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Letters of the Week: Oct 24 - Oct 28

Rating: 2 votes, 5.00 average.

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  1. richard y's Avatar
    re : immigration issue and 2012 election

    The biggest problem with all Republican presidential hopefuls are flip flopping and hypocrisy. They don't walk their own talks. Many of these prominent Republican political figures got caught knowingly hiring undocumented immigrants directly or indirectly while renovating their mansions and properties or working as nannies or farm workers or maybe as pizza makers. They love to demonize our LGBT fellow Americans and deny them equal rights and many got exposed as gay in the closet themselves. They love to talk about their faiths, family and moral values, yet they have no compassion on other human beings just because their lack of legal authorization to work in this country. They love to talk about fiscal sanity but they don't want to cut defense spending laden with corruption and wasteful spending but will cut our safety net and pension that we have paid for. And the worst so many Americans are so ignorant and dumb to keep voting them that work against their own interests and well beings. Why we should really care whether others want to have abortion on pregnancies they don't plan and can't afford, or whether they're going to make lifetime commitments to their partners whether they straights or gays through legal marriage between two single consenting adults? It's time for us all Americans to tell our politicians to walk the talks and stop pandering on trivial issues and for us to mind others' privacy and businesses. Faiths don't mean we can force our beliefs on others who disagree or believe the same way we do, that's why our founding fathers wrote down the separation of church and state on the constitution. 2012 should be about the choice between common sense solutions instead of petty ideologies. We deserve a president and Congress that believe in common sense solutions to resolve our nation problems including illegal immigration. We don't want a Congress and President who love to demonize milions of people while enjoying their cheap sweat labor themselves with blind eyes.
  2. M J's Avatar
    Please substitute this shorter URL for the last reference in the letter.
    Thank you!
  3. Jim Roberts's Avatar
    Dear Editor:

    Comment from October 19th asks about the mix of the nearly 400,000
    Why should that matter when the germane fact is that they were all here
    illegally and US law calls for deportation? ? That Obama has sought to

    circumvent the law and fool US by his shamnesty policy only decreases
    his already long odds of being re-elected. See: "Amnesty By Any Means"
    These intruders have violated out borders and come without proper
    inspection or approval and now they deserve special consideration? See:
    "Ellis Island and Other Myths"
    The recently passed "free trade deals" with South Korea, Colombia and
    Panama, ? See: is another
    farce imposed upon US. ? See: There are valid
    solutions and policies that America could pursue to resolve many of our
    problems. ? It's just that the Globalists and other Profiteers among
    US have rejected citizen's concerns in favor of the NWO, Non-citizens,
    Corporate profits, Religious and other Special Interests.
  4. alfred431's Avatar

    No vote for Obama if it's no green card for my wife
    Me and almost a thousand people I know are not voting for him if he still breaking family's apart=
  5. Richard Y's Avatar
    Re : Jim Roberts' letter today

    NWO, globalists, corporate profiteers ? What about starting with oneself instead of ranting here about others benefiting on cheap foreign labor be them here legally or not or at their home countries.

    Supporting Americans' jobs is very simple easy, always shop locally, support local small businesses that are known making their products locally by Americans, always buy Americans no exception. Insist on talking to live person locating here in America for customer service. Never withdraw money from any ATMs but real American human tellers. Buy a pair of jeans made in USA not Guatemala or Bangladesh. Always do landscaping job or home remodeling with companies that employ only legal Americans. Always book hotel rooms, car rental, vacation etc. by calling travel agents or in person with a brick and mortar travel agents nearby not online.

    Yes, it may cost much more money, but pay them happily and be quiet.

    This is my suggestion for everyone here who dislike foreigners taking jobs for Americans to walk the talks. Stop ranting, set an example. Stop acting like hypocrites just like our Republican Presidential wannabees.

  6. Abebe's Avatar
    Knowing Dayton
    Hi,how are you how can we get immigrant visa?
  7. Carrie Ruel-Flores's Avatar
    Dayton, OH is my hometown. They may be friendly to immigrants, but inadvertently inviting ICE to search and remove.

  8. Honza Prchal's Avatar
    I think your readership might actually enjoy this piece on Romney's immigration kerfuffle
  9. Jay McTyier 's Avatar
    I cannot thank Kenneth Rinzler enough for the disclosure of what seems like executives with their hands in the cookie jar at AILA. I became an AILA member while still in law school in 2006, and was proud to put that designation on my resume. In 2008, while still struggling as a solo, I moved locations during the worst of the downturn. My membership expired and I was unable to come up with all the money to pay both national and local chapter dues. I turned to AILA to see if they could help me with a waiver. I completed a form, and submitted it--and waited. It took AILA six months to tell me "No." This was in early 2009 when directors Butterfield and Williams were pulling down $375,000 between them.

    By the time I got word from AILA that I could not count on any help from them, I had transitioned out of active practice and began work at a local university. Had AILA been there when I needed them, I might still be in practice. Recently AILA had the nerve to send me a communication asking me why had I not renewed my memebrship since 2008 and did I not want to come back?

    Reading what Mr. Rinzler says, the answer is most emphatically "No." I don't feel like contributing any part of the less than 50 grand per year I make to the excessive salaries of AILA-Washington directors. And I encourage all others who have similar experiences to take the same stance and ask "What has AILA done for me lately?"
  10. Gladys Farris's Avatar
    Waht Gov. Perry has done in Texas is commendable however, I believe his heart is in immigration but the way the Party candidates are talking is not convience for him to tell how he really feels. This is my opinion.
  11. Honza Prchal's Avatar
    In re Roger Algase's article "Alabama first exploits immigrant farm
    workers - then drives them out ", the title speaks for itself. The state
    cannot win in his eyes. Either it punishes employers who hire and often
    exploit those here illegally and persisting in a semi-helot status, a status
    the federal government is responsible for and which the state is powerless
    to prevent, and thus gets described as ethnic cleansing central or it
    "exploits immigrant farm workers" (a misnomer - immigrant farm workers are
    allowed here if they have papers) by not denying them economic
    Maybe all Alabamans (perhaps Americans) are per se irredeemably
    racist unless we comply with Mr. Algase's policy preferences in Algase's
    world, but I bridle at the stereotype. After all, I won my first jury trial
    less than a week after September 11th, representing a number of injured
    Hispanics with difficulty with their papers, let us say, an issue the
    defense tried to exploit via an attorney originally from California. The
    tort-feasor was a US Marine. I still won and I'll bet more than half my
    jurors now support the law Mr. Algase rails against.
    I grant that Alabama's immigration law is ill-considered and even
    worse implemented, without extensive ex-ante training for those who would
    carry it out. Even more readily, I grant that the law was enacted with
    little regard to the costs of curing a relative non-problem here, but Mr.
    Algase's title itself reflects the less than constructive criticism
    contained in his analysis. It seems designed more to inflate the self-regard
    of people who agree with him already than convince people to change this
  12. Roger Algase's Avatar
    Re Honza Prchal's letter, my comment was directed at the fact that Alabama, along with s number of other states, inside and outside the South, has a history of both overt racism and lack of protection for the rights of workers of any ethnicity or nationality, including American workers. Both of these factors are evident with regard to the exploited and persecuted farm workers in Alabama now. I think the title of my comment summed this up clearly and was entirely appropriate.

    Also, I agree 100 per cent with alfred431's letter.
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