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Chris Musillo on Nurse and Allied Health Immigration


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A nonimmigrant visa (or temporary visa) is any visa that is not an immigrant visa (green card). Typical nonimmigrant visas include the H-1B, B-1/B-2, L-1, and F-1. If you click on the links, you will find details of each of these visa types.

For foreign nationals who are overseas, the process calls for a filing by the immigration attorney here in the US with the USCIS. Once approved, the USCIS issues an I-797, Notice of Action (Approval Notice). The chosen Consulate or Embassy is then notified of the approval and the Beneficiary makes an application with the Consulate or Embassy.

The applicant must complete a DS-160 Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application. The DS-160 is a confusing Application for some. The US Embassy in Kingston, Jamaica has produced a very helpful Slide Show to assist applicants. MU Law invites our clients and friends to review this before completing the DS-160.

Read the full Healthcare and Immigration Law Blog at or

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  1. Monster LadyGaga's Avatar
    The story was really too good!
  2. Aman's Avatar
    kooshy:Regarding the Youtube clip you posted on December 23, 2010 at 1:05 amI want to say a few tignhs as I remember (I have a tendency to forget some of the points and later on when I remember I am too lazy to talk about them again )1) The most important thing that caught my attention was the very big self-contradiction which existed in that ladies thesis:She VERY RIGHTFULLY claims that the affluent parts of society (read that as Mousavi supporters) support the economic policies of Mr. Ahmadinejad, in fact pretty much all of Iranian political specterum defends WB/IMF/WTO economic recipes!But then she quite non-sensically starts talking about the political democratization expectations of the very same parts of the society which have remained unanswered.The problem with this thesis is:a) Political oppression occurs when there is an opposition', and opposition means an ALTERNATIVE APPROACH to economy and the distribution of wealth. One has to ask this lady, if Ahmadinejad is doing to the letter the economic policies proposed and strongly supported by the affluent parts of the society (and she is 100% right on that, that is exactly what Ahmadinejad is doing!), then WHY THE HELL ARE THESE AFFLUENT PARTS OF SOCIETY OPPOSING HIM?!?!?! There is nothing as ridiculous as saying that I completely support your economic decisions, in fact you have been copying MY ECONOMIC POLICIES and advertise them as your own, but I oppose you (on what for god's sake?!?!?!) and now you are oppressing me!!! b)She sort of mentions that the opposition is against the lack of transparency, and wants the saved money ( saving is a rather weird name to give to the money which is stolen from the hungry stomach of the vast majority of Iranians) to be invested in a transparent way into the economy!Well this dear lady completely forgets that corruption is an INEVITABLE part of capitalism. Without corruption you cannot have the accumulation of capital! In order to have the capitalist' capable of investing through private sector, you HAVE TO HAVE CORRUPTION. Otherwise the wealth is never going to accumulate in the hands of a few capitalists so that they can do the investments through private sector. In fact the whole thesis is that let the wealth accumulate' in a few hands and as it accumulates more and more, it will trickle down and everyone will benefit!Have one look at other countries which have actually applied these economic policies:Chile (Pinochet era), Brazil, Mexico, Arjentina, Turkey (from 1983 upto this day!), Russia etc. etc., has there ever been any country which put these economic policies into effect without being immeresed into filthy corruption upto its neck?!?!? Why should Iran be any exception and why blame Ahmadinejad? As if there is any better way or uncorrupted way to apply these policies!c)She keeps talking about political freedom, YOU CANNOT HAVE THESE ECONOMIC POLICIES TOGETHER WITH POLITICAL FREEDOM! HAS NEVER HAPPENED IN ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD WILL NOT HAPPEN IN IRAN EITHER! You are trying to rob the poor to suck their blood dry, to help creating a capitalist elite. There is no way that the vast masses of working class would agree peacefully' to being robbed! They will resist and YOU HAVE TO HAVE political oppression inorder for such economic measures to succeed!2)One last comment: investment becomes an issue when you are dependent on foreign commodities (meaning that you yourself are not capable of making those goods). When we say Iran lacks investment in its oil and gas industry, what we mean is that we cannot advance and develope our own oil and gas industries (we don't have the technology) and in order to BUY the foreign technological products we need green backs . Well in my opinion that is the precisely WRONG approach to our economic problems. Instead of trying to draw investments, we have to focus on R&D so that the state of technology would go up and we wouldnt NEED the foreign made comodities to develop our own industry! There is no magic bullet for this and it aint gonna happen over night. It is a very HARD way and it is full of formidable obstacles BUT THAT IS THE ONLY WAY FORWARD.Unfortunately since the vast majority of the Iranian political spectrum is mesmerized by capitalism and neoliberal economic policies, no one addresses that issue!
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