure the continued empowerment of the politician. Politicians don't want to respond to the interests either legal citizens or illegal immigrants. Politicians, like all government, want only one thing, a population that is submissive to power of the politician.

    While the politicians maneuver over whether or how to address the thirty-million or so illegal-immigrants already in the United States, I expect the border to be kept wide open. Politicians in favor of a police-state will privately cheer, as will politicians in favor of a nanny-state. The open border will assure the continued flow of illegal-immigration, assuring municipalities will be increasingly overburdened. From the point of view of politicians and government, this is good. This will hasten the need for tighter and stricter controls over the entire population. It also helps increased dependance on the government. Both parties will be most happy when they hear the entire population chant, "make us your slaves, but feed us". We are almost completely a people of the government, by the government, and for the government.
  6. online task list's Avatar
    Hello Joe Whalen!!

    I really happy to see this post because long time I was looking for this topics related site. It's really important for me because I research about this topics. If you can get more information here.
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