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Letters of the Week: Jan 9 - Jan 13

Rating: 2 votes, 5.00 average.

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  1. Joe Whalen's Avatar
    Did you know that there is no requirement to issue a "Notice of Intent"? In fact, the proposed procedural change to I-601 processing is something that could easily be issued as an Interim Rule or even a Direct Final Rule (although a DFR would get much added backlash from anti-immigration groups and individuals so is less desire-able). I offer some deeper thoughts on this aspect in the article posted at this link.
  2. James Kilduff 's Avatar
    Excuse me..the congressional augmentation of (republican) states results from illegal entry of undocumented Hispanics who will in due time join the democratic party...and that is the entire premise of pro-immigration lobby: bloat the democratic party by "let them all in"...
  3. John Frecker's Avatar
    I don't believe that ILW really wants to hear from us "restrictionists", but you made an open request for comments.

    Neither the Democrat party nor the Republican party has the answers on the immigration issue. The "hard left" and the "hard right" have taken over the political process; even as polls show that a sizable majority of voters are more moderate on immigration. Generally speaking, most Americans want the borders to be secured and they want enforcement of the immigration laws. Polls also show that a majority of voters are willing to consider some limited forms of "legalization" for certain aliens who are already here, once the borders are secure and the "machinery" is in place to enforce the immigration laws. Unfortunately, once the GOP decides on its candidate for President, we'll be faced with a choice between a "hard-core" Democrat or a "hard-core" Republican. From all that I read, there's little reason to believe that our "leaders" are willing to confront the immigration issue honestly and to make the necessary compromise to reach a solution.

  4. Richard Y.'s Avatar
    I don't see any good purpose of 3, 10 or permanent bars for those who have violated immigration laws in the past. Ones circumstances may change after going back to their home countries. They may be rich business owners and someday want to come back here to invest or simply visit and shop as tourists. Foreigners can simply amend their past "immigration sins" by paying certain amount of fines that benefit US Treasury and by submitting convincing new evident that their circumstances have changed so much that they have no intent to work and immigrate to the US without proper visas or approval. Many foreigners that have been deported may fall in love with Americans visiting their countries and got married later. If the relationship is genuine and convincing there's no reason of why the foreign spouse can't immigrate to the US without so much hassles. Those foreign spouses should be able to obtain conditional temporary resident visas to join their their American spouses immediately and pay fines for their past immigration violations accordingly. Permanent residency should be granted upon the test of the passing time and check and recheck process whether their relationship and love of each other are genuine. It's a disgrace for ones that still think they have rights to punish others to satisfy their absurd ego.
    Forcing couples that love and make commitments for each other to be separated for a decade or forever by ridiculous, unjust and irrational laws is inhumane and un American. And for nativists and restrictrionists, yes folks, you're delusional and a disgrace to humanity to think that you have rights to single out other human beings to pursue liberty, happiness and prosperity just because you don't like to compete with them.
    No countries nor governments can truly promise 100% secure border nor guarantee good jobs and salary to their citizens so they can always be spoiled and take for granted forever without worrying about global competition.
    It's a sad reality to realize that centuries ago the human civilization was still free as birds to move around anywhere they liked to survive, thrive and prosper without the red tapes, fuss and hassles of 21st. century stupid immigration laws in many if not all countries on this planet designed by those who think that they can be shield from global competition. It's a shame truly a shame.
  5. Oscar Rene Vasquez Baylon 's Avatar
    I, being an exresident now deportee, come in contact with vast numbers of Mexican-Americans who hardy talk of registrating to vote nor hardy of the running canidates for the what do I do?....well being that we here at the El Paso, Juarez border we all have enough to deal with here in the Great Southwest, still I firmy beleive in the time and effort that should be spent on conversating, participating, and investigating each and every Tom, Dick, and Harry who is seeking to be president of a nation which is made up of more than half of Latinos.....praise God for those who bring the big Latino vote as you do, yet each one of us must speak to our sleeping humans, the Latinos in the US and not be seen invisibleby the current polititians.....
  6. Joe Whalen's Avatar
    Revised EOIR Practitioner Discipline Rule:

    It is effective upon publication in the Federal Register on Friday January 13, 2012.

    EOIR has submitted it as an Interim Rule with follow-up comment opportunity, you can read it at:

  7. Don Miller's Avatar
    My heart goes out to Richard Y who clearly seems to have found himself in the wrong country. On point of fact, "centuries ago", in Y's golden age of world-wide peaceful migration, it is estimated that over 90% of people, everywhere in the world, spent their entire lives either in their own village/farm, or within 20 miles of it. And earlier, during the times of the great migrations, or "volkswanderungen", entire tribes of people left their ancestral homelands and, by sheer brute force, entered more civilized areas such as the Roman Empire, Roman and later Anglo-Saxon Britain, et al. In each instance, Mr. Y, the migrants were bitterly resisted by the natives.
    While there is a human right to leave one's own country freely, there is no corresponding right to move into someone else's country. No matter how much nicer or more comfortable my house may be than yours, you do not have the right to move your family into my house. One's country is merely an extension of one's home, in my opinion, and the same rules apply.
  8. Jim Norman 's Avatar
    Hi - is this typical US culture and democracy ? if you look in difference advertisements ,like lawyers pages, daily papers , ethnics local t.v. radio .etc you see how they attract the poor and innocent people from all of the world to this trap. lawyers life show in t.v. like ( "come to us we gar anti your green card") come to us pay some penalty (245-i) STAY here before 30 of April and apply) hurry , the time is too short your green card is %100 ,or sweet green card lottery,etc. By this kind of propaganda from 99-April 2001 the political parties brought millions of people to US ( please sea in the archives of ethnics local t.v. you can sea how many lawyers had life show in daily base to take this peoples money from $1000- 5000 and $10000 T0 $15000 but steel this people waiting for theirs unfinished cases. No body talk a bout this , and no body talk about the fabrication of nine eleven and make the immigrants guilty for bush stolen economy. don't be culturally so cheep and give the peoples green card .
  9. Beverley S. Brown's Avatar
    Glad to see that you are enjoying such success. Couldn't happened to a better group of people!!
  10. Richard Y's Avatar
    Re : Mr. Don Miller's letter

    With all due respect, countries are not homes. Human beings have migrated since the beginning of mankind for survival and better opportunities, it was never illegal nor immoral to do so until some selfish xenophobic "natives" think they're entitled to something just because they're born on that land or they have lived there longer than the new comers they think they have the rights to enact selfish laws that would make their own immigrant ancestors to be deported at once by those laws themselves.

    Jobs are not some kind of entitlements. Jobs are jobs. Americans compete with other Americans and also foreigners whether they set their feet here on not. Protectionism and isolationism may benefit few people but hurt consumers with less choice and competition on the market that will jack up the prices on everything. While many conservatives brag themselves that they believe in "capitalism" aka free market yet their action is more of the same as socialists they always condemn and demonizing all the time. Mr. Miller suggests that ones may leave their countries freely but entering other countries is subject to "local laws" and whether the "natives" welcome the new comers or not, then please explain why we got so many white Europeans all over the place in the New World then ? And under what rights these Europeans may colonize so many lands in the Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the Americas stealing and annexing the lands of the Aboriginal people here and there ? Please explain that to me. Mitt Romney Mormon grand parents had to move to Mexico to avoid religious persecution, Senator Rubio of Florida parents were once ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS from Cuba that got "amnesty" and it's a shame that these shameless Republicans to demonizing today illegal immigrants while forgetting their own roots.

    Is embracing protectionism and isolationism the answer for our prosperity and better future ? The answer is absolutely no !
    We must demand that our tax dollars to be invested in our children education, on our infrastructures, energy independence and health care not on endless costly wars nor giving more tax cuts to those who already have too much money they don't need and use for their next 10th generation into the future.
  11. Roger Algase's Avatar
    Don Miller suggests that in the time of the Roman empire, peaceful movement across borders was unknown. Rome itself was founded by Aeneas, an immigrant and refugee ("profugus" see Virgil's Aeneid, Book 1 line 2) from Troy (where, to say the least, political developments had exactly not worked out in his favor).

    It is true that, according to Virgil, the goddess Juno had been making great efforts to keep Aeneas away from Italian shores, thereby playing a role equivalent today's immigration restrictionistas, but no one in either the Roman republic or Roman empire was ever heard to complain about the fact that Aeneas had finally made it to Italy without a visa or any other immigration documents.

    In the 1st Century AD, the great Stoic philosopher Seneca wrote: "terminos civitatis nostrae cum sole metimur" ("we measure the boundaries of our citizenship by the path of the sun.") Around the same time, Philo of Alexandria was writing: "tou nomimou andros euthus ontos kosmopolitou" ("a person following the universal law of a citizen of the world").

    Admittedly, not everyone in his time agreed with Seneca on all issues. His former employer, Emperor Nero, ordered him to commit suicide. It is a gross misunderstanding of history to assume that peaceful movement across borders, which we now call immigration, is purely a modern development.
  12. Roger Algase's Avatar
    Correction: I meant: "a role equivalent to today's immigration restrictionistas".
  13. Joe Whalen's Avatar

    The Remand Decision linked above describes very clearly how the 7th Circuit views the level of analysis being done by AAO and the poor quality of written decisions it had been producing. It criticizes AAO harshly and this decision will likely get quoted to death for years to come in briefs to AAO. I must admit that very recent decisions have gotten somewhat better but there is still room for improvement to quality.

    Although this case involves a legalization applicant it does a heck of a lot towards addressing AAO's practices, procedures, and especially its quality of legal analysis and standards of evidentiary review and analysis. This will have immense impact in EB-5 and many other types of Appeals for years to come. It will also filter down to initial decisions in every office.

    Pass it on...
  14. Don Miller's Avatar
    Richard Y's reasoning (?) in this site is beyond all comprehension: clearly 2+2 only equals 4 when it is convenient for him that it do so. No sane discussion possible here.
    Roger Algase, however, is a lawyer with supposedly stellar educational and professional credentials, and I would humbly ask him, how, in what logical way, does his diatribe on the mythical founding of Rome relate to my previous letter on historical migration patterns? FYI, for a citizen of one country, one state, one move to another location within that entity is NOT immigration. Thus the movement of British settlers from England, Scotland, Ireland, etc., to the British colonies in America was NOT immigration. It may have been a form of migration, but as it was not a move from one sovereign country to another, it was not immigration. As a contrary example, the mass movement of Mexicans into the United States, whils possibly approaching "immmigration", is more accurately a tribal migration...a mass movement of a people from their homeland into the lands of another people. The parallel between this modern migration and those of the Germanic tribes in the later years of the Roman and Byzantine Empires simply cannot be denied.
  15. Richard Y.'s Avatar
    Mr. Miller's reasoning is beyond ridiculous and hypocritical at best. This is the biggest problem with all "conservative" and "tea party" movement today. Any communities or countries can make whatever laws they want but how comes our humanity and conscience can approve laws that are discriminatory, unjust, selfish and pardon me hypocritical like please don't call ones' ancestors from Europe as "illegal immigrants" when they came here in the US because America was "British colony" so all white Anglo Saxons were "entitled" to move to the colony then this colony residents rebelled against their masters in UK and wanted independence and now became separate countries then British must need visas and those red tapes of immigration laws to settle here. And I have some home work for restrictionists here to answer honestly of why Europeans could and should be free to visit, settle, live and work in their past colonies while now they won't allow their ex colonies poor citizens to immigrate in their ex masters' home countries? Is it double standard and hypocritical? Had the Federal Laws not prohibit all states, counties and municipalities to restrict freedom of movement and to work for all US citizens from other localities believe me or not many more affluent localities will create all kind of laws to restrict other states residents to move in to those wealthier states or localities with the same reasons and arguments of why must restrict foreigners of their freedom of movement and to work here. I won't be surprised that states of Montana or North Dakota which enjoy oil boom economy will enact permit system so other states residents won't swarm their states and "overpopulate" them or "stealing" the local people jobs. Welcome to Montana but if you're Texans and working here we would like to check your permit first.

    Yes, being selfish and hypocritical is our inherent nature of being a human.

    Laws can be changed, before European Union, it was illegal for Poles or Latvians to immigrate and work in wealthier UK or Germany now it's easy and perfectly legal as they wish. And it's perfectly legal for a Dutch to buy property in Spain or Portugal and retire there because of lower living costs and favorable weather.
  16. cherrie  karas's Avatar
    I am not sure if you can help me,but I saw the part about 1-601
    my husband when to india for his interveiw,then he was told to do the waiver form,and I had to send a hardship letter,they then told him it was weak,the form and the letter,my question is I do not have a deadly illness or even have parents to take care of,I don't have a job,but I am not on the streets,what is our next move.can you help me,I want my husband to come home.
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