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Letters of the Week: Dec 19 - Dec 23

Rating: 11 votes, 5.00 average.

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  1. Joe Whalen's Avatar
    A summary dimissal in the 2nd Circuit on 12-19-11, held this gem:
    "...argument that the agency's alleged legal errors also constitute a 18 violation of his right to due process does not raise a colorable constitutional claim. See Atsilov, 468 19 F.3d at 117; Saloum v. U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Servs., 437 F.3d 238, 243 (2d Cir. 2006) (noting 20 that the "talismanic invocation of the language of 'due process' itself [does not suffice] to provide 21 this Court with jurisdiction to review petitioner's claims")."

    I never heard of due process being described as being used as a talisman but it fits so may cases...

    Happy Holidays!

  2. Jim Roberts's Avatar
    Dear Editor:

    Yesterday's blog by Roger Algase typically attempts to portray Patrick Buchanan as a racist, xenophobic hater of minorities where the truth is he is a respected, historian who has observed and written extensively on

    world events that affect US. See:
    Such transparent attempts to ridicule come right out of Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals" which were effective to some degree in the past but

    today are still ignorantly promulgated by some who hope to ensnare the gullible with a Globalist, anti-America agenda.
    Such smear stratagems are intended to shame Americans from free expression as set forth in the following from Joe & Barbara McCutchen:
    "From the Founders to the Falsifiers...From the Enlightenment to Entitlement...From Rugged Individualism to Dependency...From Polite Society to Pop Culture...From Rule of Law back to the Dark Ages...From Freedom to Tyranny...From Sovereign Nation to Amorphous Polyglot ...From

    Prosperity to Poverty. Our Founders were men of classical education who

    studied the philosophers of the Enlightenment which held that all men should be free of tyranny of any sort, that each man belonged to & was responsible for himself, and that no man was to be a dictator with ultimate power of life or death over others. The Enlightenment was born

    and nourished chiefly in Europe and it became the world's greatest champion of the individual and his right to exist for his own sake & that he had the right to life, liberty, property and to seek happiness...a huge departure from the "Divine Right of Kings" or "Might Makes Right". This was a Caucasian achievement and for the most part has never been adopted in other cultures that often have been hostile to

    those ideas. Ironically, today other cultures clamor to live in Caucasian societies, yet cling to their old failed philosophies, make demands on their host and show obvious hostility toward their benefactor. While enjoying Forced Redistribution, i.e. welfare handouts, they harbor hatred, resentment and a false sense of entitlement.
    What makes this possible is the highly successful tool of brainwashing/indoctrination of Political Correctness which preys on White guilt and rewards "minorities" based upon the smear effects of buzz words such as "Racist", "extremist", "sexist", "bigot", "anti-Semite", "hater", "homophobe", etc.
    The Cultural Marxists came up with this particular war plan against the West in the 1920's in Europe and brought it to America in the 30's & 40's. Much has been written to expose those individuals and their agenda."

    Some other articles include: "Laboring Under a Misconception"
    "Multiculturalism Assumes America Lacks a Unique Culture"

    The dubious dogma of egalitarianism is a poor substitute for the Freedom/Liberty banner which our Founders sought and the former is not compatible with the latter. The motives of those who promote the former

    are highly suspect and generally come under the ulterior category.

  3. Richard Y.'s Avatar
    Re : Jim Roberts' letter.

    Europe and Europeans prosper because of past exploitation and colonialism in many parts of this planet. Genocide, slavery etc. ones may name them. And today many these past colonial powers slam their golden doors for poor folks living in their former colonies in Africa, Asia and the Americas trying to escape poverty left behind by the past greed and exploitation from their ex occupiers.

    The biggest non sense about Western nations championing about "human rights" is by questioning where's the human rights when they exploit many developing nations, where's the human rights when they detain, punish and deport immigrants many came from their former colonies in the past, poor and desperate for better living and wage. It's like a rapist talking about abstinence for his victims.

    No Americans or else should ever brag about "liberty, freedom, equal rights, justice, human rights, humanity and all those beautiful words" without doing them in action.

    While many nativists love to talk good thing they hardly do what they preach on others. It's a huge hypocrisy.
  4. Don Miller's Avatar
    I agree totally with Jim Roberts. I only wonder how much longer the American people will supinely allow our country to be taken from us by "refugees" and immigrants from obviously incompatible cultures. How could any sane government allow Somalis to enter the country and live here? What common traits and traditions do we share with Mexicans and Senegalese? It is long past time that Americans stood up to those who inflict these horrid people upon us. Wake up, America!!
  5. Roger Algase's Avatar
    Re: Jim Roberts' letter: I believe that there are two sides to Patrick Buchanan. In some respects, he does have a shrewd grasp of world affairs, and some of his comments are worthwhile, when he is not talking about Jews or about brown-skinned immigrants. For example, to his credit, he was an early and consistent opponent of the Iraq war.

    But he does have a long, open and utterly inexcusable record of defending Nazi war criminals which he has never retracted or apologized for. This is not just an opinion on my part, but is confirmed in many of his public statements and writings. JIm Roberts can argue with me, but he cannot argue with the public record.

    The same is true of Buchanan's many bigoted statements against Hispanics and all non-white immigrants. The plain fact is that Buchanan regards America as essentially a white, Christian country, in which everyone else is an interloper or, at best, a second class citizen.

    I do not think Buchanan would deny for a moment that he has such views; to the contrary, he has stated them often over a period of many years and is obviously proud of them. Curiously, this open bigotry does not prevent Buchanan from sometimes coming across, at least on TV, as a reasonable, even somewhat friendly (at times) personality.

    At it is interesting that when he ran for president in 2000, he picked an African-American woman as his running mate. What other presidential candidate has done that?

    Incidentally, some people may have forgotten that we owe the Bush presidency to Buchanan's third party candidacy. Some 3,000 votes in a heavily Democratic neighborhood in Florida went to Buchanan when they were obviously intended for Gore, to do a ballot mix-up fiasco.

    The Florida neighborhood in question was also largely Jewish, which led to the sarcastic comment by some pundits that Bush owed his takeover of the White House to "Jews for Buchanan".
  6. Roger Algase's Avatar
    I meant "And it is interesting", not "At it is interesting", in my previous comment.
  7. Roger Algase's Avatar
    I also meant: "due to a ballot mix-up fiasco". Sorry for the typos.
  8. CRColbran's Avatar
    The Huffington Post is not a reliable source of information. It does not have a single qualified professional journalist or reporter or resesarcher. It is garbage media. Of course there are legal immigrants and legal nonimmigants as investors, owners, directors and officers of many top companies, in spite of the obstacles of USCIS and the Department of State. This means nothing when compared to the fact that there are millions of pending immigrant visa cases that have been drowning for years because of the stupidity of the current quota system. We would appreciate it if you do not refer to or use the Huffington Post as a reliable authority
  9. Jim Roberts's Avatar
    Dear Editor:

    Yesterday's Comment on The Fifty Percent as well as posts by R. Algase and R. Yang have several contradictions and problems. If immigrants are

    so well represented in the H. Post study, how have our entry policies, "put obstacles in their way" and thereby driven, " the fastest growing industries out of the US"? Our policies are the most lax and generous of any nation. Further, the total numbers of immigrants here is very small and in no way justifies the mass numbers of entrants that we have experienced since 1965, legal and illegal, which open border advocates promote. This example suggests that our entry policies could be greatly

    Restricted without decreasing benefits. R. Algase still claims that
    Pat Buchanan is a bigot while noting that when, "he ran for president in

    2000, he picked an African American woman as his running mate. What other presidential candidate has done that?" I have read through the long list of Pat's columns at:
    and the only thing I could find that could be distorted into RA's charge

    that Pat was "defending Nazi war criminals" was his article: "Was the Holocaust Inevitable?
    which is something of a synopsis of his book: "Churchill, Hitler and the Unnecessary War" which merely opined as a historian about why the war happened. This does not make Pat a bigot or a Nazi. In another
    article: "Only Bigots Oppose the Mosque!"
    Pat explains: "Are there scores of thousands of patriotic American Muslims, hundreds of millions of decent, peace-loving Muslims around the

    world? Undeniably true. "Yet one would have to be obtuse not to understand that a Western nation that opens its doors to mass migration from the Islamic world is taking a grave risk with its unity and identity." No Bigotry here, just balanced facts and reality.
    R. Algase's other comments and labels are equally not responsible when Buchanan discusses the unique origins of America and the destructive effects of mass immigration as an objective historian and not as a racist bigot. Such name calling exposes the deficiency of any real, substantive charges against Pat and betrays the radical, specious and ulterior motives of those who call for open borders, but cannot legitimately defend the position since it is morally indefensible. The R. Yang post also contradicts itself by saying that we "slam the golden doors" and yet somehow have millions here to deport and millions more immigrants here legally under our lax policies. He also can't say anything good about America and yet can't wait for himself and any others in the world to participate in the "ill-gotten gains". His rants

    are all about money and greed, not the plight of the Indians or other sham arguments. The "hypocrisy" and "nonsense" is all on RY's part!
    His definition of "human rights" is to be able to do anything he wants regardless of legitimate law for which he has no respect or use. The NWO & UN's definitions of human rights are those rights which they might

    temporarily grant. Many of US prefer the Founding Fathers definition of

    our God given Constitutional Rights and Responsibilities. RY might
    qualify as Exhibit A in my previous post from Joe & Barbara McCutchen, "From the Founders to the Falsifier's"
  10. Honza Prchal 's Avatar
    : I think your readers might be interested in this article about immigrant labor, legal and illegal, on Alabama farms
    The lead article is
    Birmingham--Alabama farmers are wondering where they'll find workers for next year's growing season. They say the state's tough immigration law has driven away much of the migrant labor they rely on. One option is for farmers to hire foreign guest workers. And as WBHM's Andrew Yeager reports, a number of private companies stand to benefit.

    Representing as many people as I do in the Black Farmers' settlement, I find the disconnect between the labor market and who actually shows up and works interesting - it is a vivid illustration of the very real costs in advertising for anything, but, in this case, worthwhile labor.
  11. Roger Algase's Avatar
    Jim Roberts has an awful lot of reading to catch up on relating to Pat Buchanan's defense of Nazi war criminals. To the best of my memory, I recall reading a column, I believe in the New York Post, in which Buchanan compared the trial in Israel of a former Nazi concentration camp guard, John Demjaniuk, who had been accused of being "Ivan the Terrible" at Treblinka (or was it Auschwitz), with the injustice of the anti-Semitic Dreyfus trial in France at the turn of the last century.

    Nothing could have been more outrageously calculated to insult and inflame every member of every Jewish community in the world. It is true that the the particular charges against Demjaniuk in Israel were ultimately dismissed, because the witnesses has placed him at the wrong concentration camp. To that very limited extent, Buchanan may have been right to question whether Demjaniuk was guilty of the exact charges against him.

    But as his subsequent tangled legal history in both the US and Germany subsequently showed, there was no question whatsoever that Demjniuk had in fact been a Nazi concentration camp guard, one of only several whom Buchanan has seen fit to defend, for reasons best known to himself.
  12. Roger Algase's Avatar
    I meant: "only one of several" in the last sentence of my previous comment.
  13. Richard Y.'s Avatar
    Re : Baby Jesus and Asylum article

    Since eons ago, survival has been any animals' instinct without the red tapes like today world. While every other animals are still free to roam anywhere they like or to escape danger or to find "greener" pastures or places until today, yet humans are known to place discrimination, burden, red tapes, restriction etc. on other humans just because they hate to face new competition and ones they "don't look like them" and many still delusionally think that being citizens or living in certain areas of this planet entitled them to something and may exempt them the harsh reality that they may have to compete with others for good living. Ironically, these restrictions are growing worse from time to time. At the time of Baby Jesus and the Pilgrim, ones could go to other lands for any reasons without the hassles and red tapes from avoiding crazy tyrant like King Herod or ancient Israelis escaping famine or wars in their homeland to diaspora in Egypt, Babylonia and elsewhere to European Pilgrim tried to escape from religious persecution in their homeland. No 1 year bar, Asylum Office or interviews, EOIR, BIA, INS, USCIS etc and no paper works off course or the need of pardon me immigration lawyers to navigate complicated lengthy immigration laws books and cases.

    Today, Christians celebrate Christmas, it's not about Santa Claus but it's about Baby Jesus. Baby Jesus that survived the cruel King Herod because His parents had freedom to move away to other lands without so much hassles like today. Baby Jesus that brought hopes, joy and peace on Earth. Baby Jesus that always remind us about caring, sharing, loving and being selfless beings instead of selfish ones, to implement and do the Golden Rules. And this spirit of Christmas is quickly forgotten and altered by so many called themselves "Christians" by supporting guns totting, tax cuts for the havest of the haves, treating other human beings as criminals simply just because they are lack of formal permission to work to support their hungry families in other places. I don't know which Baby Jesus these folks believe and what Bible they read at their churches and homes but certainly not the real Baby Jesus that has done so much miracles during this Christmas we celebrate today.
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