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Letters of the Week: May 29 - Jun 1

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  1. Vonne Gulak.  's Avatar
    Hi, I am Vonne Gulak, the Deaf Advocate - Disability Rights Advocate at RCIL in Upstate New York.
    I wish the law would be simplified. If immigrants did not file appropriate procedures for eligibility to reside in the U.S.A., then deport them. Period.
    Other countries would not get crap like we do.
  2. Debra Venable Shears's Avatar

    I went in to the web page of this subject and offered my opinion. I am not sure it went thru, but I want you to get this message.
    I am a 65 year old professional looking for a job. I had my own business for 30 years until the franchises and chains came in and I closed before I got in deep with debt.
    As I look for a job I go to the nail salons to keep myself in good spirits and appearance.
    I have been to many north of the river where I live and I can find fault with all of them, but this last one seemed to take off into this arena.
    Ruby, a citizen did not do my nails but she was coming in as I was leaving. I am and have been in the beauty profession over half my life. She was coming in to her family owned business and she had a book in her hand, carrying it like the Statue of Liberty. It was titled Cosmetology and that is unusual to see a nail tech with the interest in hair. I proceeded to ask her interest and told her I was a Cosmetologist, Esthetian and Instructor. She jumped for joy thinking she had found a mother lode. She had in fact as it turns out.
    I also was an examiner for the State Board of Cosmetology, which has been handed off to an organization that grades and scores all sorts of exams. I think that is crazy as a person should be graded by a professional of the same profession. That is where I and other professionals came in. But, we were told we could not even look at a student or show them any sign of comfort, meaning they are students scared to death of failing.
    Ruby, to get her nail license, found someone to give her the answers and really did not study the project, she slid through the cracks. They all did it. In a class of 50, there may be 2 or 3 of American nature. She wanted me to do that with her and I could not. I could teach her, but she did not have time, as she works 7 days a week, from 10 a.m. to 7 a.m.
    I like these people who came in to my country and has a monopoly on the nail business. But I mentioned to her it is an American sweat shop, like in China. She jumped up and down again and told me China taking over her country is the reason she is here.
    So, I got in to politics with her by asking if she voted. As you know our situation in this country, we are in debt to China and the chance of being of taken over is very probable. We are teaching Chinese in our schools and we now have lost our biggest or one of the biggest corps. to China, AMC.
    Ruby does not vote. She is not registered. and she has no clue as to the state of the country she ran to for solace.
    I explained to her the process and the why fore of voting. Personally, I believe it is too late. Why, because of the people who said when I was unable to vote due to age, 'why vote, they are going to do what they want anyway'. Ha, well, look what happened, they gave up the peoples voting rights. They now do what they want anyway.
    I told Ruby it was her one and only free right in this country, oh but wait, she was given lots of perks to enter this community, but one was forgotten. The reason, right and purpose of voting.
    I am appalled at our Government for not finishing the job of letting these people, not just Vietnamese, but all those who enter America.
    Editor, maybe you can give me some insight and information on the laws/rights of Immigrants.
    They are here and now they need the whole package, not just financial support.

  3. Kenneth Rinzler's Avatar
    Sent to Crystal Williams and Eleanor Pelta today, in another attempt to get them to stop playing games:

    And what did they say? When might we expect an answer?
    Will this be like the posting of the tax returns, announced after months of inquiries, in the middle of the night as an aside?

    Kenneth Rinzler
    Attorney at Law
    3229-B Sutton Place, NW
    Washington, DC 20016-7519
    Tel. 202-363-1534
    Fax 202-363-1535

    From: Crystal Williams []
    Sent: Monday, May 14, 2012 4:54 PM
    Subject: RE: Announce the Vote Totals

    I will check with the executive committee on it.

    Crystal Williams
    Executive Director
    American Immigration Lawyers Association
    phone (202) 507-7651
    fax (202) 783-7853

  4. Kenneth Rinzler's Avatar
    And the latest is here. How sad how they play this. Sent today to Crystal Williams and Eleanor Pelta:

    Your answer is not clear.

    The total number who voted is not the same as announcing the results.
    Members would like to know how many votes each candidate received, not just that 4,000 people voted. In a U.S. Presidential election, people want to hear more than "46 million people voted and Obama won".

    Would you please be kind enough to clarify what you mean?
    And thanks for not keeping me advised. Like with the posting of the tax returns, it's fairly clear what's going on here, especially as you are supposed to be moderating the AILA forum on InfoNet. You don't have to like me, but how about dealing with these legitimate concerns up front?

    Kenneth Rinzler

    From: Crystal Williams []
    Sent: Wednesday, May 30, 2012 6:32 PM
    Subject: RE: Announce the Vote Totals

    We'll announce the total number who voted when the election results are announced.

    Crystal Williams
    Executive Director
  5. Roger W. Bloxham and Lynn Atherton-Bloxham 's Avatar
    Dear Editor,
    Your analysis with the second option was absolutely "spot on."
    Many times even good intentions or at least not fully analyzed actions by government causes dire unintended consequences. The issues we now face, from human trafficking, drug running, and many scoundrels preying on the Latino community in various ways, are all a result of out of control interference by government in the affairs of economics.
    I realize many will not agree with me, in fact will think we need more government regulation, but I am convinced after 50 years of studying the political impact on economic action that more stringent controls are not the answer. That is what a free market really is; simply people being allowed to engage in freely chosen voluntary actions with others. In the meantime, hopefully intelligent people will speak up for at the least reform and substantive changes in policy.
  6. Kenneth Rinzler's Avatar
    And just received from Eleanor Pelta. No surprise here, as I posted on here and ILW earlier today. Predictable and hypocritical. At least now we know, the leadership will only do the right thing (I think they call it "transparency") when it wins the popularity contest.

    How many members, Eleanor? Enough. Do you want names? Political affiliations? Sexual proclivities? Is there a minmum required for the ExCom to act responsibly? Do you hear yourself? AILA is so slimy.


    We are going to announce the overall totals, not the individual totals.

    You say that "members would like to know the vote totals."

    Can you tell us how many members you have heard from that are asking for thisinformation? Yours is the only request that I have received directly from amember although I realize there has been some discussion by other members onthe message center.

    Thank you,

    Eleanor Pelta
    Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP
  7. Margaret Makar's Avatar

    Alert to cross border entrants: Always be truthful as to purpose in entry and make sure your cell phone data is up to date and in accord. It has been reported to me that Canadian immigration checked the calendar on a traveler's cell phone and saw a business meeting scheduled post entry which contradicted the traveler's stated purpose in entry. The traveler is now barred from entering Canada and may well have difficulties with travel to other countries as a result.
  8. Joe Whalen's Avatar
    I just saw an article at: about a report entitled: "Reimagining the Immigration Court Assembly Line".

    It made me want to reply that EOIR is currently trying to further improve their courts by hiring more "Legal Assistants (Court) Office Automation" in over two dozen locations nationwide. See:
  9. Joe Whalen's Avatar
    The 7th Circuit has taken a case en banc which may be worth watching for those interested in asylum, "particular social groups" analysis, and sex trafficking issues. original decision en banc order
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