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Letters of the Week: Jun 11 - Jun 15

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  1. R. Yang's Avatar
    Re : Cuban Adjustment Act

    CAA must go because it violates the principle of everyone should be equal before the laws. Cubans must go to the same court of laws and apply for political asylum process like anybody else.
    It also creates a mind boggling hypocrisy of many Cuban Americans and CA politicians particularly the Republican ones like Marco Rubio who speak out so loudly against "immigration amnesty" while his parents got one in the past and then he could be a US citizen and a Senator.

    Re : Mitt Romney likely win in 2012

    I am not surprised if Republicans can win in 2012 based on the level of intelligence of many US voters who are so stupid and dumb to vote against their own interests. No Republican Presidents ever left office with balanced budget let alone the surplus one, this alone is enough to proof that no Republicans have the moral and authority to speak about sane budget and spending. All Americans must look at Hongkong SAR of People Republic of China, voted as the freest and most capitalistic territory on the planet, it has Universal Health Care, so do countries like Malaysia, Taiwan, South Korea etc. None should go bankrupt because they can't afford and pay their medical bills. If Universal Health Care mandate violates personal choice and liberty what about car insurance "mandate" in every state ? Can we see a mind boggling hypocrisy here.
    Republicans want to spend same or even more $$$ on wars at the expense of our education, infrastructures, teachers, firemen, policemen etc., health care, social safety net that we have paid for. This is outrageous.

    Republicans love to preach about "morality" and "family values" the don't do. Many of the R politicians got caught in bed with prostitutes, mistresses or worse male escorts while preaching against LGBT issues and equality. None of them speak out about the divorce rate of 50% and above in this country and try to speak on those who got divorced about the "sanctity of marriage".

    Republicans also try to stir up xenophobia against immigrants while blessing and supporting corporations outsourcing jobs to other countries with cheaper labor.

    Many Republicans are war mongers and love to put US flag pins all over their nice suites and love to talk about patriotism but many are war dodgers and they have tons of excuses of why they never served in Vietnam wars and others.

    America wakes up ! Please vote with your brain and open your eyes widely. Obama is not perfect but do we really want to vote the Party of pseudo nationalism and hypocrisy ?
  2. Thomas Spaniolo's Avatar
    The fact that President Obama chose health care over immigration reform as a priority is something many progressives disagree with. But that is not the point. The real question is, what will happen if Romney is elected. Hasn't anyone been listening to this guy. Joe Arpaio supports him, Romney has endorsed Arizona's anti-immigrant legislation. The Tea party is rabidly anti immigrant. People on the left who are so critiical of Obama in the months leading up to the election do so at their own peril.
  3. Garfield A. Heslop's Avatar
    Dear ILW:

    You asserted that Obama was hypocritical on immigration. I agree. Yet I ask one question ... Do you believe the Republicans would do better?

  4. Ofelia H. Robaina's Avatar
    Unfortunately , it has being one more lie, nothing is done, families are divided,
    ICE detaining individuals who came under ten years old, with no criminal history.
    Detainees are for more than 24 hours, no contact families members , no attorney presence , not information found on ICE web page.
    One lie after the other, economy is down and crime is raising, immigrants are afraid to report crime and agriculture is worst than ever , no workers to pick the products
  5. Pablo's Avatar
    I am a naturalized US Citizen originally born in Panama. Immigration is obviously a very important issue for me and for many Hispanic voters in the upcoming elections. I want to make it clear that I consider myself an independent and would definitely vote for a presidential candidate, who, among other things, has a clear proposal to solve the Immigration mess we currently have (both on the business and family immigration area). As stated in the article, Obama had two years of total control in Congress but did nothing to address the Immigration problem. Instead, only focused on his healthcare reform which will not benefit the majority of us who still have to pay for health insurance to be able to get decent services. Now that democrats don't have majority and are unable to do anything, then he wants to fool us to believe that the republicans are the problem. They may well be part of the problem with their obstruction tactics but this is expected in real politics anywhere. In the meantime, he very well knows that he needs the Hispanic vote to get reelected. On the other hand, republicans don't offer any concrete solutions either. They have focused on enforcement only so far without any clear plans to address the Immigration problem as a whole (again both on family and business Immigration). There MUST be must clear proposals to solve the issues with the millions of undocumented workers who are already in the U.S. and will never leave (for instance, have them get temporary work permits after completing background checks, and have them pay their 5-10K fines and pay taxes for 10-15 years, and get in the line behind other lawful applicants in order to get their GCs), immigrant business visa backlogs, H-1B visa shortage, Dream Act, etc, etc, etc.

    I honestly believe, like many other Hispanics aware of this political fa?ade, that whoever presents the best concrete plan to solve the Immigration problem will win the Hispanic vote. They can't just expect the community to vote for them by just saying that "they are pro-immigrants and that they love everybody and that everything is beautiful," speaking in Spanish in political ads, and other stupid tactics thinking that people would vote for them just because this is cool. They need to provide a concrete plan to solve these issues either with Congress help or without it (through executive orders). If Romney doesn't realize this and starts providing concrete solutions to these issues he will not get the Hispanic vote either. Tactics like naming an Hispanic as his running mate just because he's Hispanic would not do the trick either. There must be clear guidelines to solve the problems that Hispanics consider important - the economy, jobs, Immigration, etc. At the end, it would all come down to "who do you trust more to actually do something about Immigration in the next 4 years based on their concrete plans."

    The support that the Hispanic community has on electing officials for Congress is also key to this issue. Majority in Congress in both houses will be critical.

  6. Linda Grays 's Avatar
    Immigration Daily!

    America President, and congress, illegal aliens advocates, and big organizations, have to many excuses for illegal immigration, and foreigners with visas,they tend to sugarcoat, or sweep all their wrongdoings under the carpet, so they can look clean for an amnesty, or some kind legalization, also it allows them to come here to work illegally, America do not need all of this when they already have millions of Americans who are legal citizens who have legal status to this country who are out of jobs! It is to the point where foreigners are being priority when it comes to jobs in America! Just look around you can see what America is becoming.

    America needs to setup many job training programs, dream Act programs for Americans, to help them succeed in college degrees,for these engineering and scientist jobs! In reality no illegal alien should be in our jobs period, there should be some kind of workplace enforcement to get them out of our jobs and all their jobs giving to Americans! They got jobs in America by buying all of their false documents off the streets, and were able to use all of this to take jobs from Americans, or Americans employers sneakily gave them jobs, and pretend they do not know that they had hire illegal aliens, millions of employers has been allow to get away with this for years now! Millions of American has been out of jobs, can not bring home pay checks for years now, like millions of illegal aliens are being so allow to bring home paychecks!!!

    Let's face it illegal aliens are being allow to work in our jobs with all their fake social security numbers false names, false driver license, and never had any kind of investigation, or background checks at all! not like Americans are so strongly required to have before they are hired in their own country America! This makes American terribly up set! because they would really like to know WHAT MAKES MILLIONS OF ILLEGAL ALIENS IN OUR AMERICAN JOBS SO MUCH MORE TRUSTWORTHY TO WORK IN OUR JOBS,WITH FALSE SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS, FALSE NAMES, FALSE AGE, WITH OUT ANY KIND OF INVESTIGATION OR BACKGROUND CHECKS, THEN AMERICANS WHO ARE SO STRONGLY REQUIRED TO HAVE BACKGROUND CHECKS BEFORE THEY ARE HIRED???????? No one knows who these illegal aliens really are in our jobs or in America, because of this there are no real security in America! And there are also a big double standard in our employment who hire illegal aliens, and also there is a big Discrimination in our jobs because of illegal aliens...THIS STRONGLY IS IGNORED!! THERE'S A BIG LOOPHOLE THAT ALLOW ALL THIS ILLEGAL ALIENS WRONG DOINGS! WHAT IS WRONG ASKING ILLEGAL ALIENS FOR THEIR STATUS???

    Illegal aliens are allow to work, at the same time lie to our IRS, and get $4.2 billions of dollars of tax refund every year, JUST CLAIM MILLIONS OF DEPENDENTS THEY DON'T HAVE, OTHER PEOPLE CHILDREN MANY NIECES AND NEPHEWS THAT LIVE IN MEXICO! THEY GET ALL OF THIS MONEY and are not force to pay it back, Americans would have been put in jail, force to pay all this money back, plus more... Sure millions of illegal pay taxes, also millions of them get so much more back then what they put in! It was said that millions of illegal alien are not on Social Services, because they are illegal, only if they have American born children,they found a solution for that, that is making sure they have children born here in America, just to benefit our social services, our low income housing, sec. 8 programs, WIC program, food cards, medical, they take fully advantage of America birthrights, it is another loop hole open to them, like our American IRS, This is American taxed dollars....

    As far as illegal alien in America, doing work that Americans do not want to do, is ridiculous,This is just a big excuse, a strategy being use to keep them here in America, keep them in our jobs, help them get amnesty, or legalization! If you would remove 9 million of them from our jobs now, you will have 9 millions of Americans standing in line for those very same jobs! Illegal aliens are taking jobs from Americans!!! If they are doing so much better then Americans are in there own country, maybe our weak politicians should give all of America to Mexico! Just looking at Mexico population growth in America now, Americans will never have a chance!
  7. R. Yang's Avatar
    Re : Ms. Grays' letter

    Nativists like Ms. Gray must learn how to present their case with straight facts and logic. Illegal immigrants pay income taxes using "borrowed" identities and SSNs but can claim the return (how comes ?). American workers need "strong background checks", illegals don't (Do "illegal" Jose apply for a job at NASA or what ?, everyone knows that no background check needed to work as dishwasher both for "illegals" or "real" Americans).

    Nativists talk about "discrimination" and jobs are being "stolen" by foreigners (legally or not). With all due respects, jobs are jobs. Those who can perform the best for less with less complaint and best work ethics would be hired for sure. Americans compete with other Americans and foreigners whether they come here or in their respective countries.

    The only discrimination is that many on this planet feel they're entitled to good jobs with good salary and benefits just because they happen to be luck few "citizens" of few countries and they think they can't discriminate other human beings for better opportunities just because they live at the other side of the border or globe. They hate the reality that their jobs can be outsourced and the blink of the eyes of their bosses and they have to compete purely based on merits not citizenship and geographical boundaries in this increasing globalized and interconnected global economy.

    While Mitt Romney try to sound populist on immigration issue, we never hear him condemn corporate USA outsourcing many jobs to Chinese or Indians, right ? It's capitalism, that is all that he will say.

    Ms. Grays and nativists like her never realize the consequences of their wish. Removing population at the size of the state of Ohio means 20 millions less consumers, tax payers, home owners or renters, buyers etc. It's huge blow to our economy locally or nationally. I doubt that many Americans will pick up those rotting crops on the fields at Alabama or Georgia because of their harsh immigration laws there.

    Americans must also learn from Greece. Greek economy collapse not because of illegal immigration but unsustainable welfare policies, massive corruption and spending. This is the same problem we have here. Greeks are learning hard life lesson that money doesn't grow on trees. They can't expect short relaxed working hours with tons of benefits and pension, it just won't work. As these countries go bankrupt and the currencies go down in value then they realize that they must work to earn. We haven't there yet but we will unless we speak up to our politicians in Washington that we can't tolerate wasteful spending and corruption anymore.

    Americans must learn that illegal immigration is nothing but scape goating. We must demand our politicians to stop wars here and there that bankrupt the Treasury. We can't afford them.

  8. Roger Algase's Avatar
    Matt Kolken, in his June 15 blogging states that I am claiming that if Mitt Romney were president, he would a) unilaterally enact a law making presence in the US without legal status a federal crime, and b) nullify the 14th amendment's guarantee of birthright US citizenship for all American born children.

    Nowhere have I said that a president has the power to enact laws on his own or to nullify a constitutional provision. But a president has enormous power to influence legislation, especially if his party controls both houses of Congress. He also, of course has the power to sign or veto bills that both Houses of Congress have passed.

    In 2005, a Republican House of Representatives passed an anti-immigrant bill, H.R. 3447 which would have criminalized the entire immigration system and made Arizona's and Alabama's immigration laws look like "open- borders amnesty" by comparison. The bill never made it to the Democratic-controlled Senate.

    But what would happen if a similar bill were to pass a Congress controlled entirely by the Republicans. and Mitt Romney were in the White House? Could Romney be trusted to veto such a bill, or might he just as easily sign it into law, out of admiration for immigrant haters such as Kris Kobach, whose support Romneu welcomed in the primary?

    Would Obama, who Matt rightly condemns for his deportation policy, but who has also just now in effect instituted the DREAM Act by executive order as of June 15. ever sign a draconian anti-immigrant law such as H.R. 3447? The chance of this happening is zero, in my opinion, despite all of the president's shortcomings on immigration.

    Matt also accuses me of "hyperbole" in warning that the 14th amendment's guarantee of birthright citizenship for all US-born children might be in danger under a Romney presidency.

    Therefore I will retract my comment that the 14th Amendment MIGHT be in danger, and I will replace it with a statement that the 14th Amendment almost certainly WOULD be in danger if Romney were president. This is does not mean that a president can nullify a Constitution amendment on his or her own. Of course, no president has such power and I never made such an absurd statement

    But a Republican president, with the cooperation of a Republican Congress, could easily set the stage for a Supreme Court challenge to the meaning of the 14th amendment, as it has been understood for the past 114 years.

    In order to appreciate this, it is necessary to read and understand the Supreme Court decision of US v Wong Kim Ark, decided in 1898, on which the broad interpretation of the 14th amendment supporting birthright citizenship for all US-born children, regardless of their parents' immigration status, rests.

    I will look at this decision in detail in my next blogging and show exactly how fragile the 14th Amendment's guarantee of birthright citizenship could easily turn out to be, if an anti-immigrant president and Congress set the stage for today's far right wing Supreme Court majority to revisit Wong Kim Ark after more than a century.

    I will then leave it up to ID readers to judge whether my analysis of this little known but critically important decision, and of this momentous issue, is "hyperbole" or not.
  9. telemarketing sales lead list's Avatar
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