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Letters of the Week: Mar 26 - Mar 30

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  1. Honza Prchal 's Avatar

    A majority of Alabamians support the state's immigration law, but only 19 percent believe the law needs no changes, according to a recent poll.
  2. Don Miller's Avatar
    To answer Mr. Algase's question re. the missing demonstrations...I've been telling you on this site for some time now, Roger, that this is, for the vast majority of Americans, a non-issue. Not for you or the others's your job. But the rest of us simply don't care. They aren't being killed, sterilized, put in concentration camps, confined forever at hard labor...they are just being sent back home from where they came. And they knew all along the way that this was a possibility and yet they rolled the dice and eventually lost. To be sure, there have been and are, some tragedies in some of these deportations, but again, they were never guaranteed a rose garden.
    I regret that you never seem to realize that there is not a country, a people, anywhere in the world, where hordes of alien invaders are warmly welcomed with open arms by the native populace. A few, in small numbers, scattered about the country, might hope to find eventual acceptance, but a massive migration, a "volkswanderung", such as that coming from Mexico and central America, will never, in any country, be greeted with joy and love.
  3. R. Yang's Avatar
    @ Mr. Algase

    There is still question to be answered, what was a black American boy in hoodie doing in that neighborhood ? Passing through? Visiting a friend or relative living in the "hood" or else ? I don't support the "gun culture and love" in this country without reasonable control and sense of responsibility of those who own them. In many neighborhood, a passerby that doesn't look a like the folks in that neighborhood will raise a lot of suspicion. This is a case of careless shooting or we must dig deeper to more facts to find out what was that boy doing there. It's unfortunate and a shame but racial profiling is still alive and exists.

    @ Don Miller,

    Local populace don't really like the new comers which is the truth. We're not talking different countries but also different neighborhood in a country or different states or counties in a country. This is the selfish nature of human beings. We tend to fly with the same "birds" in groups.
    A conservative town will be offended by hordes of liberals or gays moving in to the town or quiet town dwellers will be annoyed by extra traffic and crimes when suddenly the town experience economic boom due to the discovery of oil or other precious natural resources that attract new investments and jobs.

    But we never shy to justify our reasons of why we have rights to move to other parts of a country or other countries to pursue better life, happiness, justice, opportunities and safe haven, yet hypocritically restrict others to move into our domain and localities when they're perceived as the new competition or annoyance in the "hood".
  4. Don Miller's Avatar
    Bravo to James Edwards for his superb article on refugee settlement by religious organizations. About time someone publically addressed this disaster! Here in Guilford County (NC) we have been favored over the years by Lutheran Family Services (now defunct, I believe), which has arranged the settlement here of countless thousands of 3d World "refugees" with absolutely no input from the local population. This is a depressed area, having lost its three employment mainstays: tobacco, textiles, and furniture, and the employment outlook for the future, especially in lower level bluecollar fields, looks grim. Lutheran Family Services typically arranges for groups of virtually unassimilable refugees, mostly totally unprepared to succeed in a modern society,to be brought here, put in slum housing, and then "adios" and the locals will take care of you! Lutheran Family Services, then, rides into the sunset until they appear at some later date with another busload of "refugees"!
    How is this fair, either to the refugees or to the locals? Why don't we have any say in whether or not refugees are brought into our communities? What if we don't want them? What if there is no suitable employment for them? Who picks up the expenses of their education, their housing, their medical needs etc.? Undoubtedly there are some communities who are delighted to be the beneficiaries of these sudden permanent visite...I understand that the residents of St Paul-Minneapolis are ecstatic at having 40,000 Somalis dumped on them! Their choice, but other towns do not feel that way and simply do not have the economic resources to support these sudden and unanticipated arrivals. What is the legal authority for forcing refugees on unsuspecting societies and how can this be halted?
  5. Gladys Farris 's Avatar
    Dear Editor

    This has been going on for ages but once the person needs help if he or she gets hurt there is where the ball stop caring. No one has asked this particular group to seek the legalization as a year goes bye. I do not say some post do help them but not enough. Gladys
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