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Letters of the Week: Nov 28 - Dec 2

Rating: 2 votes, 5.00 average.

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  1. Jim Roberts's Avatar
    November 18, 2011
    Dear Editor:

    How anyone can criticize Roger Clegg's list of suggestions for good citizenship and a less hostile nation is amazing. The list is race neutral and even advises not to denigrate another's race. Of course R.
    Algase is well known for his ability to find imaginary racism in or under a rock. Mr. Richard Yang has already admitted to being a Globalist

    and with his unending "laundry" list of wrongs in America, gives little evidence of being an assimilated citizen. Has he ever considered that as most of the rapid growth we have had since 1965 has been from too much immigration and a primary cause of the things of which he complains? And then he irrationally calls for more or open immigration!

    If a cooking recipe calls for a small amount of an added ingredient, it will not work by doubling the amount. If nuclear energy, electricity, water or autos are beneficial to society, they can and are destructive when abused or out of control. The excessive entry of foreign Cultures
    to America is no different. See: "Culture Wars Within America"

  2. richard y's Avatar
    The humanity can never bury and forget that the Americas, Australia, New Zealand were built by illegal invaders from Europe and these white people have no legal and moral rights to preach about nativism and restrictionism since their ancestors committed genocide and land grabbing on natives' properties. If ones called me racist because I state this inconvenient truth, so be it.
  3. Honza Prchal's Avatar
    Michael Yon on soldiers, often non-citizen ones, serving for us

  4. Robert M. Foley's Avatar
    I have been saying that ever since the cap reverted back to 65,000 from its height of 195,000, when the world was a lot less global and competitive, including when our Washington Chapter "educates" our Congressional delegation. TEven then, the handwriting was on the wall. They just do not get it in Congress.

    The high tech boom grew substantially out of the innovation of persons born in other countries from the CEOs of the top technology companies to the engineers and scientists. Small business derives much of its commercial drive through the influx of foreign trained STEM subject professionals. The small businesses are the engine of our producing economy, accounting for nearly 75% of the GDP. We have a growing shortage in STEM subject graduates in the U.S., yet nearly 2/3 of our graduate school universities and colleges are foreign nationals, only a small portion of which can be hired by small or large business in the U.S. because of the H-1b restrictions. This anomaly creates a double edged net economic drain, subsidizing the education of the graduates, and then requiring their return abroad to become employed in Europe, South Asia, and the Far East, competing with our businesses.

    The big corporations in the long run have no problem with the overseas location of their workforce, as they have the money to play the game, but the small, entrepreneurial STEM businesses suffer from the loss of this talent, and ultimately the American technology worker suffers. And if that isn't a real blow, then consider the tax ramifications to the American Middle class (if it continues to exist), as our large corporations continue to create overseas units that near totally escape taxation by creating large amounts of untaxed wealth abroad that is only minimally, at best, repatriated to the U.S., and taxed.

    In short, the solution is to create a more friendly immigration policy that simplifies the ability to hire foreign nationals who drive our economy, who solve unique needs, or who fill employment deficiencies; provide incentives to hire those workers who are educated in the US; return to a tax policy that brings worldwide income back within the U.S. tax structure but in a manner similar to that of the individual taxpayer with only a minimal percentage of overseas deductible income (thus creating a disincentive to create a completely tax sheltered overseas operation); and, eliminate the ability of U.S. corporations to move corporate headquarters abroad to tax treaty locations to further escape U.S. taxation. We don't permit such an artifice to be used by the individual, why should we do so for corporations, whom Justice Scalia seems to feel are "persons". We seem to have an unjustified and unjustifiable dual standard.
  5. Joe Whalen's Avatar
    Fines Increased

    On Dec 1, 2011, EOIR for DOJ and CBP for DHS issued a joint Notice in the Federal Register to announce an increase on fines to account for inflation.
  6. Paul D. Cass's Avatar
    Why is this being touted as "good news"? Maybe Indian and Chinese nationals will have a slightly better time-frame for adjustment of status, but nationals of every other country will see their processing times increase! What would be REALLY good news would be if they agreed, in a bipartisan way, to increase the number of visas available, worldwide, each year.
  7. Andrea's Avatar
    Great blog! The information you provide is quiet helpful, why I was not able to find it earlier.
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