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Letters of the Week: Jan 2 - Jan 6

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  1. Olinka Reyes 's Avatar

    Thank you!!!!

    Keep doing a Great Job!!!
    Why the big fuss...?

    Why the big fuss in this site about separating families? Are families of illegal immigrants somehow sacred, or of more intrinsic value, than are the families of American citizens? It would certainly seem so from reading the entries here. Look, everytime an American criminal is sent to prison/jail there is a family separation, and who cares? Everytime a soldier or sailor is deployed overseas in one of our endless wars there is a family separation, and again, who cares? Indeed, most Americans do not live cheek to jowl with our extended families and are lucky if they get together once a year, and who cares? Why is it so vitally essential that illegal immigrants have their swarming extended families all living within arms reach of each other when almost no one else in the US does? What is so special about them and their families?
    The obvious solution and the easiest, quickest way to bring the illegal together with his family is to facilitate his return to the place where the family is, not haul the whole bunch of them up here. Indeed, if anyone now living in some 3d world place simply cannot imagine life without daily contact with all his uncles, cousins, in-laws, et al, that person would be better off not coming to the US but rather remaining right where he is.

  3. Hello Amrika 's Avatar
    Happy new year for all of you.
    I want say if you please try to make the family,any family happy when you permit for one member family outside the USA to visit his family that they live in the USA,and all of them are US citizen and he is the only member is not a US citizen and lives in Egypt i mean lives outside ,by give him a visa to visit his family temporarily like B2 visa it will make all the family happy,because when the embassy refuse to give visa for member family to visit his all family,all of them be very sad specially if they are did not see each other for a long time all of us need fair by giving any member of the US family need to see his family, visa from US embassy to visit the family to make the family happy not sad,this is the human Rights.
  4. Hello Amrika 's Avatar
    Merry Christmas,and Happy new year.
    Why we need to wait very very long time for immigration visa for family member, especially F4
    we need easy way and very very short time for immigration visa for all kind of family visa,tray to make all the same time,same easy way under 18 years old like over 18 years old all of them need to be together to be happy with family not Separate.Please tray to fix this immigration family Law all kind of it to make all family in the USA happy when they be together at the same country,not Separate between different country.IS that possible?
  5. Honza Prchal 's Avatar
    General McCaffrey on the Mexican border, via Michael Yon
  6. Gladys Farris 's Avatar
    Dear Editor

    Election for the Presidential seat is not as important as to have both houses with the majority of either party. We had the Democratic Party running the show at the beginning of President Obama hen he should have taken advantage in introduced the "fixing" of immigration laws but instead he went for the health care which to me is a shamble. There is no way the President can do anything on his own his power are very limited. He needs both houses and the immigrants are experiencing this now. In most Latin America countries the President has much more power and less interference such as two houses with more than or almost 700 politician. President can promise the moon and star but he knows he cannot deliver it "alone".
  7. Susan M. Faulkner's Avatar
    Subject: Obama

    I hope not, but I do think if he does just a little to help the undocumented he will get Hispanic votes. Many who can vote are pulling for the Dream Act and other things to keep from taking parents away from children or forcing American children to go to a foreign country to have to live with their parents....

  8. Carla McBeath 's Avatar
    Dear editor:

    The reporter has corrected the error and here is the corrected article.
  9. Edmund Amartey 's Avatar

    Though Obama did not live up to his campaign promises of immigration reform, we can lay the blame at the door of Republicans who opposed every action at reform and whose governors have made it difficult for Hispanics to live in this country. The Republican party thinks that hounding illegal aliens would solve America's problems and have no clue as to how to deal with the economy. The truth is that most American jobs have gone to China and elsewhere because of American greed for more profits, and the poor aliens are not the problem.
    Hispanics stand a better chance to vote Obama in 2012 than any Republican candidate.
  10. PABLO G AROSEMENA 's Avatar
    I'm an Hispanic naturalized U.S. Citizen and have my doubts about Obama due to his handling of the economy, and unwillingness to pass immigration reform until now. Not even at the employment-based level has he done anything to solve the visa backlogs, retrogression, and need for short-term work visas for professionals, among other immigration issues that do not involve any type of work permits for the undocumented (which is one of the most sensitive issues in the immigration reform packet). If passing full comprehensive immigration reform was so difficult, why didn't he sponsor separate immigration bills? People say that most registered Hispanic voters support him and would vote for him in 2012 but reality is that Republicans have a big shot of winning these upcoming elections. There's a lot of frustration among the community and more promises may not make the case this time. I'm independent and would definitely consider Republicans for these upcoming elections if they offer concrete solutions to the Immigration mess.

  11. Sheila Neumann 's Avatar
    I strongly believe that we need to embrace another candidate even if it will be a republican candidate. We are tired of Obama's false hope!!!
    My family, friends, and acquientances from church & everywhere that we go feel the same way...we will not support Obama this time around!!!
    We will be working in favor of another candidate...our hope is that organizations around the country make a stand & spread the word that we, Hispanic voters, are not going to support the democratic!!!
  12. Richard Y.'s Avatar
    I have seen so many writers get angry with our President for not doing enough to resolve our economy and immigration problem but with all due respect a good President with good visions and programs can't act alone without the support from Congress that is dominated by the Party of NO aka obstructionists. No matter what, the Republicans only want to make sure our President fails and looks bad. The only guarantee to make him keep his promises and make his programs become reality is by giving the Democrats 61 Senate seats and more than 2/3 of the House of Representatives by voting out all the out out touch Republicans.
  13. Richard Y.'s Avatar
    Re : Donald Brenda Miller's letter

    Family separation by free will and choice is different story than forced separation by the authorities. It's very ignorant to compare soldiers or sales persons that must travel far away by their choices of occupations and free will to those who are parents of minors that must be deported just because of unjust laws that make working without permission from authorities first as a crime. It's time for the entire humanity to stop calling others as criminals just because they pursue opportunities or accepting employment offers outside the border of their countries over the objection of the "natives" who feel entitled to anything and don't have to compete and earn it.
    Freedom of movement and to offer work or accept employment by mutually agreed parties should never be punished by anyone because it violates the principle of free market and it's a violation of fundamental human rights.

  14. Oscar Rene Vasquez Baylon 's Avatar
    Greetings.......when Obama came into the Presidency, the one question I heard from many an American, be he/she of Mexican,Panamanian, or whatever Hispanola country he/she descended from......was will he open a door for Immigration Reformation?.....where I think Hispanic vote will win Obama another year is if and only if his administration educates the Hispanic, who are and soon will be the majority, on how laws are started and passed and what role he plays and what role Congress plays.....that way "El Negrito", won't be blamed but rather supported.....yours truly, Oscar Rene.....
  15. Jay McTyier 's Avatar
    Subject: Family Separation

    The comments by Donald Miller and Hello Amrika explain part of the disconnect in dialog about American immigration law as it applies to families. US Immigration law is based on US prevailing standards, and our prevailing standard of "family," as shaped by an Eisenhower-era worldview, is the nuclear family of husband-and-wife or mother-father and children. Indeed only the spouses(different sexed only, please), children, or parents of US citizens are considered "immediate relatives" under immigration law.

    This contrasts sharply with the view and multi-generational household experience shared by the would-be immigrants to the US, who think it is odd that their grandmothers and cousins and uncles are not considered "immediate relatives." They live in the next room: how much more immediate can that be?

    Understanding that "family" under US immigration law is defined more narrowly than is experienced by most immigrants should help them understand the why of no pathway for immigration for all persons you consider your family.

    But I agree ultimately with Miller: lots of legal processes separate American families, even the closely drawn nuclear family which is our prevailing standard. But we don't suggest the father should be spared incarceration for crimes he committed because to do so would separate him from his family. If maintaining family unity was a legal right that accrued to individuals under the US constitution, then divorce and adoption would be unconstitutional. We know they are not. If US citizens have no enforceable right not to be separated from their families, it follows naturally that persons seeking to become US citizens by immigration have no such right either.

    The moral of the story seems to be universal: choices have consequences. If you commit a crime that carries prison time, you don't get to spend Christmas with the family. If you immigrate to the US, you don't get to bring everybody you consider family with you. Know the consequences of your choices before you act.

  16. Cher Maharaj 's Avatar
    I think on this subject I will be willing to vote for this president,hoping he do something good
    for our families thats seeking to be with us,my own husband is struggling right now because we are
    seperated,because of a silly visa,our life as humans is more important than a visa,and the fact that
    he was illegal in a country,he is legal in this world,this president have to change something when it
    comes to the C1 VISA and marriage to a US CITIZEN this thing is not only about this country
    but about people loving each other,meeting the person god may have intended them for,all of this
    is also important.
  17. Richard Y.'s Avatar
    Re : Mr. Algase article on Iowa Republican Presidential Hopefuls result.

    All US President hopefuls must reject Islamic Sharia not because of Islamophobia but they should have firm believe on US constitution that guarantee religious freedom, equal rights for all and separation of state and religions which are contrary and or incompatible with Islamic Sharia. It's up to Muslims worldwide to reform their faith and to embrace the concept of Universal Human Rights for all not only for themselves when it's convenient. Just like all Republican presidential hopefuls try to explain on how their views, policies and programs can be in sync with their evangelical Christian or Mormonism faith, Muslims worldwide have the same difficulties to explain on how they can say Islam is "peace" while we see so much sectarian violence, intolerance, ignorance and holier than thou hypocrisy in Muslims majority countries from Algeria to Indonesia and they rarely speak up let alone condemn these from happening. Jesus commands the rich should share the wealth and stay away from the sin of the love of money and giving more tax cuts to those who already have so much money they can ever spend in their life until their next 7th. generations. Jesus doesn't support deportation and harsh humiliating treatments on refugees and immigrants but remind his disciples to be good Samaritans and be kind to the strangers because Israelis and Himself were once refugees and aliens in other lands, particularly in Egypt. Once again we must be careful and mindful in our politics not to mix it with faith sermons that sound ridiculously hypocrite that make the entire planet laugh at. Regarding immigration policies whether we are faithful or not, there's one intriguing question whether we have moral right to discriminate and exclude others just because we hate to compete with them in labor market for the sake of "nativism" and the presumed "entitlements" that comes with it while hypocritically and conveniently ignore our past ancestors had done the same to get better life and opportunities for themselves and their future descendants by leaving their home towns or lands away to the land of better opportunities.
  18. Edmund Amartey 's Avatar
    Subject: Georgia farms on workers shortage

    Just get the Republicans out,period !
  19. jkwolstenholme's Avatar
    I am a registered republican, a licensed professional, a U.S. born citizen. I own my own home and I am married to an illegal alien. We pay taxes, we buy our own health insurance and we have not taken any money from the government in the form of aid or any other support. My spouse cannot drive and does not drive. We speak English and we were legally married in 2003. I voted for Obama because of his position on illegal aliens and had hoped to pursue my right as a U. S. citizen with my husband, the right to the pursuit of happiness. I have lost faith in all politicians. As far as I am concerned, they are no longer for America or the American people. It's has become a game of "what is in it for me? What can I gain at the expense of others? There isn't a candidate running, republican, democrat or independent, that I would elect President at this time. I am not for blanket amnesty. I am for sponsorship programs for spouses and employers of illegal aliens and their families. The government has known about its weak borders for decades and still will not consider any humane treatment for the mixed families of U.S. citizens and illegal aliens with no criminal records. Abolish the 3/10 year bar.
  20. Michelle Moreno 's Avatar
    I recently read your article. I work as a tax preparer in ga. We help the Hispanic people that come to the U.S. get an itin number. That way they may file there taxes. I think it's a real shame that us the American people. Who's own families migrated from other places or countries. (would we or they like to be treated that way?) I think we should put ourselves in there place. Before we judge anyone. We all should be leading a helping hand to one another ( no matter what race ) thanks Michelle daughter of parents who moved here from puerto Rico to give us a better life god bless
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