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Letters of the Week: Jul 2 - Jul 6

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  1. James Martin's Avatar
    Re: Kenneth Rinzler

    While Kenneth Rinzler may have raised some valid criticisms of the internal
    workings of AILA, it is nevertheless an excellent organization. His rantings
    are less than impressive.

    I have great respect for the resources that provides as well. But I
    am left to wonder what value the publishing of Mr. Rinzler's diatribe brings
    to the larger community.

    Best regards,
  2. Richard Y.'s Avatar
    Congress members from the Republican party show a blatant hypocrisy for condemning President Obama administration for "circumventing" the power of Congress to legislate laws while the past Republican President like Bush Jr. using the executive power to grant certain nationals from deportation for example Liberians, not to mention the grand amnesty by President Reagan that gave millions of illegal immigrants "instant Greencard". We have millions of illegal immigrants possibly as many as the population of the state of Ohio and deporting them at once will create budget, economy and social disasters. Republicans love to stir up social issues and pseudo nationalism or populism while they bless corporations outsource jobs to overseas and while they try to dodge their tax bills to their secret corporations and bank accounts in Bahamas, Cayman Islands or Swiss, just like Mitt Romney does. Americans deserve better answer than political shows and hypocrisy. Illegal immigration can be solved by making it legal for foreigners who want to work while no Americans are not filling and those who are already here without papers they must earn their legal status by earning it by merits. They must invest in America, they must contribute and we make sure none can game and cheat our welfare system regardless they're native born Americans or immigrants.
    Those who still want food stamps, EBT cards, social security benefits etc, while they're healthy and able bodied then if they have no legal status, it must cease at once and be deported. We have enough lazy US citizens and legal residents that love to be the parasites of the other hardworking taxpayers and we don't need any more of the same.
  3. Richard Y.'s Avatar
    It's mind boggling that worldwide immigration "enforcement" mostly target the poor immigrant folks that are detained, humiliated, punished, canned, harassed etc. but we rarely hear authorities really prosecute the big bosses who violate the laws themselves.

    Immigration authorities worldwide must go after corporations or business owners who knowingly hire foreigners without proper working permits and punish them accordingly and leave those poor immigrants alone or even compensate them with air plane ticket allowance and some $ 5,000 cash allowance paid by their former employers and send them back to their countries of origin to set up new businesses there.

    It's wrong, inhumane and unfair to jail these people while the bosses go free.

    Or if we want to make things less complicated, it should be free for any human beings to sell their labor to any buyers worldwide without any objections and restrictions from any government entities influenced by their selfish respective citizens that try to prohibit open competition on the global labor market. It's a part of universal human rights. The global apartheid system on immigration issue must end and be abolished for the sake of the humanity.
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