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Letters of the Week: Feb 6 - Feb 10

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  1. Joe Whalen's Avatar
    Criminal defense lawyers and the immigration lawyers they regularly consult need to read this case:
    The wide range and scope of mistakes in which the criminal defense attorney may hide continues to shrink each time someone else's mistake is addressed by a court.
  2. Margaret Makar's Avatar
    CIS reform re H-1B spouses illusory?

    Dear Editor,

    I read Greg Siskind's blog which alerted me to CIS proposed rule to allow certain spouses of H-1Bs to work when principal has filed for adjustment. I checked the original CIS press release. It says, "This proposed change to the current DHS regulation would allow certain spouses of H-1B visa holders to legally work while their visa holder spouse waits for his or her adjustment of status application to be adjudicated." Huh? What's the fact pattern that derives a benefit from since spouses usually join in principal's adjustment which application includes the application for EAD?

  3. Mrs. Caballero's Avatar
    Subject: Question about dual citizenship

    Dual citizenship:
    It is my understanding that for you to have dual citizenship, one has to be born in country X and then acquire the citizenship of country Y by naturalization ( that means having two passports -one for each country-)... Now, my question is, and this has been bothering me for the longest time, how come black Americans want to be called "African-Americans" when they were born here and has never been in Africa . I need someone to define this for me, please. Are blacks in America ashamed to be Americans and they need the African part to be there? ... I mean, what kind of ideology is this one? I realized that the people that were brought here as slaves, they were true African-Americans; but their descendants were born here...they are as Americans as apple pie and should be proud of it.
  4. Roger & Lynn Bloxham 's Avatar
    as a response to your article:
    Though finance and economics is a very important component in discussing immigration with those opposed, do not forget that there is an ethical issue that should not be ignored. Several quick illustrations to make my point.

    Native Americans: Peaceful solutions were abandoned and the militant choice prevailed. The U. S. Government adopted an unethical position of slaughter, forced marches, relocation, taking children from their parents and placing them in foster homes or in schools to "civilize" them. Ethical thinking would have prevented this extreme behavior.
    Chinese: were stereotyped and demonized and entry prevented.
    African Slaves: continued slavery even after other countries had found peaceful solutions for its end.
    Jewish Refugees: Prevented entry when a simple solution of welcome would have sent a strong signal to Hitler that America valued their lives. Japanese: rounded them up and interned them in camps.
    Cubans: Wet foot Dry foot was a policy based on luck, not morality.
    And there are more mistakes where immigration is concerned.
    I am not a philosopher, rather my field does usually emphasize economics and monetary considerations. Where immigration is concerned, good economics and positive results favor extensive reform. However, when speaking with anti immigrant groups, do not forget the
    enormous value of also presenting the ethical position.
    Lynn Atherton Bloxham
    Thanks for all your great information.!

  5. John J. Brannigan 's Avatar
    You already know my position on immigration, liberty, liberty, liberty. Open the boarders, legalize drugs and reduce Government. If you can'y find a job go to Calif. and pick tomatoes and fruit. Quite relying on Government to give you everything, from housing to health care. Stick together with your family and raise your children and if necessary give home schooling. That is the AMERICAN way I grew up with and it works.
  6. Don Miller's Avatar
    Mrs Caballero: good and appropriate question. The reason is that black Americans are still searching for their own identity...their "roots" if you will. One of the greatest blunders this country has ever made in modern times was the decision/decisions, to open the doors to hordes of unassimilable immigrants, legal and otherwise, from various 3d world places, before insuring the complete assimilation of our own fellow American citizens who happen to be black. Prior to 1965, the American demographic was apx. 85% european-descended white, 10% black (most of whom had deeper roots here than many of the whites). and apx. 5% other...Asians, hispanics, et al. Black Americans were on their way toward complete assimilation into one unified American culture. Then, starting in 1965,the doors were opened wide. Millions of immigrants from Asia, real Africans, Latin Americans, were allowed in, even encouraged to immigrate. Black Americans were shoved even further down the social scale to accomodate these new arrivals. Now we have the appalling situation in this country where real, long-term, Americans are on the bottom of every social and cultural measure, from school attendance to employment to crime to welfare, public health...they are for the most part scorned and ignored by the newcomers who feel no sense of historical responsibility toward them and who, quite frankly, don't give a damn about them. How could any society have committed such a monumental blunder? Instead of "casting down our bucket where we were", we gave up on our fellow black Americans and chose instead to fill our country with strangers who have no ties here, no roots, no understanding of our culture, our history, even our language. People who had no part in the settling, founding, bleeding for, our country.
    How should black Americans feel? For 300 years of slavery, Jim Crow, discrimination, etc., only to be thrown under the bus in favor of hordes of foreigners who care nothing about the country!
    Let them call themselves whatever they please! That is their right and there is precious little else for them to call their own in this country. "Press one for English"?
  7. Joe Whalen's Avatar

    Hearing on: "Regional Perspectives on Agricultural Guestworker Programs"

    Thursday 2/9/2012 - 9:30 a.m. 10:00 a.m.

    2141 Rayburn House Office Building

    Subcommittee on Immigration Policy and Enforcement
  8. R Yang.'s Avatar
    @Mr. Don Miller.

    Now, the restrictionists try to play race cards by pitting the African Americans with other races or minorities. It's disgusting and shameful.Any healthy, able bodied, sane US born Americans should have no excuses and reasons why they must beg on our cities streets while undocumented immigrants can and are working hard trying to feed their families back home. I have never seen any Latinos or Asians begging on our streets honestly, those who become homeless or beggars or drug addicts are mostly if not all "European Americans" or "African Americans". I am not a racist but just stating the fact that I observe in my daily life. If ones choose to become drug addicts and homeless persons by their free will and conscience then nothing to blame but themselves.

    Restrictionists can bet with me that I believe that a hardworking illegal Chinese immigrant from Fuzhou, Fujian province China who doesn't speak English at all will be successful in 10 years time frame (speak English, own business, own his own house and car etc.) just by giving him 100% legal status right now while so many so called "native" Americans still whine about their "jobs" and life. Same thing applied to hardworking Latinos.

    In 1986 President Reagan gave Amnesty to million of illegal immigrants and how many of them are still on welfare today by percentage compared to those who are native born but on welfare.

    Only lazy idiots who don't see the golden opportunity here in America by still expecting welfare checks to support them while they can reach their American Dream if they are really working hard for it.

  9. Carla's Avatar
    I like all you posts, they are all very informative and useful. This one is not the exception! Thank you very much for your work and keep up!

  10. Don Miller's Avatar
    Mr.Yang's latest perfectly supports my description of the scorn and disgust that immigrants feel toward Americans. He is exactly correct in his description of the economic progress made by many immigrants, especially certain Asians, but one has to wonder why these "paragons" of all human virtue were such abject failures in their own countries? As for his allegation that all the homeless, beggars et al, here are Americans, well...duh! Wanna bet all the beggars and homeless in China are Chinese and that all the beggars in Mexico are Mexicans and that all the homeless in Korea are Korean? What else would they be, Mr. Yang?
  11. Robert Murtha 's Avatar
    Subject: Alabama

    Dear Editor:
    Personally, I think that the good people of Alabama should be treated to a showing of "A Day without a Mexican" and then allowed to go bankrupt in the racist stew that they have brewed for themselves.
  12. Regina Alberty's Avatar
    7 Feb 2012

    Comment on Immigration is an economy issue not a security issue:

    The fact is that certain aspects of Immigration require us to be security conscious. But for the most part, the people who come to live here are not interested in terrorism, they are in fact fleeing economies that do not allow them to have jobs to feed their families, or societies where they cannot achieve their full potential.

    We need to have an idea of how many people should come in to help the U.S. economy, the kinds of jobs available and where the jobs are located. We should then advertise the findings and allow undocumented aliens already in the country to apply for the jobs. For those who qualify for the jobs, we should give them some form of legal residence. I say some form because there are issues that need to be considered. If the undocumented aliens has been filing taxes yearly, if they have never been arrested, etc., they should be given permanent residence. It should not be too difficult to establish a criteria to determine the degree of trustworthiness to be rewarded. That should alleviate the issue of the 11 million undocumented aliens in the country.

    Visa applications from consulates abroad should be reviewed using the same economic analysis. Which kind of immigrants we need to come in and where in the country they are needed and approve applications from those who qualify so that they come in legally.

    This is a very complex issue and I am not deluding myself into thinking that I have all of the answers, but something along these lines should be done and soon.
  13. McTyier, Jay 's Avatar
    Subject: Immigration is Primarily an Economic Issue?

    I don't agree with the statement in yesterday's issue that immigration is "primarily an economic issue." As I see it, our immigration laws have become so complex and contradictory because the American people expect their immigration laws to serve three gods simultaneously: the god of Economics, the god of Humanitarianism, and the god of State Sovereignty. Examples of the laws that serve the god of Economics are those provisions that allow any foreign workers in at all, but also the laws that say there needs to be market testing of available U.S. workers before you hire a foreign one. Things like cancellation of removal based on established equities in the U.S., asylum, special immigrant juvenile status, and the exemption of "immediate family members" from the worldwide visa quotas, and the delegation of prosecutorial discretion serve the god of Humanitarianism. The laws describing entry and inspection procedures and the power to deport serve the god of State Sovereignty. And I think all Americans would agree that all those provisions of law just referenced reflect their beliefs about what our immigration law "should do;" and are therefore necessary and useful--in their time.

    The messiness comes when the facts of any one situation invoke the attention of all three gods at once. The new law in Alabama was clearly enacted to appease the god of State Sovereignty, but, as the figures are showing, it's hurting the interests of the Economics god. And, I imagine if you dig a little, you'll find several families in Alabama facing a separation from each other or what they believed was their home, as a collateral consequence of the new law. And that upsets the kind god of Humanitarianism.

    Just as the ancient Greeks who worshipped a panoply of gods found out, you can anger one god--maybe all the rest of them-- when doing your best to serve another. Then you have to rely on that one god to save you, when the others are hurling catastrophes at you. In the context of current day Alabama, the good people of Alabama need to decide if the benefits of having bowed so low before the god of State Sovereignty will protect them from the slings and arrows of the god of Economics. Based on the numbers published here, the god of State Sovereignty is not giving them much in return for their blind worship.
  14. Honza Prchal 's Avatar
    Subject: FW: Feb 6 - Cost Of Bad Laws

    Your editorial about the cost of Alabama's immigration law is spot on, but how many of those jobs will be "filled" by those legally here, is a question even those of us uneasy about the law would like answered. That sort of thing is hard to quantify but at least guestimates would be helpful in any informed debate.

    If this has been legal correspondence, please act accordingly. For example, if you've received this message in error, please delete the message immediately after letting me know.
  15. Jim Norman 's Avatar
  16. Joe Whalen's Avatar
    To add my two-cents to the J1-B Telecon from the CIS Ombudsman, I offer he following short essay:
  17. R Yang.'s Avatar
    @Mr. Don Miller, my point is US citizens who are born right here in America should never whine about their situation regardless they are white, yellow, black, red or may be green skin color. No excuses, no scapegoating, period. Americans have every opportunity to advance themselves and African Americans have pardon for my frankness "Affirmative Action" policy aka reversed racism that favor them over others on college admissions and certain hiring decisions in public or private sectors. Illegal immigrants don't have these kind of privilege and luxury.

    Mr. Miller asked why not hardworking Chinese stay home then and be successful in China ? Yes, some stay put and be successful and some have no opportunity in China because they're lack of capital, condition and political connection with the ruling
    Communist party officials and they are looking for opportunities outside their homeland. Centuries ago, hungry Irish people went to the USA for better opportunity as well. Why should we fuss about others decision to find better place and opportunity to thrive and survive. Many South Americans also must leave their countries out of desperation and poverty and plus the narco mafia wars there and same with the Haitians and it's part of our universal human rights to do so to survive.

    Mr. Miller wrote that off course in the US the homeless and beggars are black or white Americans here on out streets, because they're the majority, but that's not the point. The point is how comes US born Americans with all the opportunities available are begging on the streets if not out of their laziness and while illegal immigrants can support themselves and also contribute to the Treasury in form of taxes and manage to send home some money for their family there.

    What really wrong and dangerous in our society is the culture and mindset of self entitlements of anything because we feel we're US citizens, never ever think about how can we survive and succeed with our own hard work and merits and also the scapegoating game that all of our problems are caused by somebody else.

    Many of our politicians, particularly Republicans love to blame Chinese for our deficit problems and jobs loss. This is shameful. Any Americans who care about jobs here at home should buy and shop only made in USA. Unless American consumers are willing and happy to pay extra labor costs because they want to support their fellows to make their apparels, gadgets and toys then it's hypocritical to condemn Chinese because it is us that want great cheap prices on everything we shop today and the only way to meet our demand is by outsourcing those jobs overseas.
  18. Joe Whalen's Avatar
    The latest edition of the EOIR's Immigration Law Advisor is available at:

    More are at:
  19. Anderson's Avatar
    Subject: Immigration and economy

    My name is Anderson and this is the real situation. Illigals imigrants who work and live in the us and their famaly live back home is the reason why the us dollar is not staying in the us,becaues they work and send the money home to support their family and am talking adout more than half there salary average about $10,000 us a year per immigrant.Another thing driver licen if u give them licen u can keep track of them then they put back alot in the economy buying a car, insurance,parts,gas,repais,licen,inspection
  20. Diana Tsai's Avatar
    Need a job? I have one for you, but you will need to be self-motivated. WheelSky Logistics, Inc. is a small international logistics company in City of Industry, California, near Los Angeles, that is growing slowly. We need to grow quicker and therefore need a sales person to bring in shipping business. We cannot afford to pay a salary, but will pay a generous commission on sales made. However, it seems no American will work like that, even when they are unemployed and sitting around on their duff drawing unemployment. We will hire any color, any race, any sex or sexual orientation, young, old, it doesn't matter. We just want someone who can deliver what we need. I do not believe illegal immigration should be allowed, but at least illegals, for the most part, work hard. Let one American step forward and take our offer. If you can produce, you will make money. If you can't produce, go back on unemployment, because nobody needs you.
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