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Letters of the Week: Feb 20 - Feb 24

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  1. Roger W. Bloxham and Lynn Atherton-Bloxham 's Avatar
    The sooner the time comes that every child will need four lines to answer the question, "race?" the better, in my opinion. I first said this in 1956 when my hometown integrated the public schools and it is still my vision for the future. Before you assume anything, I am fair complexioned, of evidently English and Scotch ancestors most of whom date back to arrival here to at least the 1700's. So why do I care? In the interest of justice. Simple as that. Those who would shackle one man will eventually shackle me.
  2. Joe Whalen's Avatar
    I have a few thoughts on the "Tenant-Occupancy" Methodlogy and the USCIS e-mail message. Here is a a link to ONE item of interest:
  3. R Yang.'s Avatar
    Re : "Irish" visa Bill

    Our laws and immigration laws in particular should never be based on favoritism by races or nationalities origin. "Irish H1B" must be rejected, Cuban adjustment act must be abolished completely. Other nationals beside Irish should have the very same opportunity to get the visa if they have the very same or even better skills, education and credentials than the Irish nationals. Cubans should go into the very same due process of laws if they decide to leave their country and seek refugee status here just like Chinese fleeing their communist regime and prove their eligibility based on their own circumstances. Laws based on racism and apartheid principles are wrong and unjust.

    Re : Robert Gittelson article regarding Conservatism vs. Restrictionism.

    Conservatism is actually is a good and common sense principle and ideology but now being distorted by some religious nuts by trying to establish USA ruled by the Catholic, Mormon or Baptist "Ayatollah or Grand Mufti" theocracy or semi theocracy. Conservatism is about self reliance, personal responsibilities, small government, belief in market economy based on mutually agreeable bid and ask process, supply and demand between parties who are agree to trade in their mutually agreed terms be them labor, goods or services.
    True conservatives should support abortion, birth control, euthanasia and yes, free flow of goods, services and labor not only inside the border but between countries and let the market decide on how much wages and labor costs will be on that condition.

    Restrictionists while they claim themselves as "conservatives" yet want big government based on socialism and fascism. They yell about freedom but they applaud Nazi Gestapo style "Show me your paper" please laws in Arizona and Alabama. Many of Fox News and right radio talk show hosts love to blame and demonize our President and yet they were incredibly silent when Bush spent money like drunken sailor and bringing the country to deficit from surplus. They oppose same sex marriage yet often get caught as gays in the closet or even worse gay who has "undocumented" immigrant boyfriend he protects and wants to keep as long as he stays silent about this relationship but start to treat him with deportation to Mexico when he wants to expose his hypocrisy as "pseudo holier than thou conservative". Ones that condemn bailouts and handouts while never shy to take tax payers money for their medical practices or farm subsidies or as "a historian" etc. On immigration, they all want to talk as though guys but yet they employ undocumented immigrants as nannies, landscapers, mowers etc. or outsource those dirty jobs to companies that knowingly hire the persons they demonize on their campaign. Many love to talk about Jesus, God and their faiths yet pretending to be ignorant that Jesus is a "socialist" even a "communist" by telling rich folks to sell all their wealth and distribute them to the poor. Jesus doesn't believe and support guns in the church and violence caused by them.

    Conservatives today must be back to the basics and ask what is conservatism anyway ? Is it a right for ones to mind others' businesses and judge others in the name of faiths, "pseudo morality and values" or else ? Or it's time to say who cares ones will marry their opposite gender or same sex one or even different species because we believe in true small government that cares only matters that are most important to the people instead of this stupid political ploys and stunts.

  4. Honza Prchal 's Avatar
    He is also the person who bemoans our merely de facto tolerance for extra-legal immigration as creating an unfortunate helot class that is unhealthy for themselves and for those of us who benefit politically or economically from their grey market status as residents. An interesting guy, more nuanced than most would give him credit.
  5. Honza Prchal's Avatar
    He is also the person who bemoans our merely de facto tolerance for extra-legal immigration as creating an unfortunate helot class that is unhealthy for themselves and for those of us who benefit politically or economically from their grey market status as residents. An interesting guy, more nuanced than most would give him credit.
  6. Donna C. Becker's Avatar
    In your February 21 commentary, you stated, "We should be glad, proud and grateful that
    the US is a magnate for immigrants.."

    I think you meant "magnet."

  7. Rob23weld 's Avatar
    1. Comment: World Worker Shortage -
    A column in The Globe and Mail

    Commentary from The Globe's European bureau chief. How desperate are you to use European commentators to manipulate for your purpose? Quite.

    The world's supply of working-age people will soon
    be shrinking, causing a shift from surplus to scarcity...

    The world is in a crisis that has affected employment world wide. Retirement will not be an option for many! This will never happen SOON. The baby boomers will die then there will be less people demanding products and services... we will not need any excess workers.

    Peak people will
    also be an age when countries will be competing for immigrants
    rather than trying to limit them... Where is the magic ball that predicts this nonsense?

    And if their home countries are
    competing to keep them,
    Yes, he used the word "IF"! No ifs about it, those countries will always try to dump their trash.

    We should be glad, proud and grateful that
    the US is a magnate for immigrants, instead of regarding it as a

    Wait a second....this writer is the chief of the European Bureau...they probably are glad, proud and grateful that the US is a magnate for immigrants...better us than them...right?
    Also, keep in mind this is commentary from a guy in the UK.
    HOW gullible are you?!
    Sorry, I am not buying this malarkey!

    Please let us know your thoughts by writing to us at I JUST DID!
  8. David Armstrong 's Avatar
    interesing article --now jobs will have to be thought out, where workers will last longer, and be paid well to stay, instead of being used as"grease" to lubricate the industrial machine. NO more retire at 55. No more "highly physical" jobs that wear out workers in 10 ot 15 years No more cheap food policies. No more cheap energy. no more cheap travel. No more constant travel. Products will need cradle to grave planning and records with methods for complete recycle and incomes will moderate OR there will be a few haves and a lot of have nots!
  9. Joe Whalen's Avatar
    The latest N-600 non-precedent AAO decisions have been posted by USCIS and are worth reading.

    They are found at the following links.

    Aug222011_01E2309.pdf This one involves a claim under INA ? 322 by an applicant over age 18. It was a waste of time to file in the first place. The appeal was dismissed.

    Aug232011_01E2309.pdf This one involves old Section 201 of the Nationality Act of 1940; 8 U.S.C. ? 601. This one hinged on a proper assessment of the evidence in the record under the proper standard of proof. AAO appears to have merely reassessed the evidence less harshly that they did in Los Angeles.

    Again, these are worth reading.
  10. Don Miller's Avatar
    I assume that Lynn Atherton-Bloxham is doing her bit to further her campaign to create the racial amalgam she obviously so strongly desires here, and is married to a black man with whom she has produced the multi-racial children she desires. Otherwise she is prescribing something for the rest of us that she herself is not engaged in, which would certainly qualify as hypocrisy.
    But I, in my dimwitted Scottish-Irish stupor, cannot understand why Ms A-B is in such despair because of her own ancestry. Is there some stigma attached to being of British Isles ancestry? Is it "better" to be, say, of African ancestry? Or Mexican Indian? Or Asian? I know that it is politically correct to say that all this is just due to "accidents of birth", but that is not really the case. I, and my children, are the end result of long centuries and generations of careful breeding and reproduction. I would assume that Ms A-B can say the same.
    It is not so much a question of being "proud" of one's race as it is a question of being content with it. One's race (along with until recently one's sex), is one of the immutable aspects of our character and I would hope that everyone is content to be what he/she is racially. We can only be "proud" of what we ourselves have done, not what some ancestor did, just as we can be blamed for what we did/do but not for what someone else did. How terribly dismal it must be to be dissatisfied with one's own race or sex! I cannot imagine looking every day in a mirror and hating what I see.
    But all that is personal. I would challenge Ms A-B to point to one amalgamated, "multi-culti", multi-racial society now or in history that has been in any way successful. Presently and historically, all successful societies have either been mono-racial/ethnic or have been dominated by one majority. I suspect that if the contributors to this site have their way re. immigration, we shall soon have a chance to observe this new "paradise" close up.
  11. Roger W. Bloxham & Lynn Atherton-Bloxham 's Avatar
    Julian Simon wrote that people are the greatest resource. More people mean more ideas and additional ways of looking at problems and possible solutions. We cannot have a realization of the value of individuals any too soon. Great article!
  12.  Cher Maharaj 's Avatar
    Please I only want to know,will this waiver form and hardship letter work for me,will I ever see my husband
    again,should I call it quits,I am already started figthing with him over the phone,we have been apart for six
    months now,we are only humans,most men humans makes mistake faster than women,I am worried that
    this situation may cause serious problems for us,now I am reading the this waiver form and hardship bill
    is not completed,and further more,I can't come up with a very hard hardship letter,like I said in the past
    I don't have cancer or a brain tumor,what are my chances of life now,and who do I blame.
  13.  Nazar's Avatar
    New "Entrepreneurs in Residence" program sounds promising. However, it is not only Silicon Valley that is facing massive immigration problems - it is the problem of the entire USA. IT industry is already getting most of the H1B visas, just look at the number of petitions for 2011:

    Personally, I went to school for 10 years in US, I passed national boards and received license to practice. Now, instead of opening private clinic and start treating patients, I am trying to get through immigration system for the past year, LEGALLY. I don't need to be sponsored, I am not taking anybody else's job - I will create jobs. Unfortunately, current immigration system will not allow me to accomplish my dream and everything that I've worked for the past 11 years.

    This "Entrepreneurs in Residence" program is just the first step towards improving immigration system. Unfortunately, it is a step in the wrong direction already because they are focusing on tech startups only. Mr. Mayorkas, please, pick applicants from various industries. Immigration changes should not be centered only around IT jobs and Silicon Valley.
  14. Ionut's Avatar
    WARNING: NC GOP Senate Leaders Gut Immigration Bill!!. Jun 14, 2011 . We just received sditurbing news that five or more NC GOP Senate leaders just gutted HB 36 provisions thus protecting illegal alien workers. ..Laughlin's Take - Filed under 'leadership'. Leaders must begin dissenting, then attacking each other. . for abdicating their duties as responsible citizens to seek out those less . Illegal Immigration & Multiculturalism. Just recently, leaders in Europe met together to ..Leader of alien smuggling ring with ties to local street gang .... Mar 21, 2011 . LOS ANGELES - The leader of a human smuggling organization with ties . was responsible for bringing at least 200 illegal aliens per year ..Crime & the Illegal Alien: The Fallout from Crippled Immigration .... Some of the most violent criminals at large today are illegal aliens. . The leadership of the Columbia Li'l Cycos gang, which uses murder and . This Backgrounder focuses on ICE, which is responsible for, among other things, ..WARNING: NC GOP Senate Leaders Gut Immigration Bill - Patriot .... Jun 14, 2011 . We just received sditurbing news that five or more NC GOP Senate leaders just gutted HB 36 provisions thus protecting illegal alien workers. ..Cheers.
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