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Letters of the Week: Feb 13 - Feb 17

Rating: 8 votes, 5.00 average.

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  1. Carrie Ruel-Flores 's Avatar
    Subject: Immigration "gods"

    Using that analogy, I sincerely believe that if the State and citizens serve the humanitarian god, the purposes of the other two will follow to the benefit of sovereignty and economics, all citizens, the whole society and culture!
    (The gods of sovereignty and economics are actually the puppets of the god of racism.)

  2. Jim Norman 's Avatar

    The US immigration is based on very clean and spiritual and goodwill philosophy , and not on economy or military dictatorism like nazi DHS, or other bush bolshetsim and now give theirs green card and leave them free for god sick
  3. Roger and Lynn Bloxham 's Avatar
    Very well said. This is a theme the libertarians and the political Libertarian Party have tried to emphasize now for over 50 years. I fear both "major" political parties have participated in undercutting basic civil liberties.

  4. Adam Centeno 's Avatar

    What goes around comes around. You reap what you sow and in large quantities.
  5. Honza Prchal 's Avatar
    Ilya Somin's excellent What's Distinctive About America? is something I've discussed often with my fellow-immigrants. Our near-universal experience (even those of Americans who unlike me and the author came here recently or not as small children) is comparable to the authors. Americans are, for all the rhetoric about ingrained American prejudice, remarkably accepting of immigrants and remarkably unconscious of ethnicity. In fact, among fellow immigrants, the few dissenters from this observation tend to be those who've forgotten their mother tongue and who are most assimilated into academia - those we consider least likely to have an accurate picture of anything to compare the United States to.
    Now, I work on the Black Farmers' USDA litigation and am cognizant that racism still exists (as do greed, avarice and all the rest of the sins) and that it can, at times, remain institutionalized, but on balance this is still a welcoming place. A thoroughgoing rationalization and simplification of our standards for legal immigration would do wonders for our legal environment, which is far less accepting, just as our protestations of admiration for entrepreneurs are increasingly cultural rather than de jure.

  6. Honza Prchal 's Avatar
    First Item:

    The Human Capital Imperative: Bringing More Minds to America
  7. Diallo Alassane 's Avatar
    makes uscis to reopen the case I-687 for work permit & travel document only for 1 year to go see ours families in west-africa because we are here now for 9 years & pay taxes.thanks//please.
  8. Don Miller's Avatar
    This is the big error in US immigration policy: it tries to be all things to all men and succeeds at none. The only solution is to place an immediate moratorium on ALL grandfathering...until such time as a logical and US-beneficial system can be devised. As the analogy goes, when you find your kitchen floor flooded the first thing you do is turn off the faucet, then you mop up the floor. We are attacking this from exactly the reverse position and we will never achieve any sort of success. We must first decide if continued immigration is even necessary, and if it is, then what kind of immigrant are we looking for. Here the needs of the country and the society must be paramount. No sane immigration policy can be constructed around charity, pity for the poor immigrant, kumbaya, and all that crap. Only the benefit to the gaining society must be considered. If, for example, it is determined that there is a shortage of IT personnel in the US, then we seek out and offer immigration to the needed number of IT people. Same with tomato pickers or oyster shuckers. Precision immigration is what is needed, not the "shotgun", by nation, policy we have now. Immigrants should progress in the line depending on their compatibility with the existing native population and their projected ability to support themselves and make little or no demands on the existing structure. Family immigration should be limited only to spouses and minor children, again, with compatibility being the most important criterion. It is absurd that, under the present US "system" this country is host to 20-30,000 Salvadoran ********ers in the Mara Salvatrucha! What country in its right mind would allow that (thanks, Ronald Reagan!)? It is equally absurd that in the present time young males from Muslim countries are still being granted immigration status in the US! How many young Germans and Japanese males were allowed into the US in, say, 1943? It is painfully obvious that Mexico and other Latin American countries have absolutely no intention of providing for the well-being of their own people and are openly urging them to migrate to the US, for the US taxpayer to support. Is this part of any logical immigration program?
    Immigration must be for the benefit of the gaining country and its people, not the immigrant, although if the immigrant benefits from being allowed in, all the better.
  9. R Yang.'s Avatar
    @ Don Miller,

    I would suggest Mr. Miller and his like minded to buy a small island and impose their own "immigration moratorium" there and hang a sign "This island is for white and English speaking persons only and not looking for welfare or compete for jobs with the "native" Islanders, please". And in their own "self exiled paradise" they can grow their own crops for food, make their own clothings and toys for their kids so they don't need to rely on imports so they don't have to deal with Chinese labor in China who love to "steal" their jobs for cheaper wage as well.

    Sometimes it's quite hilarious to see of all today so called American "conservatives, restrictionists, nativists and bigots" mindset and ideas. My "small island" of isolation paradise may be a good ground for laboratory test for their own views to live on. Let us all see.
  10. Don Miller's Avatar
    Is it the contention of R. Yang and others here that a nation (or is it just the United States)has or should have, absolutely no selective processes in determining who gets to come into the country and settle? An immigration program operated solely on the basis of charity and sympathy for the less-fortunate, the medically handicapped, the mentally disturbed, the criminally inclined, of the bottom-feeder regions of the world would result in the total collapse of the receiving country in very short order. Indeed, the case can be made that precisely this is occurring in several European countries because of their poorly conceived immigration programs. There simply and logically must be a high level of selectivity in any sensible immigration system.

    And for R. Yang...please, please, if you intend to comment on something I write here, read my words first. Your latest diatribe bears absolutely no relation to what I wrote. previously.
  11. Margaret Makar's Avatar
    In response to the 2-13 blog "Obama: Friend Or Foe To The H-1B Program? by Anthony F. Siliato, Esq. and Scott R. Malyk, Esq. I'll add another example on the foe side: rejecting a filing for lack of a $2K fee not due - i.e the PL 111-230 fee for empoyers of >50 ee's of which >50% are H-1B or L. The H-1B data collection form adds a redundant inquiry w respect to whether >50% of such larger employer's ee's are H-1B since the H-1B inquiry is already answered in the question "Is the employer H-1B dependent"? O.k. so maybe they have a bevy of those "nefarious" L-1Bs? This over-regulation of H-1B employers is adversely affecting very legitimate employers by delay unless a negative is refuted upfront! Burdensome. --M. Makar
    Very touching, really, article by Lynn Atherton-Bloxham. The problem is, as it seems to always be, that some people simply refuse to realize that choices have consequences, and sometimes those consequences may not be as we would want them to be. The base of this matter is that at some point a resident of some foreign country decided to come to the United States to live and hopefully work...his choice. Now, by this time I doubt that there is any person in any Latin American country, most especially Mexico and Central American countries, who is totally ignorant of US immigration procedures. Nonetheless, the choice is made, in full knowledge that if apprehended, the immigrant will be detained briefly and then sent back out of the country, quickly. If he is in the meantime convicted of a criminal violation ha may well be detained for a longer time. Every Mexican with whom I have spoken, and I lived there for almost four years and speak fluent Spanish, is well aware of this. Yet they make the choice to come.
    This choice is often compounded by the additional choice to bring a spouse and children, or to have children while here... more choices freely made. Then disaster strikes, American law is enforced, and the offenders are rounded up and sent back home. An easily foreseen consequence of all the previous choices! I myself do not understand why the children do not accompany the deported parents...they have only a debatable claim to US citizenship but a very real and legal claim to the citizenship of their parents.
    Again, the situation described is sad, but it is, in the end, one of which the adult first immigrant was well aware. It was a gamble, just like what one does at the craps table in Las Vegas. And just as the casino is not obligated to make me whole again after I've gambled and lost my paycheck, neither is the US Government, and certainly not the American taxpayer, obligated to make the "unfortunate" immigrant whole by waiving the rules just for him. He rolled the dice and lost. Too bad, but that's life!
    I do believe, in truth, that our entire immigration philosophy needs revising, but this wouod necessitate first of al a total moratorium on all immigration until a new, more logical, system can be developed and tested.
  13. Francisco Martorell 's Avatar
    First, thank you for attempting to understand and explain the complexity of the issue of immigration. Rightly, you identify multiple fields that intertwine in this human phenomenon. It is certainly not confined to a single issue such as the economy. However, using god (several gods) as a metaphor complicates the already complex issue of immigration. The concept of god is used in so many different and unexplainable ways that defeats the purpose of its use in this particular issue of immigration. An alternative would be the use of concepts such as "values" or "principles."
  14. krtracer76's Avatar
    This is the biggest outrage of a report I have seen in years. Our citizens are out of work at an alarming 8% and you have the gall to say immigration is good? Out of all the illegals that your talking about How many are working for cash and not paying taxes?
  15. Kassandra | Labor Posters's Avatar
    Interesting, seems like all you nice to say was really brought out..
  16. R Yang.'s Avatar
    @ Mr. Donald Miller,

    Please do some research on E.U. immigration laws, Google them. They're far stricter than the U.S. and they mean it. Many E.U. member countries are in economic trouble not because of illegal immigration but because of "self entitlement" society when many of the citizens think money grows on the trees and everyone think and feel they're entitled to something without earning it. The rich is avoiding tax, the working poor think 35 working hours per week is already too much and 2 months paid vacation is not
    "generous" enough, the unionized workers love to go on strike and protest on unreasonable demands instead of working for real and people think the retirement age should be lower than 62 years old then we can see what we are watching on what happening in Greece at this moment and God forbids in the near future here at home.

    Regardless of immigration status, ones who decide to procreate and have babies should never ask other taxpayers to pay their expenses to raise the babies. It's common sense.
    It's a common sense to stop anyone who never contribute to the Social Security to collect the benefits they never paid in the first place and with all due respect that include our seniors. Social Security should be run like insurance not as a ponzi scheme as right now. No premium paid, no benefits. Zero in zero out. It's common sense. It's common sense also to abolish affirmative action policy and Cuban adjustment Act, our laws should be based on merits and our Government should rule on meritocracy principles and equal rights for all. Cuban refugees should go to the same procedures as everyone else from any other countries to win their asylum cases. It's common sense.

    When countries decide to borrow more money and digging deeper in debt, it seems they live in prosperity in short moment until bigger and bigger bills plus the interests keep coming due and the irresponsible politicians like today Republicans are stirring up the people anger toward foreigners as convenient scapegoats. Blame Chinese, Mexicans etc. It's easier to play xenophobia, to advance stupid social issues like gay marriage, "sanctity of marriage", birth control and abortion and all the petty issues that should be considered as "please mind your own morality, sins and businesses" instead of preaching values and morality on others ones' don't do themselves instead of giving a clear and reasonable plan on how to create decent jobs, affordable quality universal healthcare coverage, improving our global competitiveness and infrastructures, making our education affordable and the best quality etc. And many Americans are stupid enough to vote on these pandering politicians that have no plan beside saying President Obama is terrible.

    I am confused with the conservatism today. It's not what conservatism as truly is but closer to fascism based on ignorance, intolerance, xenophobia and semi theocracy politics.

  17. Roger Algase's Avatar
    One correction needs to be made to Harry DeMell's February 15 article about the DREAM Act, even though this actually bolsters his point, rather than detracting from it.

    Mr. DeMell blames President Obama for not trying to bring at least a couple of Republican Senators on board to support the DREAM Act. In fact, The president's neglect or lack of interest was even more serious and less excusable.

    3 Republicans actually crossed party lines to vote for cloture on DREAM. But the bill still fell 5 votes short of the 60 votes needed to make it filibuster-proof. 5 Democrats either voted against cloture or failed to show up to vote at all.

    As far as I know, Obama did nothing to try to keep these 5 members of his own party in line. If all 5 had voted to support the bill, the DREAM Act would have passed. The failure of the DREAM Act to pass lies squarely at the president's door.
  18. Roger Algase's Avatar
    I need to correct my previous comment about Harry DeMell's February 15 article. In that comment, I mistakenly assumed that he was referring secifically to the DREAM Act when he blamed President Obama for not trying to round up 2 Republican Senate votss to pass it.

    However, I now realize that Mr. DeMell was not necessarily referring to the DREAM act specifically in that sentence, but merely to other unspecified "significant legislation" dealing with immigration. However, this does not change the main point, on which I entirely agree with Mr. DeMell: President Obama did little or nothing to lobby Congress to pass immigration change. He only made elegant speeches about it.
  19. Ray Story 's Avatar
    Subject: Immigration

    USA immigration laws and enforcements are as fair and balanced as the 98% federal conviction rate.

    They both stink and are in need of a complete overhaul.

    Keep up the good work.

  20. Joe Whalen's Avatar
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