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Letters of the Week: Jan 30 - Feb 3

Rating: 4 votes, 5.00 average.

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  1. Cher Maharaj 's Avatar
    Subject: hardship letter Tell me,I am trying to figure out why are they taking our money when they fully know that they have no intention of granting any visas to people that are filing waivers,this crap about hardship letter,is making me sicker and sicker as the days go by,if I didn't have a break down then,I'm surely getting one now, tell me does paper cost so much these days,not to mention lawyers who are being paid to fail,a ******** waiver form cost $580.00 plus lawyer fee,all of this knowing you still may not get through,why must my life and future depend on ******** crooks in the drivers seat,wasn't we taught from a young age to speak up if something was wrong,well this is wrong,I have written to this president a number of times,I am not speacial,I know they will ignore these letters,but I think the folks with this issue should all come together in front or near to the white house, and rally I don't want all my good years to pass by,without my husband in it,these crooks should not decide when I should be in my husband arms or not,while they have a wife and some even have outside lovers,while I have to ******** beg for my one legally married husband.
  2.  james's Avatar
    Dear Editor, I cannot wait to agree with you that "We need more people to come to this country, ready to work and to contribute their creativity to our economy. U.S. immigration policies should reflect that principle. Just as Republicans believe in free trade of goods, weshould support the freer flow of human talent." You know they always down play the problem of immigration until election year and I am glad they are always hunted by their own actions and words. " What makes America Geat". Immigrants.
  3. Michelle Mijangos 's Avatar
    I think all this needs to stop and let them take the process of their papers here in the united states to get legal this is giving me a headache trying to get my husband legal because he came with no inspection and a deportation ,I need this more then ever for him to stay here with his family in united states to raise our daughter.I am a citizen white born here and i fill like i have no rights and i do vote so dont lie to me to get in the race because all it would do is breack our family up and hurt my daughter that is five yrs old.
  4. Michael's Avatar
    Dear Editor, Greetings. It was just simply amazing to hear a lone voice of reason in the political mud slinging/wrestling - Jeb Bush. "We need more people to come to this country, ready to work and to contribute their creativity to our economy." - an obvious truth, if one just thinks about it. But then I guess this activity is foreign to congress.
  5. Joe Whalen's Avatar
    I subscribe to many mailing lists. The Library of Congress' THOMAS is among them, they just sent this:

    THOMAS: Tip of the Week for Library of Congress. This information has recently been updated, and is now available.
    "Tip of the week" - January 29, 2012 - Committee Reports

    Committee Reports are available in THOMAS for the 104th (1995) Congress through the current Congress. Committee reports reveal the "legislative intent" of the committee in recommending a measure. To begin a search of these reports, click "Committee Reports" in the left-hand navigation.
  6. Don Miller's Avatar
    To Cher Maharaj...I cannot defend lawyers' fees or tactics, but who keeps you from being with your husband? Unless either you or he is in prison, I cannot see any reason that you can't be together. Is he not allowed to come to the US? Are you not allowed to go to his country, whatever that is? You need to explain your problem more in detail here. Ohhhh...I think I get it! One of you is not eligible under Ameican immigration law to come into the US and the other doesn't want to go to his/her country. Am I right? Well, lots of folks have happy and wonderful lives and never once set foot in the US, so as long as the two of you are together, why must you be in this country? If you find one door closed to you, try another, or you could just stay home?
  7. Peggrey@'s Avatar
    Subject: Self-deportation

    Enjoyed your comments about "self-deportation" and "getting back in line" in one's native country. Experienced immigration lawyers know how that goes. However, the Latinos in Florida, particularly Cubanos who make up a large percentage of the registered GOP voters, who just voted for Romney as their presidential candidate, don't seem concerned about practicing "self-deportation". Mitt Romney is, after all, a banker and money is no object in this campaign. The banks have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Reminds me of an old saw, "Money talks, something else walks". Also, does anyone know who the notorious Willie Sutton was? He was a bank robber - robbed banks exclusively. When asked why he only robbed banks, he said, "Because that's where the money is". Predictably, the GOP campaign will go the MR/MR way - Mitt Romney/Marco Rubio.
  8. Joe Whalen's Avatar
    The AAO non-precedent found here: provides a pretty good summary of the legal framework used for the I-601 waivers. It helps to know what they will be looking for so that you may present a better case.
  9. питомник Алегро-Браво's Avatar
    ???? ?????
  10. Joe Whalen's Avatar

    Deported Texas teen maintains alias in jail calls


    DALLAS (AP) - A Dallas teenager deported to South America under a false name never expressed concern during jailhouse phone calls that she was misidentified as an illegal Colombian immigrant.

    In a recent television interview, 15-year-old Jakadrien Turner said she tried repeatedly to convince Houston police she had lied when she initially identified herself to them as Tika Lanay Cortez. She had told police who arrested her for shoplifting she was a 21-year-old Colombian national.

    In more than two dozen recorded telephone calls reviewed by The Associated Press, Turner said she expected deportation to Colombia and didn't complain of having no ties to the country.

    Instead, in several conversations with two men, she identified herself as Cortez and discussed renewing her green card and having her passport and Colombian ID sent to authorities.
    2012-02-03 08:04:29 GMT

    The above is not a surprise to me. Did anybody really believe it was a "Mistake"?
  11. Joe Whalen's Avatar
    Criminal defense lawyers and the immigration lawyers they regularly consult need to read this case:
    The wide range and scope of mistakes in which the criminal defense attorney may hide continues to shrink each time someone else's mistake is addressed by a court.
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