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Letters of the Week: Mar 19 - Mar 23

Rating: 4 votes, 5.00 average.

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  1. Peter Allen's Avatar
    Dear Sir or Madam,
    I don't intend to write an article but wish to point out that in Ms. Anne Cun in her article on E-Verify fails to mention that in the Chambers case, the US Supreme Court upheld the Arizona state law making E-Verify mandatory and providing possible revocation of the bussiness licenses of those Arizona employers who fail to comply with this mandate.
  2. Don Miller's Avatar
    Bravo to Canada for intelligent action on immigration! Recent article in the WSJ described the "targeted" approach the Canadians are employing to entice compatible and easily assimilable immigrants to that country. Aware of the serious youth unemployment in Ireland, the Canadian government has launched a program to bring Irish immigrants to the central plains provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan. This makes good sense as the Irish, obviously, will arrive speaking fluent English, are usually well-educated, and should be easily assimilable into Canadian culture. There are reports that Canada will expand this effort to other European nations with high youth unemployment, such as Spain, Italy, Scotland, and Greece.
    How frustrating it is to observe our neighbor implementing a logical and sensible immigration policy which is certain to benefit Canada. Compare to the American immigration mess, which certainly seems to be based on some sort of "charity" owed by the US to the bottom-feeders of the 3d World rather than to the overall benefit to the nation. Resulting, consequently, in an influx of unassimilable, non-English-speaking, culturally incompatible extended families, while Canada gets people who are actually and immediately useful and contributory.
  3. Joe Whalen's Avatar
    Today, Monday March 19, 2012, the BIA Virtual Law Library was updated. It's chart of Board Precedents and Related Court Cases had only gone as far as vol. 20, but today's update brings it much closer to current part way through vol. 25.


    Which now ends with: Casillas-Topete, 25 I&N Dec. 317 (BIA 2010) and Gomez-Granillo v. Holder, 2011 WL 2714163 (9th Cir. 2011) - discussed and followed.
  4. R. Yang's Avatar
    @ Mr. Don Miller

    Immigration policies should be based on universal values and opportunities not racism and apartheid system as Mr. Miller "bless" and suggest in his letter. I always condemn any laws and policies that show favoritism based on skin colors, races, creeds, national origins etc. not based by objective merits and skills that we should value above all. What I believe is Asian countries such as China, Japan, South Korea, India and others should open their labor market and border to white lily Europeans or Americans if they are beneficial to the countries and will be productive citizens or members of the society and willing to learn the languages there and adapt and respect the local laws, customs and cultures. At the other side there is no good reasons for Canada to reject fluent English and French speakers with great skills and education and work ethics from India or China to immigrate and settle in Canada heartlands. The same common sense principles should apply to any parasites of the society that just want to fleece our welfare benefits without any contribution into it regardless their skin colors, national origins, creeds etc to be fair.
    It doesn't matter if its black, yellow, green, blue or white that abuse the food stamps benefits, native born citizens or "illegal", we must stop this abuse without any question or delay.

    The goddess of Justice wears black blind over her eyes for a purpose that she will act and hand down justice without favoritism but purely based on objective values and facts.
  5. Don Miller's Avatar
    Again, not quite sure what Mr. Yang is actually saying, but Canada obviously does accept Chinese immigrants, and in great numbers. Ever been to Vancouver?
    My point was that Canada, unlike the US, actually seeks out immigrants who will most probably be immediately compatible with Canadian culture and also immediatly useful. It is safe to say that whatever number of Irish, Spanish, Scottish, et al, immigrants go to Canada, they will be far more and far quicker assimilable than would a similar number of, say, Somalis, Haitians, or Mexicans. Clearly it is in the interest of the receiving country to save as little time and money, not to mention social turmoil, as possible in incorporating immigrants into itself.
    It is, as always, a question of national philosophy. While Canada very emphatically puts the national interest of Canada foremost in its immigration policies, the US goes the other way in putting the intending immigrants' preferences and benefits above those of the nation itself. As I write, there is vast youth unemployment throughout much of Europe. It is my guess that many of those young people would welcome the chance to come to the US to begin new and productive lives. I have seen this personally in my yearly visits to Scotland and also Ireland. These are the people whose ancestors originally founded our country...why not offer them favorable immigration consideration?
    Again, we must look at assimilibilty, compatibility with the common culture (no sharia, female mutilation, honor killings), and potential contributions. Yet despite the obvious national benefits, because of some misplaced and erroneous sense of charity, pity, guilt...whatever, the US continues to troll throughout the cesspools of the 3d World for its immigrants of choice. What could be more stupid, and eventually suicidal?
  6. R. Yang's Avatar
    @ Mr. Miller

    There is no guarantee that "white" only immigration policy will result in "compatibility and acceptability". We can see in European Union case with members with weaker economy are crumbling, members with better economic conditions such as German and France are thinking to revive the old "protectionism" and "nativism" and off course the border control. It's like more prosperous states in our Union here want to kick out all those welfare ******* red states in the South instead of helping them. As Canada is prospering, the labor market is so thigh, the native born workers will enjoy greater bargaining positions, less or no competition and can justify higher and higher wages and benefits. The influx of new competitors will surely result a new resentment against the "outsiders". It doesn't matter what language they speak or skin colors they have. This is the selfish nature of us as human beings. We simply hate the competition. This is the basis of all laws and regulations that restrict the freedom of everyone to trade freely and peacefully based on the true concept of market economy by the laws of supply and demand. Unless we admit our selfish nature then we never realize the injustice and hypocrisy we have done to others.
  7. Don Miller's Avatar
    Re: Roger Algase's latest in this site on Republican immigration positions and future policies...BRAVO! Sounds like a real good reason to vote GOP! Thanks, Roger.
  8. Roger Algase's Avatar
    With regard to Laura Danielson's blogging of March 21, the term "nigro" was not always one of opprobrium. As a young lawyer in the 1960's I worked for a small civil rights law firm in New York, one of whose partners, an African-American, was a close advisor to Martin Luther King, Jr. The firm represented Dr. King in a lawsuit arising out of his immortal "I have a dream" speech in 1963. I also played a small role in preparing this lawsuit.

    This partner often used the term "nigro", and did so with a great deal of pride. As far as I can recall, other civil rights leaders of the period also used this term. The term "African-American" was not yet in use that time.

    Of course, this does not detract from Ms. Danielson's main point. "Illegal" is not a key legal term in immigration law. It is little more than a racial epithet, like "anchor babies", "chain immigration" and so many others. Hate always has a large vocabulary.
  9. R. Yang's Avatar
    If more Americans vote using only 1% of their brains, Republicans won't have a chance to rule and shape this country at all. No Republican Presidents have left office with balanced budget let alone a surplus one. Right wing pundits and talk show hosts love to criticize Democrats and our President on mounting debt and deficit today but never said a word when the Republican Presidents and Congress spent money like drunken sailors for unwarranted wars.

    It's perfectly fine to say President Obama policies fail and bad, but where are their alternatives ?
    If "Obamacare" is bad, it's even worse to expect Americans to surrender their health options to greedy and tricky for profits insurance companies and it's delusional to expect that prayers and "miracles" can cure diseases.

    We the People should not vote on any candidates that can only blame others, dividing our nation, blowing out petty stupid silly and hypocritical holier better than thou morality and social issues but skipping the real ones on how they can bring our country forward.

    Politicians love to stir up xenophobia sentiments to get sympathy and votes, economy is bad just blame Mexicans, Chinese, Jews etc. Hitler knew about this and did a great job in his propaganda. Our politicians should offer real concrete solutions on how to fix our infrastructures, education, global competitiveness and economy instead of talking about birth control, God, Jesus, pornography, abortion, prayers, miracles, gays etc.

    Unless Republicans talk about down to Earth issues and common sense instead of non sense, there are no chance of it to be majority party in the future. The children of immigrants will always remember which party has divided their family members.

  10. Kip Evan Steinberg 's Avatar
    I am writing to call your attention to the attached 1421(c ) naturalization case. The plaintiff, Mirsad Hajro, is the same plaintiff in the nationally significant FOIA case reported at 2011 WL 4854021. For more information about the case, see also 2011 WL 2118602 (MSJ).
  11. Joe Whalen's Avatar
    I rec'd the following just after 5PM Friday, March 23, 2012:

    Dear Stakeholder,

    Secretary Napolitano announced today the designation of Syria for Temporary Protected Status (TPS), based on deteriorating security conditions in Syria. This designation applies to Syrian nationals who were present in the United States on or before March 23, 2012. Early next week, the Department of Homeland Security will publish a notice in the Federal Register that will provide additional information about TPS eligibility requirements and registration procedures. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will be hosting a stakeholder engagement next week to discuss the process for filing TPS applications and to address questions and concerns related to the TPS application process. We appreciate your assistance in helping to inform the Syrian community in the U.S. about the TPS designation and look forward to hearing your input during the engagement next week.

    An invitation for that engagement will be shared with stakeholders and posted on the web page shortly. For more information about TPS, please visit

    Kind Regards,
    Office of Public Engagement
    U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
  12. Joe Whalen's Avatar
    About an hour later, USCIS sent a CORRECTION to removce the effective date and say that it will be announced next week. Therefore, the actual EFFECTIVE date could change.
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