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Letters of the Week: Oct 17 - Oct 21

Rating: 9 votes, 5.00 average.

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  1.  Jim Nichols's Avatar
    Hispanic Vote

    You are absolutely right about the Republican party. I am a white Anglo Saxon Republican and I fear for my party. Without the Hispanic vote they have little chance of electing a president in the foreseeable future except possible in the next presidential election. Obama has done such a poor job of running the country that there is likely to be a backlash against him. Almost anyone can probably beat him. Unfortunately, this will only serve to bulster the radical right wing faction of the party. The Tea Party fall in to this group and they are destroying the Republican Party. They will do more to get Obama re-elected than any other single thing. President Obama has also broken his promise to the Hispanic people by not doing all in his power to pass immigration reform legislation when the Democrats had control of both houses. The Hispanics will not forget this when they go to the polls. I do not see them voting for the Republicans in large numbers though so it is likely that many will simply abstain from voting in the national election. This is a real shame. If the Republican leadership were to take charge of the situation and introduce immigration reform legislation, they would befriend the Hispanic people and other immigrants and easily win this election and many more in the future. I do not understand why they can't see this. Of course, the Christian right and other ultra conservative factions of the party would oppose this. It is ironic that the Council of Evangelical Churches as well as the Southern Baptists support immigration reform but many of their faithful members do not. I pray every day that the Republicans will get the message and I pray for immigration reform.

    I know a lot of Hispanic people and I have found them to be wonderful people. They are hard working, believe in God, have strong family relationships, distrust big government and just want the opportunity to support their families and make a contribution to our great country. The problem with a lot of white Americans is that they do not know any Hispanic people on a personal basis. It is easy to hate a group of people when you do not know them and they are just numbers. If they made friends with people from other countries, their attitudes would change. This is why it is important for Hispanics and other immigrants to learn English and get out of their ethnic neighborhoods and make friends with the American people. They need to integrate themselves in to society. I pray that we will all be more tolerant and see immigration soon.

    Very Truly Yours,

  2. Sylvia Boecker's Avatar
    Educating illegals

    I agree that Texas has made the correct decision to assist illegals to continue their studies after high school. But they will still not have a social security number and cannot work when they do graduate.

    I do not understand how Texas will deal with that. How can the illegals work and be productive without social security numbers?
    Am I missing something or is Rick Perry missing something?
  3. Honza Prchal's Avatar
    A good idea from IBD and the NCPA
  4. Linda Grays's Avatar
    Illegal immigration

    It is so easy to use illegal alien children in America to for illegal aliens to get what want, they certainly know how to use this now! that goes for many politicians, and illegal aliens them selves! This is so easy to do because many of our so call lawmakers are real lenient, and have strong compassion when it comes to children! I also love children too, but illegal! is Illegal! The law is the Law! It is so sickening how illegal aliens are being allow to use their children to get what they want of America, they only do this because they know if they have children, are some how make sure they have children born in America,they some how will win, or have sanction in America! It is to the point with them, bring your children to America on your illegal status, you will qualify for American government freebies, have children through America's birthright you will be able to stay, again you will qualify for American government freebies, Or your American born children, and their children they bring with them are allow to go to American schools with no question of their status, and no kind of limitations what so ever! Since illegal aliens do bring their children,now it's "Let's give these children a dream act program for an higher education" the excuse is, "what their parents did is no fault of their children" And this stupid excuse about "do not separate families" that can be stopped by making sure they take their families with them when and if deported!!

    America have no laws for illegal immigration! and it is a terrible shame! We are always told by our so call lawmakers that America have an broken immigration system, but instead of our lawmakers fixing it, they tend to cater to it,and just spit in American faces and just block all laws, and allow illegal aliens and all of their advocates to just overrun America and make up immigration laws as they go! And all the while they cater to illegal immigration, the longer illegal aliens are allow to stay and multiply,and just over populate them selves in America,and the more Americans will continue suffer! Also the more our lawmakers cater to this illegal alien mess the more American are to endure in all of their wrongdoings!they very same things Americans are not allow to do in their own country! Any kind of Amnesty or legalization will be a nasty disaster like 1986!!! It would be good to hear that our lawmakers have finally come to their senses, by enforcing our immigration laws we already have, and really getting illegal aliens out of our jobs, so Americans can get jobs in their own country, and correcting illegal aliens by pushing them to strongly abide our American laws. and really stop our birthright law to illegal aliens! Our American birthright law is being over run by them to many of their children are being granted American citizenship for no good reason, this is being use as a gateway to America by them, and a sneaky amnesty for illegal alien children by it self! And this is being so terribly ignored by our lawmakers!!!
  5. Camela Nikki's Avatar
    Inhumane treatments

    I found this situation in Alabama to be very cold and inhumane. What about the children that came here with their parents the legal way and was age out? In 2002 former president Bush pass the child status protection to protect children from aging out, and even if they did section 203(h)3 of the law allow them to retain the old priority date and be converted to the appropriate category and get their green cards, but immigration is yet to do that, and no government officials including state governors is looking into these laws, instead they coming up with new harsh ones making it very difficult for these children, and forget the Obama administration, they on a rampage to deport people, if these behavior are not cruel, then I don't know what is?
  6. Joe Whalen's Avatar
    For those who are interested, USCIS has posted additional AAO Decisions on its website. I found an N-470 denial that I disagree with and some N-600 decisions so far.
  7. Honza Prchal  's Avatar
    There is some immigration law2 in this issue too.

    I am not a fan of the Alabama immigration law, but facile explanations of the laws passage depending heavily on racism are just that, facile. As the bottom article indicates, Herman Cain is a favorite of activists here (and Romney leads establishment endorsements) and years ago Ambassador Alan Keyes won Alabama GOP straw poll votes. Keyes didn't perform very well in the primaries except in a relative sense, to be sure, but it does give one a sense of the somewhat complex situation on the ground in this state and that "racism" in all caps probably isn't the most informative lens through which to view the Alabama immigration law. Personally, I'd finger a long bi-partisan tradition of populism (not that Republicans had a chance here until very recently running for anything besides Treasurer and President) and a frustrating tendency to avoid cost-benefit analysis.
  8. Richard Y's Avatar
    Re : Linda Grays' letter ID 10/18/2011

    The real disaster in our economy is not illegal immigration but our corrupt and war mongering politicians engaging in costly wars and never pay for them while giving more tax cuts to those who already have too much money they can ever spend until the next 7th. generations into the future. The same politicians who provide loopholes for the corporations so they can pay 0 taxes or even get refund while earning huge profits at home and overseas and let hedge fund managers who simply gamble using other people's money on Wall st. casino and make money whether the market is up and down but pay only 15% taxes while the rest of us must pay higher percentage. It's outrageous and it's more outrageous for ones here keep whining and finger pointing on undocumented immigrants as if they're the sole sources for all illnesses in this country from crimes, terrorism to local to federal budget problems and bankruptcies while stubbornly and shamefully refuse to see the other worst reality.

    Millions coming to the US as refugees are not coming for "freebies". We have seen more than enough evidence that many Korean, Vietname, Cambodian, Albanian etc refugees may take some generous charity from Americans to support them the first time they arrived here but later as they learn English, see so many golden opportunities to open businesses, go to school for better jobs and careers they become great members of our society and tax payers as well. Those who come to the land opportunity but still collecting welfare checks should be perfectly called as stupid. Sub $ 1000 a month welfare check is not what American dream means.

    Ms. Grays letter mentioned about 1986 Immigration Amnesty as nasty and disaster. Millions of people were out of shadow economy, they paid fines and taxes because they're now "on the book", they can buy homes, cars, go to schools and open businesses because of their new legal status. Our local, state and federal government get new stream of new taxes from new tax payers. I call that as smart and blessing not "nasty disaster".
    1986 amnesty has given Mexican dishwashers opportunity to open their own taco stores or convenient stores. Chinese cooks from Fujian province to open their own take out Chinese restaurants, everyone want to do something, to earn more because of their new legal status. I don't understand of why Ms. Grays can call this as disaster while thinking separating minors with their undocumented parents, letting good harvest rotting on the fields of Alabama, Georgia and Arizona, make landlords losing businesses and facing foreclosures on their properties because many tenants are running away from their states because of harsh immigration policies and foreign tourists are avoiding those states because they have concern of unnecessary arrests and harassment in the public because of "show your papers" Gestapo/Nazi style policy are not disasters.

    Restrictionists should have more compassion and rational thinking on this issue. We're not talking about kicking out 20 millions germs or rats out of this country but human beings that have already put down their roots and have become the integral parts of our economy and society. They're 20 millions strong buyers, consumers, taxpayers and labor force, take them out overnight that will be the real disaster for this country.

    It's time that common sense should prevail above bigotry,
    lies and hypocrisy.
  9. Roger Algase's Avatar
    I agree with Jim Nichols' letter, and his realistic, sympathetic comments about immigrants - except only for his sentences about the importance for Hispanics and other immigrants of learning English and getting of their ethnic neighborhoods and integrating themselves to society. Yes, there are Spanish-speaking, Chinese-speaking, Korean-speaking and other non-English ethnic enclaves in America. But that is not the real problem.

    There are studies showing that today's non-white immigrants are leaning English faster than their European immigrant predecessors did a hundred years ago. The DREAM Act was intended to protect mainly college students who, by definition, know English well. Why did that bill not pass?

    Other immigrants who are also the target of restrictive laws and policies, especially from Asian counties such as India and the Philippines, usually learn English in their own countries from childhood on. Most Caribbean immigrants and many African immigrants are also fluent in English, not to mention millions of Latino immigrants and US citizens alike who know English well.

    If one looks at the approximately one million people who have been deported by the Obama administration so far, I am sure that a large proportion of them also spoke English and were well integrated into American society. How much good did that do them?
  10. Roger Algase's Avatar
    I apologize for some typos in my previous comment. I meant to write "getting out of their ethnic neighborhoods" and also "learning", not "leaning", and "countries", not "counties".
  11. Jim Roberts's Avatar
    Dear Editor:

    Regarding Friday's Comment in the 10/14 ID,,1014.shtm
    Republican presidential candidates who oppose in-state tuition for
    illegals does NOT constitute "anti-immigrant and anti-Hispanic
    rhetoric". It is only common sense and financial prudence to preclude
    those who are not citizens. Where is the heart and compassion for the
    taxpayers? The restriction is race neutral -- It is only the fact that
    there are so many illegal Hispanic here that make it more applicable to
    this ethnic group and that is of there own doing, not US. Illegals
    should be deported under the law, not rewarded with benefits which will
    only increase the problematic numbers. Overcrowding and the burdens
    upon our schools, land and other resources are not only a crises in
    America, but also the World. See:
    "Losing our Ability to Define ourselves as a Nation" by Frosty
    Wooldridge (and)
    "World population nears 7 billion: Can we handle it?" -- MSNBC Articles
    "A.D. 2041 - End of White America?"
    Regarding the discussion on The 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act, certainly
    they can be contributing citizens, for example, See Maria Chang's
    "Multiculturalism, Immigration, and Aztlan"
    But, those who reject America, it's values, laws and would replace our
    sovereignty with human or Global rights need not apply. If Roger Algase

    practices law another 20 years, perhaps he will then learn that those
    who seek a lower entry rate are not bigots, evil and racists. See:
    "It's Hard To Be a Racist"
  12. Vesna Jaksic's Avatar

    I just wanted to let you know that tomorrow, the ACLU will be launching a page on its website devoted to the issue of sexual abuse of immigration detainees and a special blog series examining the consequences of locking up tens of thousands of civil detainees every day. The blog series, which will run from Oct. 19 through Nov. 1, will feature expert posts on issues such as deaths in detention, mental disabilities, prolonged detention and privatization of detention facilities.

    Tonight, PBS Frontline will examine the punitive approach to immigration enforcement embraced by the Obama administration and the secretive world of immigration detention. Among those problems is the sexual abuse of immigration detainees, which the ACLU has helped expose by acquiring government documents through FOIA that provide a first-ever window into the breadth of this national shame. ACLU Executive Director Anthony Romero will be featured in the program, "Lost in Detention," discussing those FOIA documents and the Obama administration's record on immigration more generally.

    I just wanted to give you a heads up about the blog series - the link will go up tomorrow.

  13. Lisa's Avatar
    Dear editor I found this situation in Alabama to be very cold and inhumane.
    What about the children that came here with their parents the legal way and
    was age out? In 2002 former president Bush pass the child status protection
    to protect children from aging out, and even if they did section 203(h)3 of
    the law allow them to retain the old priority date and be converted to the
    appropriate category and get their green cards, but immigration is yet to do
    that, and no government officials including state governors is looking into
    these laws, instead they coming up with new harsh ones making it very
    difficult for these children, and forget the Obama administration, they on a
    rampage to deport people, if these behavior are not cruel, then I don't know
    what is?
  14. Honza Prchal's Avatar
    I enjoyed Danielle Beach-Oswald's article on the California Dream Act. I do not share her or Rick Perry's politics, but it is nice to see someone saying something their assimilationist impulses. As a legal immigrant myself, I wish that were stressed more. Too often there is one angry side deriding people who don't assimilate (because our immigration laws are so complex that many people jump to what only appears to the front of the line but is actually an illegal half-life status here) and another angrily denouncing anyone who would assimilate them to such a supposedly "ugly" culture. It should be obvious who will win that argument every single time.
    Even illegal immigrants come here because they like something. If our institutions didn't actively foster a sense of separation from the community immigrants come to (through multiculturalism, history lessons that dwell on America's sins but other nations' good points to the point where we seem to be history's only racists, aggressive immigration enforcement when the law is so hazy as to present a challenge even to seasoned PR actioners at times), I fear this will continue.
    People come here because it is a good place that generally encourages far better behavior of its people than most other places. Were that the starting point of more of the pro-immigration lobby (and it is for the editors of, God bless them), we might have a more sensible immigration system in place now rather than the looming collapse both California and Alabama point to from different sides. Texas is outperforming the rest of the country for so long (among other things, it has been the nation's "stickiest" state for decades, in that immigrants stay, few emigrate and many of those who do return) because, for all its faults, it seems to have grasped that deeply retro seeming assimilationist ideal, or perhaps it never abandoned it.
  15. Richard Y's Avatar
    Re : Mr. Robert's letter today 10/19/2011

    Can we handle 7 billions more people squeeze into our country ?
    Absolutely not and I don't think it's going to happen. As living standard rises in many parts of the world, there will be less and less desire to immigrate to other parts. As our economy declines and our currency plummet then there are less incentive to immigrate as well. If US is bankrupt it's not because of illegal immigration for sure. We spend more money on wars and weapons instead of education, infrastructures and health care, that's the reality with should check and remember. We vote and allow our politicians to give corporate welfare by paying 0 income tax while earning huge profit at home and overseas, giving more tax cuts to those who don't really need them and already have too much that they can ever spend until the eternity. Sending 20 millions illegal back home will not change the fact if we keep spending like this we will still go bankrupt and thank to our corrupt politicians to make this happen. This is the fact that many Tea Partiers, Nativists, Conservatives love to ignore and still keep blaming amigos out of their prejudice, ignorant, bigotry and hatred.

    1882 Chinese Exclusion act was wrong so were all laws that believe in exlusion and inequality based on races, genders, faiths, national origins, being a member of minority groups, sexual orientation etc. They were wrong in the past, wrong today and will be wrong in the future. There so many religous based Sharia violate this princple as well so do every immigration laws in every country that based on apartheid preferential treatments on natives vs. foreigners. while many countries hypocritically expect even demand that their citizens are given equal rights and respect on human rights while in other countries "illegally".

    I saw interesting e-mail comment on CNN yesterday that Americans want everything made in USA and by Americans yet hesitant to pay American standard labor cost. To walk the talk that's the biggest problem with conservatives movement.
    Hypocrisy, delusional that the problem with the conservative movement today. Ones can't expect low taxes, higher spending, great infrastructures and public services while expecting budget surplus. We live in real world that must use real logic and math not hocus pocus solution. Prayers won't bring rain nor solve our budget deficit problem. There is no convenient ways to solve our problems. Same with illegal immigrations and international trades. If we want to kick out cheap labor replace them with legal expensive labor than expect to pay much more when shopping. How much everyone here is happy to pay for a bunch of lettuce picked up and packed by legal native born Americans who can show their original birth certificate ? To be competitive against Chinese, we either must force Chinese to revalue their currency or we are happy and willing to devalue our currency, living standard and buying power as the result. None can't have it both ways. Are restrictionists smart enough to understand what the Congress and President are talking about slapping Chinese with import duties on "currency manipulation" recently? If not they can ask their smart 6th grade kids who know how to calculate and reason by using simple math. Thank you everyone for reading my letter.
  16. roselines's Avatar
    My husband was made illegal by a corrupt lawyer. We are suing him for mis-conduct and causing my husband to go over on his visa, so things aren't always as they appear.

    Peace is not something you wish for,
    it is something you make, something you do,
    something you are and it is something you give away.
  17. Ada Salinas's Avatar
  18. Lynn Simon 's Avatar
    I think it is so wrong for the Federal Goverment to deport Parent, famlies, sons, daughters etc. Most of the people they are deporting, have no family in Mexico, they only was born there. They may have gotten in trouble in there younger years but as adults they have changed & turned their hole life around, hard working honest good parents. Just because were white & born here we can break the law and keep breaking the law & remain in the United States. These immigrations laws are Very Wrong and as a Tax payer I do not want to pay for the federal goverment To keep people in jail from 5 to 20 years BULL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no compassions no heart
  19. Jay McTyier's Avatar
    Lynn Simon's comment (ILW 10/21) is typical of many Americans who see the effect of the enforcement of American immigration laws; but who do not understand the cause. The reason many non-citizens are not able to achieve lawful status and face separation from family members and the only country they have any conscious memory of has to do with laws that (1) restrict who can sponsor a foreigner for permanent status and (2) make certain crimes a bar to any kind of adjustment of status, even if the person now exemplifies all the qualities we value in citizens. These laws were enacted by legislators duly elected by constituencies of American citizens. Presumably when they elected these law-makers, the American citizens knew who they were voting for, and what positions they stood for.

    Therefore, if Americans truly want to have a system that does not separate families, then stop voting for people who are exclusionists. Find out what the state of the law is and urge your representatives to change it, if you don't like these results. The government that is deporting people is the government we elected. If you want a different result, vote differently. But if you secretly want to exclude--and recent election and poll results suggests that, despite a plethora of riteous sounding editorials and sentimental rhetoric about being a nation of immigrants, lead me to believe there a lot of closet exclusionists out there--then just keep doing what you are doing.

    But stop whining and feigning concern when the person facing deportation is your best friend's brother in law; or the lady who takes care of your kids.
  20. TJ Morton's Avatar
    Two US senators have proposed a plan to offer visas for foreigners buying homes worth $500,000 (?314,000) or more. Democrat Chuck Schumer and Republican Mike Lee, sponsoring a bill, say it is a move to increase housing demand.

    I live in England and as I understand this, the plan is, to attract foreign investors into the US housing market?
    1. Must pay cash.
    2. Must invest $500,000.
    3. Must pay more than the last appraised value.
    4. Must live in property 180 days a year.
    5. Must pay US tax on all income worldwide but no right to vote or medicare etc.
    6. Cannot work.
    7. Lose visa if you sell the property.

    Can someone please explain how this is attractive???

    So which comes first, the chicken or the egg?

    Buy the property and then apply for the visa? But what if the visa is refused? I am then stuck with a property in a foreign country that I can't live in.

    Make an offer on a property 'subject to visa'? Is a vendor going to wait for months on end while the visa process trundles on? What if the vendors pulls out two days before the visa is granted?

    Grant visa for limited period subject to buying a property? Can't see that being abused much!

    Most people like me are just looking for a little place in the sun. I don't want to permanently live in the US. I like my little house in England. I just want to escape the English winter for 3 or 4 months a year. I'm quite happy to pay my property taxes and someone to look after the house etc. When I come, I will spend my pension in the US, bring friends and relatives who will also spend. We will have travel insurance so will be no burden on the US if we fall ill or have an accident. So why have I not bought somewhere? Because I don't want to have to stand in front of a US Immigration officer every time I visit and receive the 3rd degree on whyI am visiting the US again. What is needed is a non-resident retiree visa which allows a foreign national the right (subject to usual security requirements) to live in a property they own in the US for up to 4 months a year.
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