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Letters of the Week: May 21 - May 25

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  1. R, Fonseka's Avatar

    Thanks 4 your news about immigration Law and Illegal Immigrants
    All over the World illegal immigrants came here in USA and overstay because of peace and safety , that is why .
    Freedom is Free here in USA , but freedom is not free in USA, what is meaning ???
    The World is with us everybody , but God gave us Sun,Moon, Star lights everybody ,
    Well. what do you say ?
    thank you

  2. Kenneth Rinzler's Avatar
    Re: Announce the Vote Totals

    It's been a week, and not a peep, from the vaunted leadership committee
    But these things take time,
    And the wording must be sublime
    Before an announcement can come from up high

    An email here, a phone conversation there
    The ExCom is still deliberating
    Delay after delay, for day after day,
    With AILA's credibility in need of defibrillating

    They talk a good game and use quite big words
    Such as "transparency" and "accountability"
    But like an old tree trunk, looking so proud
    The hollow inside belies the apparent stability

    When it's something they want, like money for lobbying
    They move oh so fast and overtly
    But when someone questions their power or costs
    The response we eventually get is delivered quite curtly

    "We'll look into it; we'll let you know,
    We think this requires further study
    For we are the ExCom, the Powers that Be,
    We ain't trying to be your buddy."

    "So leave it to us, we'll get back to you soon
    In a day, or a week, or a year
    Please don't ask us again about how we rule
    For above all it's sunlight we fear."
  3. Gloria I Johnson's Avatar
    I agree the law's plain language that an immigrant must personally satisfy the eligibility requirements is clear and should be applied the same for all.

  4. Matthew U.'s Avatar
    I'd wager that there are a higher number of Non-BOG AILA members in attendance at the BOG meeting held at the annual conference than at any other BOG meeting each year. Due to that fact, I too hope the tax returns are made public before this important meeting so the membership will have a chance to discuss any related issues at this important yearly meeting (and additionally with each other when socializing throughout the remainder of the annual conference).

    As for announcing the vote totals, it is hard to believe they have not released this information in past elections. We need to know the totals in order to gauge how well the "current" election process (as articulated under our bylaws) generates voter participation amongst the membership. We also need the vote totals for "this" election cycle in order to compare them to the vote totals in future elections in light of the proposed bylaw amendment, that I believe will reduce our choice of candidates in future elections and thus increase voter apathy amongst the membership.

    How are dues paying AILA members supposed to gauge the effectiveness of our elections and propose meaningful future changes to the bylaws if this information is kept secret from the membership?
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