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Letters of the Week: Apr 30 - May 4

Rating: 4 votes, 4.00 average.

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  1. Ej's Avatar
    1. Comment: Reagan-style Amnesty - Washington Post columnist ...What do you think? Share your thoughts
    with and continue reading here for the column.

    What do I think? I think that U.S. draconian immigration policies and laws are just that: severe, cruel and unconstitutional. And I think we have ignored and/or forgotten our border history with Mexico. The vast majority of Mexican migrants who entered without inspection simply want to find work, escaping the poverty of their birthplace. The 3-10 year bar is unreasonably severe for this civil infraction. Even if it were considered a crime, the punishment is way out of whack. And, the whole idea of the Hardship Waiver is unbelievable. If a U.S. citizen is willing to financially sponsor their undocumented spouse or any other person for that matter, why would the government deny them? Politicians are always saying that this country was founded, strength grown with immigrants and we hold family values dear to to us. Families have been ripped apart at an unprecedented rate during these last four years. At some point during the maturation process you have to make the conscious decision to act in accordance with your beliefs and values. We came so far during the civil rights era and now we're devolving into a country where Hispanics and other immigrants are the enemy - - the disease to be eradicated. The actions of our country are no longer human and I am ashamed. Everyone has got to wake up to what is happening in this country and everyone has got to decide the direction they want to see our country go. Me? I want our country to find its humanity again and devote itself to dignity and abundance for All. And, I extend that devotion to Mexico as well, increasing our cooperation in taking care of this crime issue. We all want a strong, safe North America. I believe the only reason we do not have a reasonable immigration policy at this time is purely political. The Republican party would suffer votes if more immigrants gained voting rights. Maybe that just needs to be openly acknowledged by their party and built into the reform. No citizenship at this time. I am not happy with this, but it is livable for now. We have got to get people out of the shadows - living, loving and working legally in this country. Reform and amnesty now, please. And when I see that pig fly I will cry tears of joy.
  2. Gladys Farris 's Avatar
    Dear Editor

    I believe we need an Amnesty however not as the one Reagan activated. What we need is one that can help not only the undocumented population but will be of the benefit of the United States. We need to registered through the schools, IRS, Social Services as part of data base. These groups will reveal to the government somewhat a better data than any registration per se. Need to stop raiding the workplace but gathering information through the workplace without being prejudicial to the workers. Yes it seems like we are catering the undocumented but first get the data and then see what is the most feasible type of Amnesty we should create in Congress and the Senate. Gladys C Farris
  3. Gladys C Farris's Avatar
    I have been in the U S for almost a century and let me tell you that the discrimination to the blacks is bland because the Federal Government did little but did not go after a race as much as it has now. When I say race I mean all immigrants of whatever country they are. No matter how much the country has profit by this group the politicians snare any benefits gotten by them and chastise their situation for their benefits.
  4. stan shafer 's Avatar
    Another AMNESTY would be patently unfair to anyone who is waiting for a visa in their home country. Because illegals who share a common border with us are able to enter on foot or by swimminmg the Rio Bravo they should not be allowed to go to the head of the line. The government is still dealig with the original amnesty through the LIFE Act an d CCS Newman. The vast majority of the cases were fraudulent.
  5. rudolph dela cruz 's Avatar
    i think it is also about time to give those deserving illegal immigrant a pathway for a better life.. President Obama keeps on telling that they could only earned these path if they study and learn to speak English, pay their taxes and other things.,US Congress had a pending Bill,I think it's HR Bill 1234, I've read most of it and I think this is a good bill and it takes awhile for an Illegal Immigrant to earn their citizenship..most of the odd jobs are being taken by them if the US will deport every one of them, who do you think will work in the agriculture sector nor in some of the medical fields especially taking care of our seniors or elderly.. this will also help the economy cause of of these illegal immigrant keeps on sending money to their native land instead of investing it here for the fear that if they get caught all of their earning will be taken away from them.. I would agree to the writer that it is the right time to do a humane act of helping our illegal immigrant and giving them the right to at least earn a residency permit or amnesty.. those deserving had work hard for it and they just want to fulfill their American Dream..
  6. Don Crocetti 's Avatar
    It is my position that we must address security vulnerabilities and law enforcement and immigration services program -based inadequacies before any form of amnesty is granted. I am not averse to legislation that does it all, as long as these are addressed first. With regard to amnesty, I believe it should be temporary and limited to undocumented aliens who meet Dream Act criteria and those whose departure would impose an exceptional hardship upon a lawful temporary or permanent resident , or U.S. citizen. I am working on a reform discussion paper and proposed framework now, and will share publicly when completed.

  7. Susan Faulkner's Avatar
    It has been proven time and again that we need immigrants. If they would
    reform immigration or do some form of amnesty it would cut out companies who
    are finding was to undermine the government and work them anyway.

    I am for getting the reform necessary look at the money being wasted on
    courts and congress to debate this when a simple amnesty or reform would
    take care of the problem.
  8. Kenneth Rinzler's Avatar
    Dear Eleanor and Laura and Douglas and Leslie and Victor and William and Crystal:
    I will send this as a normal email to all of you as well as posting it here, but as Crystal moderates this forum and thus reads it daily, such an action should be unnecessary. But then again, we all know that you people will use any excuse to ignore these issues.
    Tomorrow starts the month of May. May is when AILA normally files its tax return, the now infamous IRS Form 990.
    Will AILA be filing its Form 990 within the next couple of weeks? And when it is filed, will you immediately post it on the website or must I again request a copy and post it myself? Many members would like to be able to easily access this Federally-mandated public information in a convenient and time sensitive (to wit, as soon as it is filed with the IRS) manner. It is within your power, yet you prefer to keep it difficult to get, no different than the types of secrecy practices for which you endlessly criticize CIS and the State Department. No hypocrisy there, huh?
    I will, of course, post this information and analyze it as soon as I get it, regardless of how or when I get it, so the only issue for you in the leadership is to either do the right thing and release the tax return as soon as possible or continue to act with the collective Marie Antoinette mentality you all have been exhibiting for quite some time.
    On April 18 I posted seven suggestions for making AILA more transparent, and in the subsequent time not one of you could be bothered to respond. How sad is it that whenever some legislator, whether from Congress or one of the 50 states, or some media person, whether from the New York Times or Fox News, or anyone who espouses any position that is not unequivocally in favor of amnesty - in short, virtually anyone who spouts off on anything about immigration - you people cannot pass your blogging gas fast enough, sometimes having something posted on InfoNet before the ink on the newspaper is dry. We all know you prepare these statements ahead of time, or have such knee-jerk predictable positions that getting a comment from you is like pulling a string on one of those childhood talkie dolls from years ago and thus a statement is always ready on a moment's notice. Some of you even take the time to issue "candidate statements" for our mock "elections" (you know, the ones where if you vote for yourself, you win!).
    Yet when it comes to a member - or members - who ask for information and/or a change in practice which might embarrass you personally or the way the organization is run, you're as silent as can be. Post the tax returns? No comment. Post the chapter financial information? No comment. Post the senior staff compensation information? No comment. Eliminate overseas junkets? No comment. Stop insider deals? No comment. Nominate more than one candidate for a position? No comment. Separate out advocacy from other functions of AILA? No comment.
    What is it with you people? How petty and political can you be? Your conspiracy of silence, no doubt a considered, coordinated plan, simply shows you for what you are, and it's not much.
    No doubt some of you and some members will try the classic diversionary tactic of complaining that this is too personal, assaults the honor of our esteemed poobahs and violates section 14(b), subsection 76(g), subparagraph 5 of the "Rules of the Message Center and Little Girls' Tea Parties", but you can't hide behind that misdirection forever.

  9. June Hill 's Avatar
    For those that I have been here for more than 10 years, why not let them stay. As it is, they are afraid of the police, they are afraid of law enforcement--turning offenders in, etc., they do not have driver's licenses (which pose a threat to all Americans), they cannot buy a home, get credit cards, purchase business permits, purchase vehicles, (unless it is from a used car lot and for cash). All this can contribute to the economy getting better or going to a better direction. Why not let them do all these things to help America get back to where we need to be. Many of those here from Mexican decent have allot of money to spend here, but they cannot even spend, except for food, clothing, and rent--so they send most of their monies back to Mexico. Why not allow them to spend it here to help our economy get back on the right track.
    Non-documented immigrants should all be sent back.

    I'm sorry to sound so cold, but our grandparents went through all of the
    strains to become American Citizens, and they were very proud to become an
    American citizen.

    Our Social Security, Medicare, and other programs would not be in so much
    economical failure, if EVERYONE PAID INTO THEM.

    Enough is enough.

    We baby-boomers, as you call us are very hard workers, and we take our jobs
    seriously. We didn't bounce from job to job, we were loyal and true to the
    end. Now, that the end is near, you are telling us we have no monies left,
    because of the economy.

    It's not the economy hurting us. It is all the administrators and greedy
    beaurocrats who mishandled our monies, and now, you want to let immigrants
    in without documentation. How many more people do have to keep supporting.
    You make the big money. You take care of them. We middle class people are
    burned out and going broke, because of your mistakes. We voted you in,
    because we thought we could trust you and your knowledge to keep our
    American country strong. Please prove it to us that you can come up with a
    great come-back without striking us with asking for more of our money, which
    we don't have any longer.
  11. Joseph Whalen 's Avatar

    In the above linked case, the Sixth Circuit urges EOIR to revisit and complete an old abandoned rulemaking:
    "In 2007, the EOIR offered some proposed rules to amend Department of Justice
    regulations regarding jurisdiction and venue in removal proceedings. See 72 Fed. Reg.
    14494-97. These rules, never finally promulgated, were in large part designed to address
    the mounting confusion resulting from telephonic and video proceedings. We encourage
    the EOIR to take up this project once more and provide much needed guidance as to the
    meaning of ? 1252(b)(2) in the new age where parties, counsel, and judge may only be
    virtually co-located." At p. 5
  12. Ali Campbell 's Avatar
    They are criminals because they are here illegally. They should be detained and deported.
  13. P. Diane Schneider 's Avatar
    Since most folks are not taken into custody for "minor" traffic offenses
    even "minor" criminal traffic offenses, in part due to limited resources and
    the need to hold those who present a potential danger to the community, it
    seems unlikely this change in focus will have much impact except in
    jurisdictions where law enforcement feels obligated to detain persons
    suspected of being present in the US without proper documentation.
    Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile
  14. Matthew U.'s Avatar
    Some states already regulate the advertising of immigration attorneys who practice from within that state but who are not licensed by that particular state. The California Example.

    In Gary Endelman's article, "Is it still a federal case? An unintended consequence of Arizona v. USA", he discussed the potential reshaping of licensure regulations for the immigration bar.

    Even before the Arizona case came into existence, Sperry's application to the issue of moving to a new state and continuing one's immigration practice without sitting for that new state's bar exam hardly seems clear cut, and perhaps the Arizona case might impact licensing regulations as he points out.

    However in a somewhat related issue, some states already regulate the advertisements of immigration attorneys who practice from within that state but who are not licensed in that state.

    Issue: An attorney is licensed by a state other than California but sets up an immigration practice in California. In order for that attorney's advertisements (including websites) not to be misleading and/or deceptive, must that attorney clearly state in all advertisements that the attorney is not licensed by the state of California?

    According to a conversation I had with the California Ethics Hotline in May 2011, the answer is yes (Their number is 800-238-4427).

    According to the woman I spoke with, an attorney who practices immigration law in California but who is not licensed in California must clearly and conspicuously state in any of his or her advertisements that the attorney is "not" licensed by the State of California (plus additional language... see below).

    She directed me to read the California Business and Professions Code, Section 22442.2, sub section C-3, which reads:

    (3) Notwithstanding paragraph (1), a person who is not an active member of the State Bar of California, but is an attorney licensed in another state or territory of the United States and is admitted to practice before the Board of Immigration Appeals or the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, shall include in any advertisement for immigration services a clear and conspicuous statement that he or she is not an attorney licensed to practice law in California but is an attorney licensed in another state or territory of the United States and is authorized by federal law to represent persons before the Board of Immigration Appeals or the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.
  15. John J. Brannigan 's Avatar
    It's always to little to late with the Obama administration.
  16. Letty Gamez's Avatar
    Dear Editor,
    Hell, yes I agree it will be racial profiling. I am Mexican American and I hate to believe the United States is moving backwards from an era of racism. Allowing this to happen opens the door for racial profiling and for other states to do the same. I have always been proud to be an American and also proud of my Mexican culture. I feel a connection to these poor individuals who whether that United States likes it or not to accept that we have developed another class below the poor class because of our demand. It is like we are targeting the very people who work the fields from where the items on our dinner table come from. Thank for your attention.
  17. Susan Faulkner 's Avatar
    No this is a waste of time, space and money for all police enforcement
  18. Diallo Alassane 's Avatar
    updated ina act 245 A , LEGALIZE I-687 CASE NOW.
  19. R. Yang 's Avatar
    So many writers here never realize how the past immigration "amnesties" have brought so much opportunities for many. US Senator Marco Rubio wouldn't be a US Senator from Florida today without his illegal immigrant parents got amnesty in 1966 by Cuban Adjustment Act. Talking about immigration laws fairness, why we still have "Special Red Carpet" for Cuban refugees that they will get automatic greencard in 1 year if they can set their feet on US soil without all the hassles and red tapes in our immigration court system like any other asylum seekers from other countries ?

    I have read so many angry letters trying to blame the economic mess here in the US and also in many other countries on foreigners and immigrants legal ones or not without trying to look at the mirror. When everyone want welfare checks and none are willing to pay taxes to cover those expenses that the system will go bust. It's simple math. This is what is happening in Greece and many other European countries. 35 hours work week, 2 full months of paid vacation are nice but don't expect generous pension from nothing because money doesn't grow on trees. If those who never contribute into the welfare coffer can get welfare benefits blame those who made this stupid policy from happening. It doesn't matter what immigration status of those who get the welfare whatsoever. No contribution, no premium paid into the system then no benefits, period. Countries can't run their social safety net system like Ponzi scheme, robbing Paul to pay lazy Peter.

    What really mind boggling is, those who balk on forced government mandate on "Obamacare" argued that government can't force citizens to buy health insurance coverage and punish them if they don't, but they ask the same government to mandate employers and businesses to hire citizens and legal immigrants only because they think jobs are some kind like entitlement. What can go further and worse these folks can possibly asking their lawmakers to create laws to punish their fellow citizens because they spend their money on imported goods and services because it means jobs for foreigners and not for Americans.
    Do we still call ourselves true believers in free market economy or becoming closeted fascist and socialist society ?
    In real capitalistic system, everything should work by supply and demand of the free market, not by regulations of the government trying to please and bow down to selfish citizens who think they can take things for granted and establish a monopoly for themselves yet balk when their internet or cable companies enjoy the sole monopoly in their neighborhood and charge astronomical bills while providing terrible customer service.
  20. T V Krishnamurthy's Avatar
    Mr Angelo Paparelli has clearly brought out my views of violation of individuals rights and violation of sacrosant judicial principles in US more or less stating that US is not really a democracy. My ward was judged a criminal without a trial at the US embassy and it is wrong.

    My idea in writing the letter to you was with a view to start a movement to repeal INA 214(b). In today's world it can only be done by US citizens. They can follow the same techniques as the revolutionaries in other countries like Eghypt, Libya....

    I would like to add here that any historian will notice that US has traditionally used the written law to dupe innocent, example we see in Wild West movies, I am sure are true descriptions of what happened in the past.

    Since my letter to you is published it can be read and forwarded to anyone, no express permission is needed.
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