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Letters of the Week: Jan 16 - Jan 20

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    I know that you and undoubtedly the majority of contributors to this site will be rejoicing at the prospective end of "white, "European" America. Possibly I too would rejoice if I had any certainty that the replacement would be in any way an improvement. As an historian, however, taking into consideration the origins,the ethnicity, the national achievements of the homelands from which these "minorities" have emerged, I have to be very pessimisistic about the future of the United States, if indeed there is to be one. Let's take a look. By far the majority of these emerging minority groups are of latin-american origin. Another large group is of African background. In addition, there are significant numbers of people from southern Asia as well as from China and Korea.
    The cold facts are that neither Latin America nor Africa nor any of their peoples in diaspora have ever made any contribution of any significance in areas that are normally considered crucial to civilizational development. Not one country in either region has ever managed to produce a stable democratic governing system or an effective economic system. The only country that has come close is Chile, where what stability that exists was established by an enlightened but brutal fascistic military dictatorship. Southern Asia is essentially the same as far as achievements are concerned. Despite the current IT progress in India, where many of our minorities come from, this affects only a tiny percentage of the Indian masses, most of whom still live in grinding poverty. China is very similar. Korea and Japan are indeed industrial and technological giants, but tend to either come here in small numbers or stay briefly and then go home.
    So, while you rejoice, pray tell us just what will take the place of what we now have? Who will be the "Founding Fathers" of the new minority America? What language will we all babble in? What political system will we have; Argentina's, Egypt's, Tanzania's? Whose economic system will prevail...Peru's, Viet Nam's? Gotta decide, folks, because when "whitey" goes, he will probably take all his "toys" as well.
    Always bear in mind, no matter how much it may discomfit you, that the reason all these minorities are here is because of what this white, European country has to offer them. And the reason that this country has so much to offer is precisely because of its founding and development for three centuries by those very white Europeans you are so happy to get rid of. Well, soon you (and the world) will be able to see what you can do. What will you do with this place that you appear to hate so much. We will wait with bated breath for your latino George Washington and your African Abraham Lincoln and your Asian Tom Jefferson, et al, to lead the new United States. Or should I say "Estados Unidos"?
  2. Roger Algase's Avatar
    Don, your comments are just slightly out of date. No doubt, in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, the delusion that white people were innately superior to other ethnic groups was popular in America.

    This led to slavery, segregation, lynchings, Chinese exclusion laws, the 1924 Immigration Act, internment of Japanese Americans and all sorts of other instances of racial violence and hate too numerous to mention.

    But we are now, let me remind you, in the 21st Century. Regurgitating the racist hate talk of earlier eras can only cause outrage in today's America. Before long, the main reaction will be just laughter.

    If you are unhappy with living in a land where white supremacy is no longer the dominant ideology, then America is the wrong country for you. You might do well to look around elsewhere.
  3. Joe Whalen's Avatar
    List of USCIS District Directors was posted for the purpose of filing duplicate requests for BIA Recognition and accreditation. However, there may be additional uses for this information. USCIS indicated in the Dec 2, 2011, Capacity Building and UPIL telecon that this would be a stopgap measure and that USCIS was looking into including this information elsewhere such as on the office locator pages.
  4. Richard Y's Avatar
    @ Mr. Miller

    It's very obvious that you have a white supremacy pride with you. It's white Europeans that used the "Devide et Impera" to divide people in their colonies against each other until today.
    There were no good excuses for white Europeans to migrate to other lands including to "build a better civilization" at the expenses and the blood of the natives and aborigines, let alone today by putting fences and elaborate immigration restriction on their stolen lands. It's a disgrace and hypocritical.

    If many countries now messed up in the third world it's because the greed, corruption and violence that are cultivated by first world multinational corporations. Yes, the people in Asia, Africa and South America must unite and set aside their differences and work together to build better countries for themselves but it's hard when so many of their leaders are greedy and being bribed by MNCs that are exploiting their countries natural resources until today. When white people were still living in caves and with stone age like civilization, the Mayans, Incans, Egyptians, Chinese etc. had mastered much more advance knowledge and civilization.

    We have to go back to our basics here. Do we really have rights to restrict other human beings moving to other geographical locations for survival and better opportunities over the resentment of those who are already there at the first place or earlier who hate to compete with the new comers ? If so, why we feel it's unjust if the same restriction apply to ourselves then ? Is it hypocritical and double standard ?

    That the biggest question of all restrictionists here that must be answered.

  5. Jim Roberts's Avatar
    Dear Editor:

    Regarding the letters of R. Yang and R. Algase, if there are any two that would seem to be more content in another country, it would be them. Both letters contain their usual distortions and hyprocrisy with RY saying that original migrants had no right to come here but they all do today to participate in the wealth that the former created. RA warns of "Regurgitating the racist hate talk of earlier eras" after he did exactly that. The immigration recipe that that has at times been beneficial to traditional America has featured limited, selected numbers with assimilation to American values and culture. Excessive migration, both legal and illegal, with lax and/or token enforcement precludes these prudent parameters and provides the destructive societal influences that contributes to the downfall of civilizations as the
    profound example of the Roman Empire and others have shown. Communism
    still seeks to destroy Christianity, our Constitution and America, the methods have just been changed. What the old Soviet Union and friends could not do militarily, is now sought by "progressives" through Cultural Marxism, primarily by the Democrats with a lot of help from
    RINO Republicans. With attacks on our national sovereignty and fabric
    in many areas including mass legal and illegal migration, Cultural Marxism has greatly changed US. This in not an accident, but by design by Globalists in promoting the NWO with the help of Plantation Profiteers, Ethnic and Special Interests and the Deluded [II Thess.
    2:11-12]. See: "Are You Ready for the NWO?" (And) Rabbi Shifren
    - "Multiculturalism"
    RA and RY need to explain why their agendas which destroys traditional America on the phony alter of egalitarianism is an improvement over the Founders creation based on law, liberty and limited government as a sovereign nation. See: "Paved With Good Intentions: The Failure of Race Relations in Contemporary America" (A review).
    If mass migration is such a beneficial thing, why does it always result in such a high level of strife, contentions and controversies?

  6. Tim Ho 's Avatar
    January 17, 2012

    The Government Accountability Office (GAO) today released the following reports,
    testimony, and correspondence:


    Immigrant Integration: U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Could Better
    Assess Its Grant Program, GAO-12-274, December 16

    After abnormal becomes normal, what is abnormal?
  7. Don Miller's Avatar
    Roger, there is no question here of "white supremacy". We are dealing solely with historical fact, regarding which, as is your right, you have opinions which differ greatly from mine. We both are entitled to our own opinions but not to our own facts. The historical facts are that the country we call the United States was settled, founded, developed, and built for the first apx. 300 years of its existence, counting the colonial experience, by western Europeans almost entirely of British Isles origin. As you well know, except for almost infinitesimal numbers, immigration from other parts of Europe was basically non-existent prior to the turn of the 2oth century, and then was limited and on occasion halted. It is only since roughly the revisions to the immigration act in 1965 that we begin to experience the massive influx of people from Latin America, Asia, and Africa. It is simply an untruth to pretend that somehow these recent immigrants were in any way "present at the beginning".
    Now, you predict, or propose, that in a few years these recent arrivals will completely outnumber the descendents of the original settlers and will inevitably set the rules. You may well be right, for all I know, but being right does not mean being better, and that is my point. If you and your cadre can also, with straight faces, propose that your future America will be better than what has existed for 300 years, I will certainly listen. But you need to present some facts, and that is the theme of my letters in this site.
    I am personally and academically familiar with the countries from whence these new immigrants are coming, and when I state that none of them comes from a place which has in any meaningful way enriched world civilization or culture, science or economics, political stability or, in many cases, human rights...I am not giving you my opinion, I am stating facts. As an educated man and lawyer that you are, I cannot understand why this concept seems to elude your understanding. You must know that immigrants do not arrive here naked and culturally empty. They bring with them hundreds if not thousands of years of ethnic and cultural "baggage" as it were, which is not immediately shed upon crossing our borders, as tho they passed thru some srt of cultural "car wash" at the border.
    And here is where I have to draw the immigration line. When "immigration" becomes "migration" as it certainly has from Latin America, esp. Mexico and Central America, then IMO the America that I know, that has existed with all its faults, is in mortal danger of disappearing and I will resist this. Ergo, my letters to this site.
    Please, though, let's not cross the line in these discussions into ad hominen attacks...I am not a "white supremacist" I learned who is "supreme' for two years in Viet Nam, and I am not a Nazi or whatever. I am an American nationalist and I do not want my children and grandchildren to live in an extention of northern Mexico. You seem not to mind, and even welcome this future. Again, that is your right, but you should wonder whether you would still have that right to dissent under the new Asian, Latino, or African government that your demographic changes will inevitably bring about. I would be very pessimistic about any meaningful "Bill of Rights" in your future America.
  8. Richard Y.'s Avatar
    @ Mr. Robert

    US "prosperity" is the result of spending beyond its means and living large on huge credit card debt that can conveniently maxed out and raised anytime at will (so far) and the fact that US dollar our currency is still world reserve currency but soon or later this status will go away because we can't control of how we spend our money and how we must balance our check book. The entire world is losing faith on our finance, currency and economy because of our reckless spending. Europe also enjoys such a high living standard by digging deep into debt for paying their unsustainable welfare programs. If this nightmare becomes a reality then we have nothing to blame but ourselves not the immigrants. It's a shame that many so called "conservatives" keep blaming immigrants for all problems happening right now in this country. Stirring up xenophobia is the most effective tool for corrupt and incompetent politicians instead offering us honest and real solutions for our economy problems. Dear Mr. Roberts and Miller, if our country is bankrupt and foreclosed, our currency falls from its throne then we will learn harder on how we must earn our living. Inflation soars, joblessness will too. And we will be the ones who must "cross the border or oceans" to find jobs in other countries and we will feel how's the feeling of today immigrants we always demonize just because they want better live, wages and opportunities.
    Mr. Miller acknowledged that the majority of US population was from Europe particularly Britain and the surrounding, now why those Europeans must move to the Americas then, who gave them right to do so, did they seek out blessing and permission to move in from any natives who were there first as courtesy etc.
    Human beings have migrated here and there and there were less red tapes just less than centuries ago than today. It's possible for ones to travel from Paris to St. Petersburg in Russia before year 1914 without passport or visa, but today
    there's so much hassles to do so in the name of nativism and protectionism.
    Defending isolationism, nativism and protectionism is just the same like defending apartheid laws. Ones will never win any arguments to defend any injustice and double standard except giving out some ridiculous and absurd excuses of why they may discriminate others but will reject any injustice from others upon themselves.
  9. Paul Good's Avatar
    Excuse me, but the last I knew Puerto Rico was a part of the U.S. You are not migrating out of the U.S. when you visit Puerto Rico any more than you are doing so when you travel from Idaho to Montana
  10. Alan I Phillips 's Avatar
    Very good but why no IN to China when you have an OUT?
  11. Alan I Phillips 's Avatar
    total immigrants into Palestine wrong
  12. Alan I Phillips 's Avatar
    Netherlands has got Netherlands immigrating into itself!
  13. star023 jon  's Avatar
    Is not fair how this politicians talk about peoples who try to find and to do a good life for they`r family`s. The grand, grand father of Romney was an illegal immigrant two. But who ask him at the time. So I think is fair to give a chance to this peoples who are here in US illegal and they`r record in clean. USA is a country of immigrants , that`s for sure.
  14. trixi doe 's Avatar

  15. Richard Y.'s Avatar
    @ Trixi Doe,

    Please calm down and think rationally, Sir. Illegal immigration costs "trillion of dollar", where does this number come from ?
    Bigots and restrictionists should be ashamed of themselves on this continuing ignorance and lies. Social Security, Medicare and Defense budget cost trillion dollars and that's true and only once again ONLY LEGAL US citizens or residents who can access those welfare benefits.

    Everyone in the US that own or rent properties including the those without status are paying property taxes directly or indirectly through their landlords and those taxes are used to pay our public school system. So illegal immigrants do PAY their kids' cost of education. When they work using fake SSN they pay FEDERAL and STATE income taxes, Social Security and Medicare taxes as well without the possibility to claim for tax return or social security benefits in the future. When they shop, they pay state and local sales taxes that finance the state and local governments operation. So folks, please stop the stupid baseless rants about those "amigos" want "freebies" from American tax payers, while in fact it is some other Americans who have no shame expecting handouts they don't deserve because they're lazy and gaming our welfare system.

    @ Alan Phillips,

    China has its own weird internal immigration control. It has 2 special territories Hongkong S.A.R. and Macau S.A.R which have their own immigration control that won't allow Mainland Chinese citizens to come and work freely into the territories while Hongkong and Macau residents are considered as Chinese citizens and they can move, work, study, live in Mainland China as they please. As Mainland China is catching up on income level to more prosperous Hongkong and Macau, the restrictions become less intense today and eventually there will be more freedom of movement in the future. While Hongkongers or Macaunese can breath in relief because they can avoid massive immigration wave from the Mainland but it doesn't mean they can take things for granted since they have to compete with Mainlanders anyway because may Hongkong or Macau businesses are moving to Mainland cities close to their border with Mainland. Immigration restrictions in Hongkong and Macau don't mean a "free pass" for their residents to take things for granted.

    China also impose the "Hukou" system, every resident should be registered their household in their respective municipalities and changing domicile to other cities is not quite easy particularly big cities such as Beijing or Shanghai. Those who are not the "natives" of Beijing or Shanghai won't be able to enjoy benefits provided to native residents there. Those who don't have proper permits and jobs will be sent back to their original municipalities aka being "deported".
    If this kind of laws were enacted in New York city or LA or Houston, there will be huge uproar among us. How comes US citizens are barred to reside, move and work anywhere they choose and go inside the US territories because such arrogant local municipal government can enact their own "immigration control" toward residents from other counties or municipalities.

    Talking about fairness, off course such restrictions and laws are never fair. But Chinese government not only trying to discourage massive urbanization to big cities but also trying to improve living standard and infrastructures in its rural and second and third tiers cities across the nation, so there will be less need and desire for people there to move to big cities.

  16. Don Miller's Avatar
    Trixiedoe and Alan Phillips both partially usual Richard Y is incomprehensible. I would suggest, thogh, that the real problem is twofold. First is the fact that the people, we, the Americans who live here, are never given a voice in immigration policies. Whohas the better right to decide who can come to live among us in our country than we ourselves? Refer to the thought behind the 3d Amendment to the Constitution about quartering soldiers upon the people without their consent! And the reason we are never consulted is because those who make immigration policy, the ethnic pressure groups, the immigration legal community, the cheap-labor "businesspeople", et al know perfectly well that the American people, whites and blacks, would in all probability severely restrict if not halt, all immigration until some rational and sane policy could be devised. So we are never asked. Second, is the serious danger that comes with having almost all immigrants, illegal and otherwise, stem from just one country, Mexico. What ever happened to our sacred "diversity"? I have long believed that what we are witnessing in recent years is not "immigration" but rather an invasion, or a "tribal migration", which would be characterized by massive hordes of totally different peoples, moving en masse out of their native land into the territory of another people and settling there. This has happened many times in history, always to the great loss of the people on the receiving end. Money is only a minor problem...the greater problem is simply the loss of our country. There are now throughout the US towns and even cities where the language of choice is Spanish, where virtually everyone is (usually) Mexican, and which wre, ipso facto, outposts of Mexico. It is historically and geographically understandable that there would be heavy Mexican influence along the border in the southwest, but what is the Mexican "connection" in Iowa, North Carolina, Connecticut, New Jersey, and many other states where "little Mexicos" have appeared? This to me is the far greater problem and one which we may well regret for centuries to come just as now we should be totally regretting allowing African slavery in centuries past. Otherwise perfectly decent albeit mis-guided people like Roger Algase think this is swell, but none of them would actually live in Mexico, El Salvador, et al, as I have for almost nine years.
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